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  2. Kennel Storage?

    Always alternatives if they are completely incorrigible. ... :-)
  3. Kennel Storage?

    Works for me. Enough room on each side to carry 2 four year old's. Don't forget to use a cargo net to secure them down.
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  5. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    You won't need any degree settings. Just set the static rpm on the ground to around 4700-4750 and go fly it. Go WOT in level flight and make the final adjustment for your WOT rpm in flight.
  6. Low Fuel Pressure

    Good find Sid. I am guessing there was enough flow past the orifice at low load and as soon as there was heavier load on the engine, the blockage chocked the flow and restricted the amount of pressure the fuel pump could provide.
  7. Kennel Storage?

    Great video WmInc! Had us laughing! Agree Roger, it sounds like it has to either sit on a lap or rent a bigger plane. Our dog usually curls up on the floor and snoozes on flights or drives but just not that kind of room in a CTLS. Although there are times I would have liked to put our 4 year old in the baggage compartment :-).. kidding... Thanks all.
  8. Can a B-Cool fit in a CTLS?

    My wife gets air sick and hates the heat (we are in Arizona). I think I could make a custom unit that sat in the baggage area, would fit through the baggage door, and could be electrically controlled from up. It would have air ducts that ran to the cabin from behind the seats? Then use frozen bottles of water or ice packs with fins in the unit. After each flight pull the bottles/ icepacks and refreeze them. Anyone see a major oops that I may be missing?
  9. IFly 740 question

    Yes I forgot heading.
  10. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    You would also need to know the level of the airplane longitudinally. Your numbers will get you close, but could be off by a degree or more depending on how the airplane is sitting.
  11. IFly 740 question

    You need ground track and speed from the GPS, along with indicated airspeed and magnetic heading from the Dynon.
  12. Cable Maintenance

    How to repair frayed cable ends. http://www.eaavideo.org/detail/video/3742597802001/cable-end-treatment?autoStart=true&q=cable
  13. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Fully ground adjustable. I had one on my CTSW and FD put them on LS's for a while. This particular prop is on several LSA and works quite well.
  14. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Roger, The Sensenich prop you are referring to, is it fully adjustable or notched?
  15. IFly 740 question

    It needs gps and ias only to calculate winds.
  16. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Close enough to the same you probably couldn't tell the difference. The Neuform is a 64" and the Sensenich a 68" I would give the edge to the Sensenich for climb. Cruise is about the same.
  17. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    I'm going to be calling FD tomorrow, but it's looking more like a Sensenich will be in my future, if FD is going to hit me for over $1000 anyway. I'd rather spend a bit more and get a prop with metal leading edge that I have a bit more confidence in and is made in the USA.
  18. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    BTW, I took the time to measure and mark everything before removing my Neuform. For those who might still be struggling with getting a good pitch on their props, I have an excellent setting on mine that works very well at "flatlander" cruise altitudes of 2000-5000ft. If you level the prop on the top at the apex of the prop curve, mark the prop at 6" from the end and put your protractor there. Pitch the prop at 21 degrees and that should get you pretty close to a good setting, though you might have to tweak it a little due to slight differences in airplanes or how you measure. The protractor goes on the back and the top of the blade should be farther forward than the bottom. 21 degrees the other way won't work nearly as well...
  19. IFly 740 question

    I will have to check this out on my next flight, but the Wind direction arrow / speed and TAS seemed to work but maybe the info is erroneous since the iFly740b wasn't hooked up to the Dynon. I think this will warrant a call to Dynan for details.
  20. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Since you have had both props, does the Sensenich prop perform better than the Neuform prop?
  21. Stick chatter

    Corey, same as me. Having my aileron control partially lock up was not a good experience. In my case, the servo's cable anchor pin pulled out of the phenolic wheel. This did not result in "chatter" but was a constant drag when trying to bank.
  22. Stick chatter

    I had to replace an autopilot servo torque multiplier (the device that has a wheel, steel rope, and a attachment assembly). The steel rope partially broke and was tying up the wheel. Itould bind up the roll control very stiff. With the AP off, I could still feel it bind. It was located in the cargo compartment. It was on a 2010 CTLS
  23. Philippine Flying

    In the 'summer months' (its always hot here) many like to fly kites and some like to fly them really high. Upwards of 2000ft ! A friend of mine was unfortunate to hit the line and this is the result. (on a Cessna 172) Lucky no damage and the plane landed safely.
  24. Tail tie down strap

    I think I saw them in stock at Flight Design USA.
  25. Philippine Flying

    Had a wonderful flight this morning I just had to share. Mt Kanlaon, Negros, Philippines.
  26. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    I had cracks on my Neuform a little different than yours and I wasn't too sure if it was just the paint. I decided it was not worth worrying about and went for the Sensenich props. (Note; it was going to cost me almost the same to have it sent in, examined and repaired so it clearly wasn't a tough decision) and the Neuform didn't go to waste. Hanging happily on bedroom wall.
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