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  1. Yup when I fuel before hour flights I just run 15 gallons on the left tank. The right always has 15 or so. Good info on trip top offs. I hate gas on my finishes. Down at Rocky Mountain Kit Sport in Fairfield Ut the do glass, Carbon, paint repair. I'm considering having the right gear re-done properly in conjunction with the hose job!😳
  2. Here's mine!😬😳
  3. Yes, I've kinda wondered about this whole sequence of events! In this whole episode it seems voodoo fixes have prevailed! This to me is a nightmare as there are no definite causes to the situation just temporary feel good fixes! I'm happy for my bone stock 912 ULS! I'm not interested in Turbos anything at this time!
  4. My plan is to follow them and wait until they experience a dead battery or flat tire and when they ditch the plane I'll zoom in and claim it. Why? Larry told me that the old 172 was a throw away plane and if things got dicey they'd just leave her and grab a cab back! (My words) πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³πŸ€“πŸ˜œπŸ˜¬πŸ™πŸΎ
  5. The Rans man fixed the CHT problem by ripping out thermostat. Then he goes for a test run and experiences a stumble at 3700 rpm followed by a smooth out. He's running a 80 hp Rotax with a 914 kit and turbo on his Rans. Now he's stymied as to the stumble. We'll remember when the CHT's got hot and he ran 100ll thinking he got low octane Mogas? According to Mark Pringle the 100ll released something in the carbs which was clogging something in the carbs. The cure recommended by Pringle was to run some Seafoam through her. By golly it worked and she's smooth as silk now! Im going to run some Seafoam in mine just to clean the system some. I hope it doesn't release a carb massive piece of dirt and block things!πŸ€”πŸ€”
  6. Is there a easy way to tell if mine has one?
  7. I had the 4 front nuts almost off the threads and then pulled the pipe shrouds out so I could wiggle the front head pipes. They could only wiggle just slightly. I guess the next step is to loosen the rears! Maybe next time but then you get to loosen the drip pans. By the way both my drip pans are cracking. The right one inner mount hole is completely cracked resulting on the one mount the outer mount. The left one is still mounted properly but the pan is cracked. I may ask my welder friend to weld both as I'm sure new ones are $800 dollars!
  8. My eyes were on those 4 rear studs laying tightly under the two drip pans like a laser beam! Then I asked myself why am I doing all this when at filter change time I just loosen the filter side studs and pry the pipe out of the way! Giving up or quitting is admirable compared to screwing something up!πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ€”πŸ‘€πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ
  9. My Rans buddy who has built and taught the build of six Rans aircraft stopped by while I was repairing my leaky valve cover. He advised me to zip tie about four areas of my upper engine wires and other "floppy" parts to secure them against under cowl turbulence therefore preventing wear to those parts. We closely examined bundled wires and any connectors and parts that could flop around and wear against other parts by turbulence under the hood. My loose stuff is now secure and properly positioned. We especially looked for hoses that are rubbing against hard parts to pull and tie away. What do the experts think of doing a search and secure zip tie procedure?
  10. I loosened the front header pipe bolts and could get just the slightest movement at each pipe to head. Then I went to the right side of the engine (right as sitting in the cockpit) and placed a block of wood against the muffler and grabbed a big ass hammer. 😬 I took that big Johnson hammer to her but she held her own. No budge in the slightest degree. I wiggled, kicked and pounded her hard to no avail. I gave up and tightened her down!😌 The good news is after replacing the leaky valve cover with a new O ring then flying for an hour she's dry as a bone! I'm thrilled about this if she holds!
  11. Me and my big mouth!😬😳
  12. Another $100 bills worth of info from this forum! Thanks!
  13. You guys rock! Thanks a bundle! Did you see where Duane and Larry came by to visit on their way to Alaska? Nice folks!πŸ‘
  14. Roger do I need to loosen the large muffler worm bands?
  15. Thanks Tom! So the inventory of things to loosen are the header pipe bolts all four and the two large worm bands around the muffler. Can you picture any more parts that my come into play that may make a easy job into a problem? Tomorrow morning I'll attempt to repair my leaky valve cover with a new little o ring and the large o ring😳 I may make a locktight run as insurance. Of course it may turn out to be the right front cover weeping back causing the mess!πŸ€” Then I'll work on my exhaust adjustment so I can remove the filter for the next oil change without having to loosen the exhaust header.