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  2. I don't think so. I believe it's a different size.
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  4. If I do have the Rodend type bearing, is there any way to retro-fit the normal fixed bearing into the plane?
  5. Where do I get the 1" Bolus Tape? I can't seem to find it online.
  6. There were some CT's that had a live bearing where the center could wobble like a rodend. This wasn't a good choice. They went back to a normal fixed bearing. If yours is a standard style bearing then it can be fixed and if it's the rodend center type it can't. You can always remove the stab which is easy. The two nuts on each side should be at 200 in/lbs. If they are lose then this would account for your fore and aft free play. If you discover you have the rotating type like a rodend go a head and check the torque on the two nuts and out it back together.
  7. Just re-tape the wing root. When you apply the 1" Bolus tape do not stretch it. Just lay it down. Stretching will cause cracks.
  8. Does anyone know where I can get these Stabilator Bearings? Mine seems to have a lot of play.
  9. SO... is it OK to remove ALL the WHITE tape from the Aircraft to see if the noise goes-away or will it create OTHER noises where the voids are exposed?
  10. A problem with the voltage regulator and charging the 912ULS in an RV-12. It took about 30 seconds to exhaust my knowledge about the problem. I’m not sure about the regulator they used to replace the old one.
  11. Hi John, I just talked to a friend of yours at your home field. I think it was about an RV12? I hear your having fun up north.
  12. It's been so long I'm not 100%. Clockwise and try a 1/4 turn first.
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  14. Thanks for the input Roger. I will check that out. If I remember right mine has a place for a small screwdriver to make an adjustment. Any idea how much or which way to turn the adjuster?
  15. I bought some many years ago and it was from FD.
  16. It may be just low voltage. This used to be able to be adjusted. Should be a plastic screw on the circuit board on the back of the firewall. If you push the plane out and try to run the flaps and they don't work and then start the plane and run it up around 3K rpm and they work ok then you have your answer. Low voltage to the flaps.
  17. Hey All! Recently bought a 04 ctsw and doing a little tlc myself. I have a few chips in the glare shield where the fiber glass is exposed that reflect up on my windshield that I want to touch up. Its a very textured black paint and im not sure what or where to get this from. Any Ideas what this stuff is?
  18. I had he same noise too, It was the root tape at the leading edge of the wind. Replaced and sound went away.
  19. Back to my very first post on this topic: The last two flights the flaps have worked flawless. But, in the hangar (battery power only) I still have the issue originally described. Any ideas?
  20. I had this exact sound with a crack in the wing root tape. I removed the tape, cleaned the residue with goo gone and never put the tape back on.
  21. Different plane and different problem but I had a very similar noise with a cracked BRS canopy opening which was structurally similar to what Roger suggests - the opening was taped and I ended up with some fluttering tape.
  22. Thanks guys. That's nice to say. I'm still here if anyone needs help. .
  23. I doubt that it's the oil inspection door. You could still get a new fastener and get it shut farther though. Here's where I would start and then move on from here. Look real close at the wing gap tape if you have any. I mean close on top of the wing, but really close under it. Several hear have had high pitch or whine type noises that change with speed. Most times it was a slit or crack in the wing gap tape.
  24. Hello folks. I just developed an aerodynamic harmonic type noise which increases with airspeed. The noise starts at around 70 knots but does not follow the engine RPM. I have included a link to the camera footage which was not hooked up to the audio panel so the audio you hear is from inside the cockpit and not through the audio system. Has anyone experienced this before? My Oil Access door doesn't seem to shut flush to the cowl and I am thinking that this may be the problem. I am going to tape it shut and fly it tomorrow to see if the noise goes away. Does anyone know how to fix these fasteners or get new ones so that the door stays flush with the cowl while in flight? I also have quite a bit of Stabilator play (up and down) but Roger said that this particular model doesn't have the replaceable bearings but I am still worried about the SLOP and possible flutter.
  25. I got a bunch too. I ordered extra pads and rotors and had to buy in quantity to get a deal. One motor shop was forever out of stock. So, I ponied up and ordered about 20 sets of rotors and pads. I’m keeping some so I’ll never have to worry about running out. The rest I will sell off on eBay and hopefully make a couple of bucks after shipping, VAT taxes, and selling fees. At least they don’t expire, so ten years from now I’ll probably still have them for sale. Maybe they’ll go up in value.... Bob
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