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  1. New CTs arriving from Germany

    Great to hear this will end well with you! I think Flight Design is back and so are our investments! 👏
  2. Bringing an old plane back to life.

    I used to watch these mix it up in Vietnam!👍👏
  3. Ct spotted in Heber Ut!

    My Rans friend spotted this CT down the road from my area in Heber Ut. Who might this belong to?
  4. Another fuel tube question?

    That's funny that I'm over complicating this with 118 discussions on my post about this simple subject!🤓
  5. Another fuel tube question?

    Let's say the left tank is empty and you have almost none in the right. How do you insure you keep fuel in the tube/wing root? I can see too much push to ball left could unport going to left side and of course pushing ball right would sling remaining fuel way out in right long tank!
  6. Another fuel tube question?

    M.I.T. Should offer a phd degree in CT fluid physics!😱😂😜🤓🍿
  7. Another fuel tube question?

    Ok I'm a simple man! Fuel will appear! What does that mean? Will the fuel follow the ball under any most typical situations? Is it simple as the fuel follows the ball?
  8. Another fuel tube question?

    I thought the fuel follows the ball? 🤔
  9. Another fuel tube question?

    I'm special could you send it certified?😱😂😜 Seriously since I now hanger the plane level as opposed to 4 inches low on the right wing the frustrating effects of "one hung low"are vastly improved. By the time I taxi, warm up and run up the left tube is showing air so she's transferring some during that time. At least it's improved a bunch. Id still like to find out what fuel will flow to wings level in a slip say ball left of center?🍿
  10. Another fuel tube question?

    My left tanks little hat is slightly turned left of center maybe 10 degrees. Question: can I just loosen the nut and turn it straight or do I need titanium locktight and laser testing? Also can that small degree of cant cause that tank to drain more?
  11. Another fuel tube question?

    The right one who holds fuel is short of forward by maybe 5 degrees.
  12. Another fuel tube question?

    Good question! The left vent is just slightly canted short of full facing forward. It might be 5 or 10 degrees. 😳
  13. Another fuel tube question?

    Tom I just tried this and damn it worked!👏 The tanks are totally equal. One of the local A&P's suggested I switch vents.🤔
  14. Another fuel tube question?

    Yes but pushing the ball to the left puts the left wing in front. 🤔
  15. Another fuel tube question?

    So if the wings are perfectly level and the ball is one ball out of center to the left say that will feed the left tank. With this in mind what forces are pushing fuel to the left tank with wings level?🤔