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  1. With that canopy I would change that to fries
  2. OK thanks
  3. Installed repacked chute today and noticed the down tube right under the flat plate where the canister bolts back on is broken, clean break I am guessing that's not correct, just making sure before I pull it out??
  4. I read you have to have a new weight and balance done before flight .
  5. Is it ok to fly with out BRS while its being repacked??
  6. If you have to go to half throttle to start sounds like its getting flooded??
  7. Should have 3 screws on each wheel pant holding it on, not sure why they are off that much unless someone mounted them that way, you have to drill your own holes when they are first mounted. At least I did.
  8. Sorry for the family, sounds like he had a good life of flying, I would like to see a close up pic of the plane to see how the cockpit held up, rest in peace.
  9. Don't forget the little o ring inside cover, these engines don't really use any oil as far as i know. But they will leak.
  10. Yep, at idle helps with starting your bird. Close as you can in mid range.
  11. What is part number for the correct VDO fuel sender, I would like to have a spare just in case?? thanks vdo 360- 043 is that right?
  12. What safety cage, is the canopy part of that??
  13. Took sender off today cleaned all contact surfaces sprayed orifice with cleaner flew for an hour and it maintained 3.7 hot, cold engine around 4.1
  14. Starting to get off and on alarms, sensor of fuel pump, pump was replaced 2 years ago ??
  15. How many people you know have starved a engine with17 gallons of fuel, plenty means you don't run out of fuel period. I didn't judge anyone. If he had sufficient fuel we would not be talking about it .