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  1. Still reinstalling a new stabilizer, I noticeD that on my plane part KA6040008 has a sleeve that does not show on page 252 of the parts and assembly manual. Anyone has ever looked at their installation ? Is that sleeve necessary for the above part to slide through part KA6040071
  2. Jacques you have an special plane
  3. Are not all the stab the same ? Never thought it could be the wrong one.
  4. I am also wondering if I am missing something as in my case there is obviously no relationship between the rueler measure and the inclinometer. I am at lost after trying everyithing. Did you ever have a chance to measure your angle, I would be curious
  5. Thanks for comments and advice. I have been using two different inclinometer for several days and tape them to the stab so that it does not move and the reading is consistent. I put the inclinometer back without tape for the purpose of taking a picture otherwise I have been very careful about alignment and stability
  6. I noticed different prolong cleaners as the link is out of date Which one did you use ?
  7. Total frustration. Second year without flying. After one year of trying to install the stabilator that FD gave me to replace the one that became soft like tissue paper, I have not succeeded yet in getting it right,. First I had to remove all the pellets from the counterweight to balance it. Now I am struggling with the stabilator deflection. I thought that replacing one stab with another it would have the same deflection.. Unfortunately , I did not measure the deflection of the original one. The annex of the Maintenance and inspection manual says that the deflection should be 14 degrees or 30 mm with a ruler. I have 50 mm with a ruler and barely 7 degrees of deflection. I increased the forward bushing KA6040007 forward as per the page 4-80, I barely gained one degree when I reached the end of the rod. Then FD USA told me to ` there is a part number KA6040050. There are two nuts holding the control cable in place at that location. Those are the nuts you should be adjusting.` Again I barely gained one degree.I am stuck No idea what to do. Angle meter shows 12.3 but it started at 3.9 so the total angle is a little bit less than 9
  8. How did you take the measurement for the stab and trim adjustment. I re-installed my stabilator. The maintenance manual (page 4-83) says take measurement and provide some kind of model but I do not see any indication as to what the measure should be. I know that my new trim is not right because even in the lower position it is above the horizontal stab. Any suggestion ?
  9. Question to those who had to balance their stabilizer . On the attached drawing I had to switch the position of KA6060040 at the top of the drawing and KA6060040 and the bottom (the narrow tube that goes into the wide one). In the original position, the safety wire that I used to compress the spring as recommended would remain fully stuck between the spring and the wider piece and totally beyond reach. The spring is working perfectly. I suppose this has no bearing on operations
  10. On the fixture did your stabilator come back to neutral on its own if you rock it back and forth
  11. Did you test yours on a bench ?
  12. One extra comment : the maintenance manual indicates that after balancing around it axle the stabilator should return to the neutral position. Mine will not do that. If I put it fully balanced it will remain in the neutral position . But if I push it up or down it will stay up or down like a see saw in a children park, it won't come back neutral on its own.
  13. Final aspect after removing all pellets plus some of the main mass
  14. All pellets removed, or most of them even with a drill the ones sticking on the side are not easy to remove. Then I drilled several holes in the main mass bu it is not enough yet. I am quite surprised that this stabilator would be that much lighter than my old one.