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  3. 490 hours. Perfect condition. Text or call if interested. 9126651119
  4. Sting planes come with something like that ( similar to rubber engine mounts ) installed at the factory.
  5. I'd think the way to reduce vibration is to construct a mount that always "floats". That is, isn't held rigid anywhere. Shouldn't be too hard to modify. Drill out the front holes and use bushings so the bolt head doesn't touch the tray plus Roger's idea of a zip tie or safety wire to hold up the other end. Of course, it wouldn't be strictly stock. Caveat, I have not done this myself, just thinking out loud.
  6. Right around the screw is where all FD trays break. It's just too small a surface area and offers no support.
  7. Roger, I did use your washer method when reinstalling the trays. Both of mine cracked right around the bolt, so I think the washers will prevent this from happening again.
  8. Last week
  9. The best way to keep all drip trays on all FD aircraft is to stabilize the tray against vibration and to spread any vibration out to the entire tray vs just the attachment points. The easiest way where they are held in by screws is to use a 1" flat washer top and bottom on the outside screw. Then take a 1" flat washer and trim it flat on one side to it can fit up against the water tube where the second screw is top and bottom so the tray bracket is sandwiched. Then out at the tip of the tray there is a drilled hole. Use a plastic wire tie and secure it around the engine frame. This keeps the tray nice and solid and greatly lessens the damaging vibration. On the LS model that has the Rotax airbox and the drip tray hanging down on the bottom of the arm you can do the same thing. make a doubler plate out of some aluminum and drill the two holes in it like the downward bracket has. Now the tray is again sandwiched in between a wide bracket and not just the two small screws that allow this tray to vibrate badly at the attachment point. Since I have done these fixes I don't ever get broken trays. p.s. If you have unbroken trays it's far better to take care of this now vs waiting for it to break.
  10. My busted one has been going strong with a JB Weld repair for well over ten hours. It might last forever that way, but it looks like crap and I start to feel guilty...
  11. Some here, I had a bin full of rejected parts on my Sonex project. I don't really have the tools to make a dished tray like the fuel drip tray, at least not with the sides welded up correctly. I have zero welding ability.
  12. Well, mine work for now which keeps me flying. I’m sure I’ll eventually replace them, but thankfully I don’t expect anyone to look under my cowling before that (except me). I’m kinda interested in trying to make some myself. I don’t have much sheet metal experience, but it sounds like fun. They’ll probably look bad too and I’ll order some new ones, but little projects at the airport keep me out of trouble away from the airport!
  13. That does make the pain easier! Both of mine were cracked. I really can’t complain after previously owning Pipers and a Mooney!
  14. When I repair or make any part for any aircraft if it doesn't look professional I throw it out and start over. I have too many friends in the business who will trash me over poor quality. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 times to get it right.
  15. Well, to be fair only one of mine needs replacement, and it lasted 975 hours.
  16. I agree with a “factory look”, but spending $300 every couple hundred hours for something so simple seems ridiculous. Of course, it is an airplane so prices are always gonna seem pretty high. Anyway, I think a tray could be made a little stronger and still look pretty standard, so it was just a thought. Of course, my shop riveting some reinforcements on may trays really made it look bad, but it should last longer than the original. It is not the fix I expected from them when I dropped the trays off.
  17. I built most of a Sonex myself, I could make my own tray. But there is something to say for having a firewall forward that appears factory and doesn't look like an abortion of "custom" parts.
  18. It seems every airport has someone building some model in the RV series. You can probably bring a tray to them and they can make you a new, stronger tray in 30 minutes! They pretty much become sheet metal experts!
  19. How so? Please explain. Thank you in advance.
  20. From your photo it would be an easy and stronger repair.
  21. Ugh, they already shipped it...I hope it fits.
  22. Repair the part.Years ago I ordered two from FD and both were built incorrectly and don't fit. I will have to reweld them if I decide to use them.
  23. Was that price for one or both trays?
  24. I ordered a new tray from FD-USA. $148.12 plus shipping. Still outrageous for a formed piece of sheet metal, but it could have been worse based on some other FD parts.
  25. FD could do what ever they want, but then they would take full responsibility and liability if they gave an MRA to do something against what Rotax would advice.
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