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  2. Maybe another time! Don't forget we still need to meet up sometime! Whether I fly up there or you come out to Cleveland. Even if it waits till summer would love to meet up!
  3. Correct - aircraft have no relationship to ground speed. But I won't set a new record today, surface winds on my strip are blowing 20's and gusting insane. Wasted the preheat, was looking doable an hour ago.
  4. 166 Kts GS? Christ! I once eclipsed 168mph ground speed and was amazed! I don't want to sound stupid but there are no GS limitations correct? I'd personally be afraid to go up into 70KT winds even at altitude... Are there no concerns with that and maybe my over anxious mind is just saying it's a bad idea?
  5. Surprised nobody has mentioned the doors. When open, I think that forward lower edge has caught me more than any other part of the plane. As Tom mentions, having a hat on and then being low enough to not hit the wing, but not seeing the door underneath it, I've had a couple hard licks on that situation.
  6. Last week
  7. Over the tear I have bumped my head on airplanes in the shop, but it is pretty rare. It most often happens when I am working on or concentrating on something else. I by far am more likely to bump my head at a fly-in or airshow. I don't normally wear a hat except when I am at an event. Wearing a hat makes me more likely to bump my head, because it blocks what I am going to bump from view.
  8. I actually find that for me the biggest problem is the prop or rather me walking into it - whenever I work around the plane I tend to hang towels on each blade to make it into a solid object and thus trigger my subconscious “avoid this” response …
  9. The original was 25mm Radialcord hose which came from Europe. 1" Gates hose is approved by Flight Design. 09 06 01 FD Manufacturer Approval for all CT coolant hose (1).pdf
  10. standard radiator/coolant 1'' hose
  11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SdWpSPxiDxM5ti7HzAKtdNeemHyYhFxW/view?usp=sharing
  12. Hi Folks: Does anyone know the type and size hose needed to replace the hose on the attached pictures? Thanks, Ken
  13. My aircraft never had its fairings fitted. I need to drill the holes and mount them, but there's some oddities with them that make it kind of strange how they fit. I want to verify with some photos of others who have theirs installed. I need photos of how it fits around the landing gear leg, and the inside side of the landing gear near the wheels. That will give me what I need to know. Thanks!
  14. There is more to this than just temperature. 321 is the standard in aviation, both civilian and military. There is no point in trying to reinvent something that has been successful for almost the entire span of aviation . Besides, the fabrication shops have a difficult time getting 321 in 1 1/4 inch let alone something that is not even available and are not going to change. They are not going to assume the liability even for experimental.
  15. Hey Al, curious after you sell this, what will you use in it's place to hold down all those checks that it's sitting on?
  16. Crotch ? LOL BTW - That is a sweet ride you got there - mirror finish too.
  17. I double checked the install manual. Got a couple things mixed up. There is no 329, its 309. 321 is the manifold. Elbows are 309. Ball joints and tailpipe are 304. Anyways none of this is meant to argue with you, rather I just wanted to know why you chose what you chose. I was looking for specific properties of the materials! I did look up 321 stainless and was curious about the choice since 1500 degrees seemed too low. 309 retains its properties in cyclical temperature conditions up to 1850 degrees, which makes more sense with how hot the exhaust gas gets, so using that right at the valve exhaust makes sense.
  18. The original reason for changing the exhaust was cost and a few structural changes. Without doing a metal analysis you couldn't verify the original metal type. But that is irrelevant since 321 is the only practical way to go.
  19. 4 in 1 exhaust decibel level is too high. Tried multiple designs, the exhaust pipes need to have a minimum length to reduce the noise level and scavenge the pulses. The short engine compartment did not make it practical.
  20. What exactly is the problem that you speak of ? 🙂
  21. The elbows are 321. Anyways doesn't matter, I'm not a metallurgist
  22. yep...and that's what these guys use as well : http://www.rotax912exhaust.com/en/ Manhatter, what happened to your 4 to 1 exhaust mod ? didn't work ? just curious thanks for the link BravoFoxtrot...very informative
  23. oh ok its a simple yet effective solution, I would just be aware that they do tend to burn out after a bit. They aren't rated for the high power draw but I'm glad its working out for you
  24. Here is an article on using SS for exhaust systems: Stainless Steels for Exhaust Systems - Comparing 304/321 and More | Technology and more | Burns Stainless Articles blog Looks like 321 is the best choice.
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