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  2. 2007 CTSW $63,900

    Thanks for the response! Yes I am willing to pay someone like Roger or Tom to come here to bring my CT to 100%. I think if someone was willing to travel Rotax would support them and they could do well say 10 visits a year. Im surprised with the popularity of Rotax that A&P don’t teach these engines.
  3. New CTs arriving from Germany

    The latest is that our two are on the docks in Singapore. They were offloaded from the TAURUS on the 4th Oct. and scheduled to load on another ship end of month. That would have them arrive in Aus. fifteen days later. We wait patiently but at least they are out of Germany.
  4. 2007 CTSW $63,900

    I wouldn't be happy feeling isolated with no other repair/maintenance services nearby. I have taken the Rotax class and still want help to be nearby. Have you considered that for annual inspections flying it to someone elsewhere? Should you end up in a repair scenario where you can't take the plane to someone, then you could coordinate with a repair person so they know what to bring with them, and then pay their airfare to come to you. Hopefully the annual can be worked into a trip and the repairs would never happen. Hate to see you give up a plane you have worked so hard to come to terms with. When I got my CTLS, I read somewhere that for the first year, you will fight the plane for who is in control. In the second year the plane will decide if you have earned the right to be boss. Danny
  5. Wingtip Repair

    It doesn't, the epoxy does, and it just smells like sour burning wood.
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  7. Wingtip Repair

    I'd say that had to be rather noisy. Carbon fiber held up pretty good, all things considered. What does carbon fiber smell like when it's burning?
  8. Wingtip Repair

  9. Odyssey Battery PC310 Cheap

    I don't know if they can tell you the date or not, but I have ordered from these guys before. https://www.4wheelparts.com/Electrical/Odyssey-Batteries-Extreme-Powersport-Powersport-100-CCA-Top-Post-PC310.aspx?t_c=72&t_s=12&t_pt=4219&t_pn=ODYPC310
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  11. Hi Bill, i attended it in June. It's a long three weeks but well worth it in the long run. Once you have your LSRM, you can sit for you A&P in as little as 30 months.
  12. Tip, Did you attend this one at Ridge CC?
  13. Odyssey Battery PC310 Cheap

    Battery Mart sent me PC 310 last week that was manufactured 10 months ago, arrived at 12.05 volts and would not charge above 12.77 volts ( 12.84 v full charge) with a CETEK charger. Returned it for credit but lost shipping costs. Apex will not or can not tell me when batteries they ship were manufactured - only that they will be less than one year old. Historically I get less than 3 years out of the battery. Any suggestions for a "new" battery that will charge fully. prw
  14. What I learned after my first LSRM course session

    http://www.sportaviationspecialties.com/LSA_Repairman_Courses.htm Andy took this course. They are not scheduling courses but you can email them and get on a list. They will schedule a course when they get 8 commits. Rich
  15. Replacement Seat Belts

    No. The belts are quite thick so one might have to loosen the attachment points to pass the belt through. You could get a different buckle but this one allow the addition of anti-submarine 5th point if desired. They are definitely an improvement.
  16. Wingtip Repair

    It would be very beneficial if he were a participant on this forum.
  17. Wingtip Repair

    Frank taught the FD composite class I attended in Sebring. In conjunction with the class he was also doing a repair while he was there. He is an interesting guy for sure, and very talented with composites.
  18. Wingtip Repair

    So Frank Borrmann came over from Germany to do this repair. He is arguably one of the world's most experiencee and knowledgable CT composite repair guys as his company not only has extensive experience with repairing CTs, but also taught CT composite repair classed for FD corporate. He also has done prototype development for FD. I'm thinking about asking him to come over twice a year (March/October) for a couple weeks each time to do CT composite repair if there is enough demand for his services. Sid Lloyd LSRM Kestrel Aviation Services
  19. Wingtip Repair

    Exhaust pipe aft of muffler fell off in flight causing hot exhaust to damage cowling, melt coolant reservoir and damage firewall. Shows the value of good firewall coating. Will be repairing firewall and recoating with fire protectant paint.
  20. Wingtip Repair

    Check under "Incidents" forum for a photo of the aircraft and a description of the damage.
  21. Replacement Seat Belts

    Rich, Did you have to make any modifications to the belts or attachments?
  22. ADS-B Installation

    Bummer! Are you sure your ADS600-EXP has the part number that is affected by the AD? My ADS600 has a newer part number, 200-5012. Kyle Cobble (main author of the AD) told me that part number is OK. It has a different GPS chipset that does meet the ADSB requirements and sends out the correct code. You might contact Kyle, find out who that chipset manufacturer is and see if you can purchase it. Kyle was very nice to talk to. His email is: kyle.cobble@faa.gov I have not dug into all the instructions that came with mine. I do not have an avionics shop anywhere near me, so I'm going to do my best to install it myself (I have my Repairman license). Question: Did they tell you that you would need a Garman GA56 antenna? I was told they are out of production but in good supply in the used market. I plan to search on eBay, but have not done that yet. Good luck and please keep us posted! ET
  23. What I learned after my first LSRM course session

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I live in Wilmington, NC and would like to take an LSRM course that allowes me to do condition inspections. Alass I can not find course being offered. I have worked many years with repair shops under their licenses. I will travel if need be. Again thanks for suggestions. Oliver
  24. Wing Inspection

    Perhaps using alternative hose clamps and/or special tools could make changing those tubes (without pulling the wings) a lot more palatable. How much experimentation has been done with that?
  25. Wing Inspection

    If you look John's post was from 2013. back then the material from flight design was different, and it did get hard and brittle. I remember one that when I pulled on the hose to remove it the hose easily pulled apart. The new material provided by Flight Design USA does not get hard, but it does stain terribly with auto fuel.
  26. Wing Inspection

    My personal thought is that removing wings every two years does cause wear. It has to. I tried to get them to go to every 3 years. To my knowledge no one has found any issues unless someone here has heard different. That said some people using the 91 Oct. fuel gets so much brown dye staining in the fuel sight tubes they can become a little hard to read. A flashlight will take care of that. The tubes may get stiff, but they are not bittle. I have a video here on the forum that demonstrates that. I also wish FD would have made that opening where the sight tubes are a little larger so you could get into that area easier and swap tubes without pulling the wings. I know you can get to them, but it's a royal PITA to do it.
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