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  2. Most don't need to reduce the pin width because they have already worn the slot wider. If you do need to reduce the width you can use a file or sander. Just pay attention and keep the side you're working on flat. This is hard metal.
  3. If you have been thinking of getting a foot rest/pedal guard, and waiting for them to be available, they are now ready and shipping. I only have 3 left so let me know quickly if you want one.
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  5. When a plane crashed into the hangar behind my hangar (skidded off the runway down an embankment and smashed into a utility door — the door absorbed the crash and in my opinion saved his life) this past summer, while Pre-flighting, I ran to the plane and grabbed the CT extinguisher. As I’m running to the crashed plane I remember holding the extinguisher thinking to myself how tiny it is... and probably useless in a petrol fire. Thank God there was no fire which was a miracle because there was a tank between the pilot and engine. And the tank leaked all over the place. Suffice, I’m on the lookout for a reasonably sized extinguisher for the hangar.
  6. Are you hand filing or can you use end mill to keep everything flat and square.
  7. When I replace the Tundra extinguisher in the passenger seatback as Tip showed above, I use some tape to make a pull tab to make it easier to get it out. A second extinguisher (Halon?) in the floorboard is a good idea.
  8. I have been using this Halo headset from Quiet Technologies in our CT's for the last month and have found it works very well for a passive system. Super lightweight, and audio quality is very good. No fancy Bluetooth features but a good headset if you are spending lots of hours in the cockpit. Halo Tubephones (quiettechnologies.com)
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  10. You are a very optimistic man indeed 😎
  11. I know what you mean. Would add at least $400 (per side). ☺️
  12. Was just joking 😃 maybe a little resentful of how prices go UP when things need approval also
  13. Since they slip right on the bar across the windshield without any hardware needed (and fit perfect) I don't consider them a mod. See no reason for any approval. I don't have an approval for my sunglasses or ipad either, but I use them.
  14. Surely the FAA has not approved these being $17.99 they look nice !
  15. AIG Aviation Everyone else was about $1000 cheaper but had hour requirements that were just unreasonable. It was something like 25 hours of dual or 250 hours minimum IN TYPE.
  16. Human beings are human beings... we try the best we can... at the end of the day, we need checklists and best practices (i.e. learning from others' calamities) PS, I lost my truck keys...
  17. Great response Roger and Tom. I keep the one behind the passenger seat and have an additional one in the pilots foot compartment. Both seem easy to reach to me unless flying solo in the right seat, then not so much.
  18. Available at Walmart.
  19. It does happen, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Indiana_Flight_216
  20. My recommendation is to keep the fire extinguisher in the back of the seat as designed, and add additional in the floor board if desired. Personally I can't reach either of the floor compartments while sitting in the airplane.
  21. Thank you Roger for the great write up. What size do you recommend? I was going to buy a new one anyway. Which extinguisher/mount do you recommend?
  22. Actually the floorboard is a far better location than behind the seat. It's fast access whether you're out fueling or in flight. As a 30 year retired firefighter I have a little experience with extinguishers. Three things make the use of an extinguisher work. First the speed at which you can obtain the Ext. and then apply it before flames and heat become an overwhelming problem. In the floorboard it is easily accessible quickly to apply to an inflight cabin fire to keep flames off oy you until you can get on the ground or if you are fueling. The floorboard has no delays in its application. Trying to get behind the other seat in a hurry and panic situation is difficult, you're strapped in, wrong angle and little room to work and made even worse with a passenger onboard pressing the seat even further back. Second is the person's knowledge on how to apply and extinguisher. It should be directed at the base of the flames and as close as you can get. Next since few have any actual extinguisher training you need volume of the extinguishing medium. The majority of people waste the medium. When I replace an existing one I replace it with one with double the extinguishing media. Extinguishers have no real cooling power so fire can often re-ignite right back up. You hit it once and put it out with the least amount of medium as possible to save for the next flair up. Keeping the flames knocked down will help the cooling affect and stop re-ignition. Number one cause for failed extinguisher use is too small an extinguisher and then improper use. I put all my clients extinguishers in the pilot floorboard. It can save your plane and maybe your life. p.s. A big majority have expired extinguishers. They are usually stamped with an expiration date.
  23. I’ve seen it done. It’s no biggie to take it off. I recall that the AP had to take my cover off to get to the valve with his pliers. I can see Skunk’s point, like putting the oil cap on the pilots seat. Or never placing any tool or rag on the engine compartment lest one forgets. Yesterday was a major milestone for me. I went to one of those industrial hair cutting “salons” (my barber was closed) and the nice “hairdresser” said “good news, you get a senior discount”. Dammit... Anyway these little tricks we play on ourselves can save a life. I read a report on one of the big flying forums that a pilot forgot the gust lock... not good.
  24. I hear ya but there is not a likely chance of leaving the screw loose because when you finish work on the system you can get no fuel through till you turn it back on at which point the handle is loose so you do up the screw.
  25. SW? There is a pocket in the fabric of the passenger seat, lower left side on the back.
  26. Maybe a dumb question, but my fire extinguisher was in the right had floor compartment when I got the airplane (not a good place if it is ever needed). Is there a place or method for it to be mounted somewhere in the cockpit? I cannot find one in the parts manual.
  27. Try reprogramming before you do anything. One failed start or low battery dip seems to throw my flap computer out of whack. Solved by replacing the battery and I keep it on a trickle charger. I have a thread on here about reprogramming. I hope it fixes it. Bob
  28. Where do you get this that covers anyone with no required hours?
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