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  2. Let's talk about grounds. Again.

    It's not good practice. You create potential issues down the road that someone's going to have to search through to fix. This especially happens when avionics are changed out.
  3. Practice Maneuvers

    My CTSW instructor had me do Dutch rolls on our first training flight (I was already a Sport Pilot). NOT an easy maneuver the first time you try it.
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  5. Loud Periodic Creak While Taxiing

    Yes. The issue I am thinking about may have been with the old Sava tires, but it is still worth checking. There is a ring molded in the tire that you should be able to see. It should be centered on the rim.
  6. Loud Periodic Creak While Taxiing

    I changed tires and tubes about 4mo ago, and since it was my first time it's entirely possible that special care was not taken. You mean centered laterally, with a section of the bead too far up or down the rim? Would raising the wheel, deflating the tire, and incrementally reinflating while checking position or "roundness" make sense?
  7. Seeking information

    Dick and John - your comments are spot on. I think FD has been up to their ears in the swamp and have not had the time or energy to come on out and join us. Perhaps they will in the next year or so.
  8. Practice Maneuvers

    A good maneuver, not easy to master without lots of practice, is the Dutch Roll. This is an excellent maneuver to hone stick and rudder skills. Start out with gentle angles of bank. Slowly increase the angle as you gain ability and feel to maintain your nose on a point on the horizon. Get to the point where you can roll 60 degree banks left to right and back as quickly as you can input the control all the while keeping your nose locked on a “pivot point” on the horizon with no yawing or pitch change and you will have gained an excellent feel for control using all control inputs. The WWII fighter ace Joe Foss emphsized training in this maneuver as an important one to learning mastery of good aircraft control.
  9. Seeking information

    Thanks Dick. I think FD is also missing a great ad benefit by not having a representative at the annual Page Fly-in. Great photo ops for their ads along with any number of stories of epic trips taken in CTs! Maybe this year?
  10. Loud Periodic Creak While Taxiing

    You said the tires are out of round. A little out of round after sitting is normal, but I have seen tires not centered on the Marc rims before. It takes special care to make sure they are centered when mounting.
  11. One year ago you wrote:

    "My CTSW has some areas under the wings where they are not smooth, and look slightly wavy or bulged.  I have tested, and all these areas are just as hard and solid as the surrounding areas.  I'm assuming they are simply normal imperfections for hand finished composites, and that fuel damage would be softer and/or discolored.  Is that correct?"

    Can you give me an update on the present condition of your wings now a year later? I happen to have a similar problem and am wondering how yours is doing.

    Larry  (Flying Bozo)

  12. Let's talk about grounds. Again.

    Not a single person has had any issues.
  13. Loud Periodic Creak While Taxiing

    I had popping noises while taxiing, turned out to be a bad main wheel bearing. Went to Matco's which are way better wheels.
  14. Let's talk about grounds. Again.

    The only thing I don't like about that fix roger, is it creates a ground loop. If the wire is removed from the engine water pump, then I'm OK with it.
  15. Loud Periodic Creak While Taxiing

    JLang, which wheels do you have?
  16. Practice Maneuvers

    To follow up, since I mentioned wanting to try falling leaf stalls, on my last flight I did play around with this, with 15deg flaps. I was expecting (hoping?) for balancing falling off to either side with changing rudder application, but the plane simply mushed increasingly to the left, needing constant full right rudder to keep the wing up. It was pretty anticlimactic, and the plane seemed generally unhappy with the whole exercise.
  17. Loud Periodic Creak While Taxiing

    A small or normal brake application has no effect in my situation. I think this must be the right track. Both tires are visibly out of round --- not severe, but noticeable when spinning with the wheel lifted off the ground -- so my current theory is that when rolling, that regularly shifts the weight just enough to move the gear against the saddle, as you put it. And although it clearly is not coming from inside the cabin, it does seem louder there than when outside.
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  19. Loud Periodic Creak While Taxiing

    The sounds that I was referring to is not rattling brakes.
  20. Loud Periodic Creak While Taxiing

    When you apply a small amount of brakes, does the rattle immediately stop? That’s what I had. Annoying, but I lived with it until Arian put a stop to the issue.
  21. Let's talk about grounds. Again.

    Sounds comprehensible to me. Fingers crossed that holy Ohm left the plane
  22. Loud Periodic Creak While Taxiing

    Also to assuage fears, I have never heard of a CT gear failure that was not directly related to a hard landing.
  23. Loud Periodic Creak While Taxiing

    The fuselage is a sounding box, just like the body of a guitar. The gear leg is solid aluminum, and will transmit any wheel noise to the sounding box, exaggerating any noise. Also any movement in the gear saddle will also resonate throughout the airplane. More than likely when the airplane rolls, the gear leg is moving in the saddle causing the noise. The sound is amplified because of what I described above. I have heard creaking noises from several CTSW's that I have worked on over the years.
  24. Loud Periodic Creak While Taxiing

    Since my initial post I have only been able to fly twice, due to a long string of terrible (but unfortunately typical) flying weather, but I was still unable to pinpoint the loud creak. Again, it only happens when rolling, and is dependent on speed/wheel rotation. This would seem to point to brakes. But the noise comes from the gear/fuselage attach area, which would point to fairings. However, adding foam to the fairing joint had no effect, nor did grabbing/moving the fairing while pushing the plane. It seems to be the gear attach, but I can't find exactly where, nor do I understand why it would be tied to wheel rotation. It's like a (very) bad bearing, only if the bearings were at the fuselage. Which, um, they are not. The wife, who is already convinced the wings and other helpful parts are about to fall off, is not happy about this noise...
  25. Loud Periodic Creak While Taxiing

    I had the rattling brakes as well. Arian at FDUSA changed them out (not sure which type) and now they’re very quiet.
  26. Loud Periodic Creak While Taxiing

    BTW I switched to Matco brakes and they rattle as well. I think it's just vibration in the play on the caliper guide pins. If I touch the brakes the noise instantly stops as the pads grab and take up the play. They do seem less noisy then the Marc units though.
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