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    You can’t just put any hose on here if you are SLSA.
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    Thank you all for the quick responses... Bill, my 19 yo son is a heavy equipment "nut"... he has a summer job loading trucks and trailers with a Loader and he is in heaven. He wants a career around "heavy equipment", hopefully he, like you, will be able to buy a plane one day. Kent, our next door neighbors and friends have a house on Fishers and I'm sure we will be visiting them often. The area where we live is incredibly beautiful flying country -- worth a visit by future CT pals. The Connecticut River, several islands offshore (Fishers, Block, Martha's Vineyard, etc.)… really incredible flying. My Cub instructor laughs when I get distracted by the views... This YouTube kid documented his flight into "Goodspeed Airport" in East Haddam along the CT River ("CT" is short for Connecticut not Carbon Technology...; ) where I do a lot of touch and go's in the Cub (I use the grass of course), a taste of the area. He then flies to Chester, CT where I take lessons with "Chester Charter", a short hop from Goodspeed. Whelan, the light people, own the airport and are based abutting the Chester airport. Note, Chester airport is perhaps the nicest, best managed airport I have ever been to. Note, all planes are under cover. Whelan is a superb Corporate citizen locally. Mike, the photos are unbelievably helpful to me... very much appreciate the effort. I figured I would have to buy something crazy small and foldable and put it in the plane as you have it. Removing the seat is brilliant, never thought of that. I will speak with Tom about how to do that. The pod is interesting and I will look into it. The plane build is underway and perhaps a few carrier bolts have to be mounted during the build phase. I will ask Tom. Thanks again, Andrew
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    Read with tongue-in-cheek. Sounds like a background narrative to a newspaper article. Be careful out there, Ed.
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    Thank you Tom. I did think about that - only downside would be adding additional 'bits' (ie potential weaknesses). But, most probably the simplest solution. Thanks again. David
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    Yeah, these airplanes are notorious for little electrical gremlins. I have had bouncing oil pressure (dropped to zero a time or two, that will get your attention!) and oil temp. Both were electrical issues. Check grounds, wiring, and connections, especially at the fuel pressure sender itself. The fuel pressure on a CT can't *really* go to zero at the carbs unless: A ) Airplane is out of fuel (you verified fuel state, so not this). B ) You are inverted (you'd probably know). C ) You have a completely blocked fuel line somewhere (unlikely). D ) Gravity stops working (less likely).
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    I posted a test I did a few years back. With and without a fuel pump on the CT. Your engine will not quit. It may not have been a real fuel issue, but an electrical connection issue. No fuel,pump and fuel hoses joined. Full throttle capable. Pump in line, but off the engine. Will run approximately 5K rpm, but stutters after that.
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    John-Olav and Tim, I have just made reservations for both Bryce Canyon and Page - pleasantly without incident - ha! My wife, Billie and I will be attending for the first time with out CTLSi, N814WB. We are really looking forward to meeting new friends and seeing the area from the air. I think you can get our contact info from our registration page, but please let me know If you need anything more from us. THANK YOU for being willing to organize this event!!! Walt & Billie Harsch Green Valley, AZ