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  1. The 696 pumps out 9600 baud, but I'm guessing a 296 would only do 4800.
  2. Yes, it appears to be software selectable at setup. If selected, it will put out a random ID for the aircraft if the squawk is set to 1200. If not VFR, or if a flight plan is filed (!), it puts out real ID. If you're not confused enough, go to their website and read the installation/user manual under 'support'. Cheers!
  3. It seems to go with the amphibian territory. SeaRey owner videos often feature some dicey low level flying. On the positive side, when over water its the same as us being over a runway. On the bad side, it is the reason that amphib's have a high accident rate. All that low level flying is very demanding and a moment's lapse of attention can put you in the drink. But I too really don't like the manufacturer promoting risky behavior, that will bite his customers in the end and put us all in a bad light.
  4. You are fortunate, you can't throw a cat around here without hitting class B, C or D airspace, lol. (No cats were injured in this posting.)
  5. Got it, I'm still shopping. I'd also like to hear from Roger and Sonoran Avionics about what they think (and are willing to do). If it doesn't get too rich, I might try for a Dynon Skyview system of some kind. Thanks for the info.
  6. Sounds good, thanks.
  7. My understanding was that the Navworx, et al used my old transponder in the 'remote' mode as a control head, and got their info via RS-232 from the transponders that support it. If you have an old mode C with no RS-232 output, then in Navorx case they picked it off the antenna coax with the 'Transmon' RF detector. That would be similar to the Echo that apparently is receiving it (1090), digitizing it and rebroadcasting it (978). So I guess it all works out either way. I guess this gets down to what FD will allow me to do. Is there a list of LOA's on this out there?
  8. The GDL 39 or 39R looks to be the ticket for ADS-B in, thanks for that tip. And for 'out' , the Echo/SkyFYX combo looks like the cost winner, with the Garmin GTX335 WAAS coming in second. uAvionix is a little vague how the Echo function works. I'm assuming its a broadcast version of the 'Transmon' system that Navworx uses to hear the mode C (ID, squawk, Alt,etc) from the legacy transponder, glue on the additional ADS-B data and transmit that out the UAT antenna. Do I have that right? Garmin must have some idea of the value or the GDL 39R as an 'in' solution for the 696, because they raised the price $200 for the identical remote mount device. I think I'm seeing some people simply using the portable one in a semi permanent mounting. I love Garmin...
  9. uAvionix has an impressive and inexpensive in/out solution at $1399. Sadly it doesn't solve my problem of getting weather/traffic to my 696 (nothing does). This unit is focused on outputting to most any EFIS. It also broadcasts wifi to your EFB (Android or IOS), however the Aera 796 is a Bluetooth device, so no luck there either. I guess its back to the 795/GTX 345 solution. But the cost makes my eyes water.
  10. Hmmm, another reason to go E-LSA. But I'm with you Adam, This appears to be a bridge too far in configuration control. It really smacks of the old Part 23 problem that enshrines ancient equipment, turning airplanes into museums.
  11. They have both claimed it, but AJ seems to be the only ones with enough money to carry on. However they seem most interested in turning the crank on CT's to get some income flowing. I doubt FD can get C4 expenditures past the bankruptcy judge.
  12. It appears NavWorx has found an answer to the FAA AD. Although some ADS600B users will have to get their units refurbished (at their cost). Here's their website with their statement. I haven't seen anything from the FAA yet.
  13. Just pop those stairs into the baggage compartment, lol.
  14. It seems like new concept amphibians have a hard time getting to market, and then staying there.
  15. I see they have a segmented wing, much like the Cirrus for low speed stability and stall resistance. One issue I have with the plane is the 30 foot wings, not sure it would fit in my hangar, I'll have to measure.