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Right High CHT Alarm Issues



blog-0363270001426179765.jpgHave had issues over the years with 'false alarms,' usually due to sensor problems (darn glass panels!). Curious if anybody experienced something similar to this. Our 2008 CT suffered a clean break (in-flight) of the right rear exhaust pipe in late Nov '14. Was repaired by certified weld. Lately had experienced a series of 'Right CHT High Temp' alarms on one occasion, stopped after maint ofcr checked and tightened sensor connections. Several flights later taken on 200 nm x-country, fine on outgoing, but on return flight noticed right CHT creeping into yellow zone early in flight. Reduced speed under 5000 rpm as precaution, but continued as oil temps in green (200 - 205 degrees), and right EGT was consistently 40 degrees cooler than left EGT. 40 nm out from base, as soon as I keyed mike to call approach the right CHT alarm triggered, continued intermittently for rest of flight but seemed to be especially when mike keyed. Eventually alarm triggered continuously in pattern, through landing, and even during idle taxiing to hangar. Plane has recently come out of annual (after the exhaust pipe break), everything checked OK. Does this appear to be clearly only sensor issue?


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Most of the similar alarms I have had have been poor grounds. Try tightening all of the ground connections at the cowl. Also the ones on the inside of the cowl at the buss bar. I think there are five. Also clean and tighten the CHT connection.


The CHT sensor rarely goes bad and they are about $190 so check out all the grounds and connections first. You can also swap the right and left sensors and see what you get for readings. If the problem moves to the other side it is probably the sensor.

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Thx aldowns, will do as suggested. Really seems with all other temps normal must be sensor problem, was little concerned ref the exhaust pipe break having some significance to problem. Ever hear of that happening?

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