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  2. EGT question for the experts?

    Sounds good and thanks Roger! Merry Christmas! 🎄
  3. EGT question for the experts?

    One higher than the other is perfectly normal. It just means one EGT probe may be off a little, the carb with the lower temp is slightly richer than the other or you could have a tiny air leak on the higher temp carb. Depending on throttle position these temps change. A carb synce may change this some. Typically you may even see higher temps in the 4K rpm range because the carb run a bit leaner there. (don't run in the 4K range for cruise, I was just mentioning it) Your temps are fine.
  4. EGT question for the experts?

    What would be a reading of concern? Why is the left one always higher than the right? Thanks
  5. New panel insert

    I made a panel last year out of 6061 .060" aluminum. I cut this on my band saw with no issues and smoothed the edges with a flat file. If you have a bench belt sander this would be best but I don't have one. The big problem is cutting the holes for instruments. Since I have mostly steam gages, I borrowed the local EAA club's hole puncher for the 2 1/4" and 3 1/8" holes. Be careful to not use too thick of material. It takes a lot of force to punch holes! After forming the panel, I cut a section of 80 grit band saw belt and stapled this to a piece of 16" long wood. After anchoring the panel to my bench, I pulled the board with sandpaper in a straight direction across the panel a few times to get the surface to look like the original factory. Lastly, I clear coated the panel. It is hard to tell the new one on the left side from the old on the right side. Here's another way to form the instrument holes: http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/topages/instrumentmounting.php
  6. Wheel pants vibration

    If your brakes stop the vibration then your wheels need to be balanced. Put a 1" fender washer on the underside of the axle screw so you can tighten that screw down tight and stop the vibration. The washer will also help stop the screw hole from becoming larger from moving around on the bolt threads.
  7. EGT question for the experts?

    Nothing wrong with either temp. It may need a carb sync (maybe). I would rather have my EGT's in the 1400's.
  8. EGT question for the experts?

    My ride is a 2007 CTSW. Just to ease my mind while flying today as other days my left EGT was measuring 1470 or so and my right was about 1380. These numbers concern me as the left side is approaching the yellow scale. The temps were OST of 28 degrees. Please educate me as to the concerns with regard to EGT and what indications should worry me. My Dynon maybe giving me too much unnecessary information! 30 years ago I would of wondered what EGT was! I never had that on my Cessna airplanes of the time! Thanks
  9. ISO CTLS 2008 - 2012

    Yep when a red flag waves I walk. There is another low time plane but hasn't flown in 5-6 years but until you get the log books you don't know. The broker said he didn't know anything about it. That's the second broker who has played dumb.
  10. Wheel pants vibration

    Mine shudder a bit but I can't feel it. On take off I need to use the brake to make them quiet.
  11. Wheel pants vibration

    Old topic revisited - for the CTSW Tundra Wheel Pants ; are your wheels pants rock solid in flight or do you get a little shudder? I estimate mine shudder at least a few mm and usually it is not that noticeable but am curious if i should be trying something to get them to not shudder at all. (noted as Roger mentioned that it is normal for them to move a bit - but does anyone have rock solid wheel pants?)
  12. New panel insert

    There's a device called a nibbler, that is absolutely fantastic for cutting aluminum. Though if you want to cut anything more than small areas, you need a pneumatic one. https://www.aircraft-tool.com/shop/detail.aspx?PRODUCT_ID=ATS8300 Here's an example of the eastwood version (also reputable): For cutting very large panels (aka nothing in an instrument panel) "air shears"/"air sheet metal shears" are a better recommendation.

    Lithium iron phosphate suffers only two drawbacks: lower energy density and cost. Outside of that, it is better than lithium ion in every way, including shelf life.
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  15. New panel insert

    But I don’t have a waterjet in my hangar!
  16. ISO CTLS 2008 - 2012

    Or he may not be serious about selling, and has it listed to satisfy someone (wife?) who wants him to sell it. I dealt with a few folks that really didn’t help at all when looking at their aircraft. One answered questions cryptically, sent partial log books, and only after I paid to have a visual inspection by an A&P on the field, did I find out a lot more about the aircraft, such as its use in a flight school, never hangared (in Florida), two replacement nose gears, etc. The seller was extremely rude with me on the phone after I pointed out those deficiencies and lack of disclosure, refused to discuss anything less than asking, and stopped responding to me. Point of all this is: There is absolutely nothing you can do to make someone sell you their plane. So if you don’t get cooperation up front, just move on to the next plane. (BTW, I did find a great plane for a lot less, so it worked out for me in the end. I’m sure it will for you as well.)
  17. ISO CTLS 2008 - 2012

    There is another seller with a couple year old CT that I talked with 8 months ago and asked if he would send me the log books. Can't have more than 5-6 pages. Said he didn't have them scanned. He lives a few hours by car from me so I asked if I could come the next Saturday and see it. He said an instructor who flies it could meet me so I said I'd come up Friday night and stay in a hotel then meet like at 7-8am. He then said he couldn't promise the instructor would be there. I asked for the number for the instructor so I could arrange a time he could for sure meet me. The seller said he couldn't give the number out. It's not like I'll call him every day for 2 years. So I gave up. Noticed he'd dropped his price by $20k so I called him again. Same answers. No log book scanned (8 months later). Gee what is wrong with people? He acts like a jerk on the phone, too. Oh well, he said he may email the log books to me in a month or so and was about to hang up when I asked if he wanted my email address. He said to text it to him but I doubt I'll hear from him. He must have lost the log books or is hiding something.
  18. I have a friend in the Salt lake City area looking for a CTLS or CTSW. I met and flew with... I think John from that area selling his CT but I do not have his contact info. Does anyone have this info? Please Call me at 480-710-8320
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  20. Adding coolant - CTLSi

    The cost of regular dexcool plus distilled ends up being about the same as premix, so I don't bother with anything but 50/50. If you have an old bottle, dump half in it and then top both with distilled.
  21. Adding coolant - CTLSi

    distilled water
  22. Adding coolant - CTLSi

    I purchased the regular Prestone Dexcool. Can I just mix it with equal parts water? Andy
  23. I have a 912 ul 80 horse still in box for sale call me for details 757-642-4530 Ronnie
  24. GravityKnight posts about his Zipper modification on "RansClan", an internet forum for RANS kit planes.
  25. Hello, I’m building a Zenith 701 and plan to use the Rotax 912. I’m considering finding an 80 hp engine and adding the low compression zipper mod as I will be operating off of a 1,000 ft grass strip with trees at each end (my back yard), field elevation of 1,000 with DAs typically reaching 3,000 in the summer. The zipper kit seems like the answer. Only thing giving me pause is the overall reliability impact to the engine of installing the big bore kit. Wondered if there were any updates to this thread regarding how the Rotax holds up after several hundred hours of big bore operation. thanks Jim
  26. New panel insert

    Waterjet cuts through aluminum like butter and leaves a very fine finish.
  27. Garmin SL40 problem

    I'll check the wires on back before I proceed further. Thanks
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