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  2. Excellent videos and photos Guys! I really appreciate it. Todd, would you please post your video to YouTube? I can't run your videos (on two different platforms) without the image freezing several times. I really want to be able to access this in future. Great to see you all and make new friends!
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  4. Amazing pictures! Mike and AGLyme, I was thinking the same thing about Draco and the fact that everyone walked away.
  5. Hello, everyone. Sorry to bother you. Now I am eager to know the content of the exam with this DPE, or whether it is strict or not. I will take the exam with him next week. If you want to know, please send me an email. Thank you very much! my email songb0781@gmail.com
  6. The Monument Valley Runway is a decent runway, plenty wide, unless you have a stiff crosswind with a tailwind component. One interesting thing to note is the location of the Pilots Lounge which may have caused tremendous turbulence over the runway at that spot with the wind out of the East as it was.
  7. Right base for Runway 33, Page. Home base for the Annual CT and Light Sport Fly-in. Some of the best flying anywhere!
  8. Another one of the endless spectacular vistas we get flying Lake Powell area during the fly-in. Navajo Mountain under the wing with Gunsight Butte left and just a fraction of the huge body of water that is Lake Powell.
  9. The takeaway from the crash photo is the fact that every part was destroyed, except the compartment holding the humans. It is an unfortunate way to validate the plane's structural goals. To walk away from that mess is a miracle. I hope that one day the pilot chimes in with his analysis of do's and don'ts. The runway looks like a long sidewalk with zero room for error.
  10. Duane, Your pictures are fabulous. You give Ed a run for his money. Mike
  11. I'm glad no one was seriously injured in the incident at Monument Valley, and I'm sorry for the loss of the aircraft and for the emotional distress of the pilot & passenger. Though I'm sure it's very difficult for the pilot to watch, I appreciate the video being made public. I hope what I've learned from will keep me from ending up in the same situation someday. By the way, this looks a lot like the Draco incident at Reno Stead… and that was a very competent pilot. Mike Koerner
  12. Hi ,everyone. i will be test with Barry for my first PPL checkride ,if possible ,could you tell me some details information for checkride. thank you so much. my email songb0781@gmail.com
  13. Ouch on the above photo's. For those that would like to come, I will post of few pictures of the area to a hasten your decision for next year. Notice Lee's plane in the second photo.
  14. I arrived about 3 min after the crash and the fuel was flowing pretty good out of the Wing tube, Here it is still dribbling out almost an hour later 20191017_132228.mp4
  15. A walk around the crash site 20191017_131917.mp4
  16. The way I see it , he was already airborne - my reaction would have been most likely to dive ... but I never been in situation like that .
  17. Wow, thanks for posting this. Glad everyone is OK. Any take away's that the forum could add on possible piloting techniques if someone gets in this attitude/wind in the future? Would the correct inputs be to start with the controls in the taxi position, and once the airspeed is alive, switch to a sideslip? Absolutely no negativity meant toward the pilot of the plane.
  18. A pretty sight...CTs all in a row. Goulding's Monument Valley Airport.
  19. Link to the video taken by a French tourist at Goulding's Restaurant and Trading Post at Monument Valley of the crash last Thursday morning. She just happened to be videoing when she came out of the restaurant and happened to turn her camera to the runway below just as the accident airplane started its takeoff roll. Another CT already in the air is above the far end of the runway. Strong right quartering tailwind. This runway is narrow and is a one way in other way out only runway. Two people incredibly lucky to walk away... https://drive.google.com/open?id=165nfRVayAWz95F9AZ0THqRebBMhINjR9
  20. That is really nice ...thnx DaMan...from what I can tell that's exactly the setup I have ..so now I can see what it will look like when im done ….thnx
  21. Sweet Panel update. 2 thumbs up! Gary
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  23. One of the pilots at our field owns a machine shop and has rebuilt 4 trays for me. He replaces the back of the drip tray will a heavier piece of aluminum and they are permanently repaired.
  24. Any chance you could send me the drawing file?
  25. I have a 2007 CTSW that I converted from steam gauges to the Dynon setup so I can offer some of my travels through this process. The big things I wanted when I purchased honestly was a working AP, which mine had the TruTrak which works exceptionally better than I expected. It also came with a Garmin 796 mounted to the side of the dash with a GDL39 supplying the ADS-B In info. I processed an MRA through FD for everything I wanted to add and also sent them the CAD drawing of my panel. I had a local sign shop cut a new brushed aluminum panel (like $65) on a water jet CNC machine. I decided to go with the 7" Dynon Skyview classic and Dynon GPS 2020 with their ADS-B transponder. I like that all of it works seemless through the interface and getting rid of the old transponder drop some weight. I also designed the panel to keep the primary steam gauges. I replaced the old 496 in the dash with the 796 that came with the plane with a new AirGizmo. All together I think Im in about 7K give or take, but I have the plane exactly how I want it. I am using the old center panel as a placeholder right now which is why it looks like crap. I have to get a new placard for my new aluminum panel and then I'll install that one after my annual. One other thing to consider is that if you are looking at a 2007, then its likely you are looking at repacking the chute VERY soon with a new rocket (if the maintenance has been followed). Thats not a cheap maintenance item. Mine is due this year so I know.
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