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  2. CTs are not really outdoor-dwelling airplanes. The Sun is tough on composites, and they are not sealed airtight. They are fine to leave out in the occasional shower, but you wouldn't want to leave them out for days in heavy rain. A good cover that covers the gap between the flaps and the fuselage will stop 95% of water from getting in. The water that does come in is not really near much that can't get wet, so it's more an inconvenience than a serious issue. If you are leaving it out and think it might rain, and your cover doesn't shield it, some packing tape over the gap mentioned will stop a lot of water problems. Just remember to remove it before flight! To be fair, many other airplanes will also leak in the rain, including some certified types.
  3. So basically every CT is unable to be left outside in the rain?
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  5. I had an issue w/ the update back in June that makes the screen indicate you are always in excess of airspeed and flap limitations when using the 6 pack style gauges. If you go to the ribbon and tape they are fine!
  6. Still have yet to remove mine 😕
  7. "crapple" works . . . and works very well. The iPad was revolutionary for GA. Additionally, major airline operators traded their Surface tablets for iPad's. Go figure. YMMV.
  8. I don't have pictures of it in my plane, I did double side carpet tape to bulk head, Did not want to drive screws through it. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3693220/files
  9. Need android or other operating system than Apple. I'd even pay for it if it wasn't crapple.
  10. “Someone” installed the latest and greatest Dynon updates on my dual 10-inch system. Works great. No issue with sensors, red x’s or anything else. and if there was...there’s a thorough installation guide (for the entire skyview system) to trace it back and figure out why.
  11. Just seeing if anyone has any good Cup Holder ideas, Pen Holders, Tablet holders, etc. that give easy access during flight.
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  13. I was using FDCT/U or Light Sport/U. With The new ICAO equipment codes I think I’m FDCT/SC (VOR/ILS and mode C). My GPS is not certified, so I don’t declare it.
  14. wait for Flight Designs to put the announcement on their website that the new firmware is available for download. FD takes Dynon's new firmware and tailors it for our airplanes I did the firmware update without the above suggestion. I am "ok", however, I have had a couple of buggy issues, nothing that couldn't be resolved by a quick reboot. Good advice Andy.
  15. Definitely wait for Flight Designs to put the announcement on their website that the new firmware is available for download. FD takes Dynon's new firmware and tailors it for our airplanes. I jumped the gun on the last firmware upgrade and installed it before FD did their work. It took me a few months of back and fourth with Arian to get all the bugs worked out. The biggest problem I had was I lost the ability to read some of the engine monitors. They just had red X's through them. All's good now.
  16. Dear CT pilots, "Flight Design" is the first manufacturer who use airliner processes in collaboration with www.easymemoryitem.com to achieve a new level of safety. We work together to make "Vision 2025" a reality. If you are interested in Checklists, Abnormals & Techniques, Memory Items and Limitations, please download the Easy Memory Item APP. https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/easymemoryitem/id1367457386?mt=8 We would like to invite you to improve Checklists and Techniques. To control limitations and to name everything missing. In the future the Easy Memory Item - APP should have a lot of ideas from "Flight Design" ready for you, which not only make flying safer, but also fun! We look forward to your feedback - the app is free for "Flight Design" pilots! Enjoy the flight safety Best Tino Janke tj@easymemoryitem.com
  17. Here's a picture of the engine that I believe Tom was referring to. Like he said, it's a 90-degree fitting. Been there for over a year without any issues. Andy
  18. Aaron, when you are able, can you take a pic of the ground(s) you cleaned and tightened? I don't have the problem, but, it will be good to have this knowledge. Thank you. Andrew
  19. Over the past few flights, my oil temp has been flucuating, really fast and by quite a bit. It would move over 50 to 60 degrees plus in a split second, and kept going back and forth. I landed at an airport when I first saw it, and after taking off again it quit. It of course started up again on my next flight the next day. Thanks to this forum I think I fixed it, with no expensive mechanic bills! I conducted research on this forum and saw there was previous recomendations that this was caused by grounding issue. So today I removed the grounds on the engine, cleaned them up, and put them back on, making sure they were tight I went up flying and the oil temp was right on! No more jumping around. Today was the 1st flight out of the last 3 where it didnt happen. I just wanted to bring this up in case anyone has this issue in the future, and say a big thank you to this forum and its posters once again! Aaron
  20. Same goes for Tom and Corey. Thank you. We are lucky to have all those guys help our flying community.
  21. He doesn't but I'm working on it 🙂
  22. Thanks Roger! Always providing great info, I appeciate all your knowledge and experience. It makes us all better and safer.
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