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  1. The cloth pocket holder between the seats has the same type of snap. So, in a pinch in the field, you could just swap. I realized this *after* I got a new latch from FDusa.
  2. Check the latest from Germany. Aerojones takes over CT support. I'm surprised they got the C4 project. Not sure what Lindig gets out of the deal.
  3. Maryland Metric has a lot of quality parts. As a CTSW owner, I don't know the spec of the screws you need.
  4. Roger, Could you please tell me the size hole you drilled in the new shafts? My drill/tap table says 8.8mm for clearance, 8.4m for tight clearance for the M8 through bolt. I don't have a good machine shop, but a friend does. I want to buy the right (good) bits first. Oh, I'm trying to avoid "tagging a fence" at the Arlington fly-in. Thanks, Bill Mc.
  5. Hi Roger, Pushing the caliper piston manually was a debugging technique. I expected to pump after that. The surprise was that just taxiing was causing that problem. Thought maybe disk was seized and wobbling, but not the case. This has been slowly getting worse (that's why I replaced the master.) Time has just come to get over the problem. I've seen others are much happier with Matco. I also didn't know a source of rebuild parts for Marc calipers.
  6. Hello, I've started having brake fade where it takes many pumps (12 or so) of the handle to get any pressure. I have marc brakes, with a Matco master cylinder installed 2 years ago. I have about 1020 hrs on the plane. The fade would occur after taxiing on the grass home strip. I rebuilt the master cylinder, and bled the system. Tested Ok in the hanger. The pins are clean and disks are floating. Pad thickness is good. Still got loss of braking on taxi. I finally manually retracted the pistons into the caliper by pulling on each disk. I found that retracting the left piston caused the need for pumping. I think the wheel vibration while taxiing on grass is making the piston retract. Matco brakes are on order. I'm having the opposite problem of what others have reported about Matcos. Must be brake month.
  7. I've been there. FBO was very nice, curious about CT. He even took a movie of our departure. We toured the Piper museum too. So sad about the flood.
  8. I'm thinking this is a, FDL-978-TXL. It is $1995 list. add antennas, breaker and cable, $2600 sounds right. Literally reading Tom's statement, this is compliant ADS-B out. This has WAAS built in. An in-out RANGR lists for $3695. I elected to use Navworx ADS-600-EXP in/out which is legal in LSA and Experimental. Works fine for me. It doesn't talk to the Foreflight app, but does talk to Wing-X on the ipad. For the money, $1299 list, you get an in-out box. Navworx is a much smaller vendor than Freeflight, and it did take a while for me to get my hardware. I have a D100 EFIS, GPS396 and GTX327. None of that has WAAS GPS nor 1090-ES out. If one has already purchased ADS-B in , say a Stratus, an out-only box makes sense.
  9. I got the hardware (UAT, GPS antenna, UAT antenna, wiring harness, coax) for $998. However, this was promotional pricing of a year ago. The invoice doesn't split it out, but I think the UAT alone was $729. Today it is $1299. I did the installation and it took me 3 days, part time. Add some cost for an MRA from FD.
  10. I tried a stratux with Foreflight, Wing-x and iFly yesterday. All could see it. I had a poorly mounted antenna, so reception was limited. However, this is a *great* project. I like having something that talks to Foreflight (and doesn't cost too much). This is a great merge of my computer and flying hobbies. Now, is it worth having this as well as Navworx in/out UAT? not sure.
  11. Hello, I have a 2006 CTSW. D100 + Analog engine panel. I've just installed a Navworx ADS600-EXP. It took a while to get - ordered Feb 2015, delivered Dec 2015. I picked this because of price/performance point. Plus, I have a D100 as altitude source, and a GTX327 as a 'control head'. This keeps the altitude and transponder code consistent, and no new items needed in the panel. I also have a Zaon XRX displaying 1090 traffic on a GPS396, so did not wire the Navworx to GPS. The box itself fit behind the right breaker panel; I got an MRA from FDUSA. I use the internal GPS antenna, and a short transponder antenna where the ELT was on the belly. 406 ELT was installed last year, and that antenna is on the top. Still trying Wing-X and iFly as traffic/weather display on ipad. Its too bad Navworx doesn't talk to Foreflight (my favorite app) Overall, I think it works well, I've just emailed FAA to test that. Portland Approach could see me well.
  12. I have a 2006 CTSW, with Dynon D100 and GTX327. These boxes can talk to the Navworx ADS-600-EXP to provide a consistent pressure alt source (D100) and transponder mode C code setting (GTX). When I last traded mail with Dave @ FD, I would have to get an LOA for my aircraft type. Plus, I was talking about ADS-600-BG at the time. Navworx now advertises an ADS-600-EXP meeting T SO-C154c Transmits SDA = 2, SIL = 3. The latter reference a non-public standard for ADS-B, SIL is System Integrity level. (Accuracy and reliability for traffic sep.) This is very good news, the prior offering for Experimental had SDA and SIL of 0, which did not meet the 2020 requirement. See page This is the box for me! Not sure the delivery date. Now, If I could just get Foreflight to talk to it.... or I have to start using Wing-X.
  13. I have a 2006 CTSW , 850hrs , with a partially cracked bracket. However, my bracket design doesn't match the bulletin, nor the parts manual. It is circular, 3 mounting holes at 120 deg around. The tab for the handle is bent from the center and attaches to the BRS cable. I'm going to ask FDUSA it I should replace the round one with a new linear one. I don't know which design the latest. I'm probably guilty of flexing the handle downward as I enter the plane. In fact, I leave it bent down to prevent breakage. Edit: add pictures. Sorry about the focus on the rear pix, I'm holding the camera in a way I can't preview.
  14. Hi, I've got analog engine gauges . I had the oil pressure sensor fail twice, at about 300hr intervals. Pressure would swing from 20psi to offscale high, rapidly. I'm not sure how the d120 would respond. I finally put in a Lockwood sensor relocation kit, at about 600hr, now 775 with no more trouble. Sensor failure is likely if the sensor is still up at the oil pump. Oh, one simple thing to check is the security of the wire with the nut at the sensor ! Bill
  15. Hello again. Thanks anticept about rotating the engine. The left side tubing, tanks, and carb cables were released. Heater box released. The oil and water tanks were attached to the engine. The 6 bolts on the big frame are removed, and the engine pivoted right, leaving the wiring in place. Maybe I should have said rotated in the yaw axis ! For the fuel tubing, the wings had been removed. The screw clamp on one end of the fuel tubing is easy . The band-it on the top of the metal tube in the A frame was inaccessible. I'm impressed anyone could take that off without drilling holes. For the fuel gauge (clear) tubing, pulling the wings a few inches works great. One can do wing inspection at the same time.