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  2. Great, glad Tom had one. I looked at mine tonight and it was for the CTLSi.
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  4. Thanks Eric, but I ended up buying one from Airtime in Tulsa.
  5. I'm in. Came two years ago. Peter Van Camp RV12, N27VC Home KDVT
  6. Hey guys trust me you will take back your comment if you see the real thing. I suggest @BosenChen to retake these photographs.
  7. I will take a look in my parts drawer, I know I have a switch but can't recall if its an CTLSi or CTLS version, I will let you know.
  8. That is correct, an IN counterpart is in the works, or you could keep your Nav lights and use the Echo UAT for both. Lots of options!
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  10. I believe there is, for those who need it, a companion product that does IN. Otherwise, Stratux, Scout, or maybe Garmin GDL-39...?
  11. I know building mine was a lot of fun... For those DIY guys, here is a previous thread to my component list: Mine is a couple years old now and still works like a champ! If you are not a DIY guy - buying one like that being offered by CTMI at $2800 is not a huge premium given the cost of components and the time involved to get it built.
  12. Very nice improvements! Looking like a very nice "gen 2" indeed. Pretty sure the RV12 (SLSA/ELSA) is the best selling LSA in the USA now (since FD production fell off with the bankruptcy)???
  13. Maybe wait for the Roush conversion. 😎 Seriously though for me the question would be do you want to do your own work on the engine. If not I see no issue (except a bit more weight) and some advantages to the Si. I think the major issues have been dealt with.
  14. Its out only, what will you use for in?
  15. I suspect my ignition switch may be faulty, and am planning to replace it before the next flight. The aircraft is a 2010 CTLS with soft start, and the FD maintenance manual shows it as part number C9997199. Does anyone know the source of this part? It looks like there could be a delay in getting one from FD.
  16. I have about 2500 hours in big-bore Continentals, and about 100 in the CTLSi. While I can't compare with the carbureted version of the 912, I love the 912i. Runs like a car. Hands-down preferred over the Continentals. Andy
  17. I have flown a 2006 CTSW, a 2012 CTLS, and a 2016 CTLSi. I'm one of those guys who gets "the itch" whenever new toys are available... Don't worry ScrapMan - guys like us keep the economy moving forward! My take? Don't see too many new cars on the road with carburetors anymore... (come to think of it, not sure there have been any in 20+ years?) Why someone would prefer carbs over fuel injection is beyond me (let alone 2 carbs). The Fuel Injected 912 has tons of redundancy built in. Never a good idea to be the first person with a new engine design but in this case, the 912iS Sport is no longer "new". Enough flying in the world for engineers to make their initial sets of tweaks and to have refined the design. It starts easy, runs smooth as silk - I ordered one as soon as the option was available. Knock on wood - I'm happy so far! Speaking of carbs - I do like carbs on some things... lol
  18. According to their announcement, WingX (VFR) will soon be free! Actually, because of the structure of the APP stores, they'll have to charge 99 cents, since it's a "subscription" product. The Free version is full version of the program, minus IFR features, Internet weather, and synthetic vision. The "free" product should be available in the APP stores, hopefully this week (for OSHKOSH).
  19. I would use the iPad as primary and keep it updated and use the Garmin as secondary and not update very often. I would always have a source of current charts even if it's paper.
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  21. The full update bundle for the 496 is $399, which seems excessive to me. I update the obstacle and nav databases once a year, that costs $100. Because terrain doesn't change much over time, and I constantly update the data on my iPad using Garmin Pilot, I don't feel like I'm missing much. You should definitely periodically update the nav (which includes airports and airspace) and obstacle data though, for safety and to avoid errors navigating airspace.
  22. How often should I download updates to my 496? And what is the current update from Garmin for the 496? Thanks.
  23. Hi Al, I went with this Echo ESx transponder for the 1090ES. I wanted to be covered for international flights and because I already had a GDL39 receiver connected to my 696. This unit does not have the ADS-B In receiver but uAvionix has a nice selection of products to meet the requirements. This unit can perform the in/out requirements and connect to tablets via Wifi. Feel free to call if you want and I can hopefully answer any questions, or at least find someone that can
  24. Damn! There goes my plan to lash up some Estes series F's (model rocket engines)!
  25. Hi Eric, I assume you'll output to the 696. Any possibility of output to a a tablet or 796. al,
  26. I have the 912 ULS engine which starts first time pretty much all the time. I went through the carb float issues a little while back and despite finding a sunk float experienced no performance issues other than a mild fuel smell after shut down. Got new floats and was reimbursed by Rotax. I have the carbs balanced at every annual and they were overhauled at 200 hours with nothing found. Ive been using both 93 non-ethanol and lately 93E-10 for the past couple of years. Performance has been outstanding even with high DAs in the current heat-wave in SC. I plan on 5.2 GPH usually at 5300 rpm but based on fuel used /fuel added Ive been getting 4.8gph and 4.5 GPH at 5000 rpm. I have an RV-12 SLSA with 350 hours on it and I'm intrigued with the latest Vans announcement of a 912iS powered RV-12 in the future. I realise that Vans is keeping up with other manufacturers and that the iS engine with replace the ubiquitous ULS in the not too distant future. That said I feel my ULS still compares quite well to the iS particularly as regards the increased weight and cost plus the reports of frequent maintenance issues. I wonder if/when I contemplate trading up to a newer technology LSA that a more reliable and more efficient model of the current iS will be available by then. In the meantime I'm happy and content with the ULS. My two cents.
  27. I love the fuel injection. Very easy start. Not sure you can even get carburated anymore. Thet said it is heavier and more expensive. And as a new engine model introduced three or four years ago I've probably had one thing every year so far that needed changing. All covered by rotax but still a PIA. Really looking forward though to the 915is.
  28. Why do people buy new cars once in awhile? I don't know?
  29. Think of me when you want to order 😁
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