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  1. Yes, I had not seen that second picture. That is "the fleet" from what I read (a very small number that were not destroyed). The one that I took the picture of at Kingman was there for paint touch up. I'm thinking maybe he is a Beechcraft executive???
  2. Just 1 Starship in the picture. From the quick research I did, there are a very small number in existence. Beachcraft destroyed most of the "fleet" because they decided to shut down the program, very sad affair. I remembered the name thou, like you. Brought a smile to the owner's face! I watched him take off, it climbed out like a jet fighter!
  3. I have not flown much in the past several weeks, I was working on cabin lighting and re-aiming and replacing my landing light. So, on my first night flight (took off at dusk), my oil temperature went very close to the red line! I leveled off at 5000 ft and reduced throttle to about 5,000 rpm. The temp came down to about 245. The outside temperature was probably 95 to 100. But, the odd thing is that my oil pressure is running higher than usual. It usually levels off at around 50 after the oil heats up. In this fight it was around 60 or even 65 psi. My oil is full, still looks light on the dip stick, does not smell burned. I have about 35 hours on it since annual/oil change. I have run it on 91 octane unleaded. My hoses are new since annual and it looks like Rex Johnson (in Tulsa) routed the new hoses the most direct way as you suggested Roger. I ordered oil and filter today. I plan to take off the radiator and have it boiled out. I know my ferry pilot fueled it several times on 100LL. So, I'm sure it has some lead particles in the oil. Sorry to keep flogging this same horse, but this just is not right. Of course, the issue for me, is that I do not have any previous Rotax 912 experience to measure this against. So, any thoughts I would be glad to hear. QUESTION: Is this common (for oil pressure to go up the longer you go between oil changes)? I think I must have some blockage somewhere. I'm wondering if there is not some way to measure oil flow. Then, I would need a base line too! I'm loving the CT and loving the night flying too (cooler, smoother, calmer for landing, easier to see other planes, but fewer of them). OK, here's some aviator eye candy, ha ha. This jewel was in front of the huge paint hangar at the Kingman Airport the evening I went to try my night flying . . . I asked the owner if he was interested in trading for my CT, he laughed!
  4. I have info that it is the Soraa 00957, there is a link about 10 posts up to 1000Blubs page on it.
  5. I can only presume that my illumination within my 15 degree beam is more intense than the 25 degree beam of the Soraa. I'm sure the spec sheets tell the story, but it is over my head! We will have to all meet at a fly in some time, ha ha. Happy flying all . . . . ET
  6. Oops, update: The Soraa 00957 is a good LED bulb to use (and that is what Arian recommended to me). I think the Spot Light (15 degree beam of the 57979) is preferable to Narrow Flood (25 degree beam of the Soraa 00957). But, that's just my opinion, have not seen the difference. Pleased to see that you guys are using the higher lumen LED's! ET
  7. I had the Flight Design LED landing light installed in my 2006 CTSW back in Tulsa when I purchased it. I started getting serious about night flying a few weeks ago, but my landing light was severely mis-aimed. In the process of correcting that, I noticed that the MR16 bulb was only rated for 430 lumens (having a mountain bike light that is 1500 lumens I was not too happy, ha ha)! So, investigated and I found a drop in replacement that is rated at 580 lumens. I thought it would require a different resister, but found out the resistor is installed in the light. So, the data: The light which Flight Design furnished: Green Creative 40807 (7.5MR16G4DIM/930SP15) The 7.5 is the watts, on the bulb is says 430 lumens. The light that I found as a drop in replacement: Green Creative 57978 (8.5MR16DIM/930SP15). On the bulb it says 580 lumens. They both are the same color light output, both are Spot Lights (15 degree light cone). I ordered the replacement bulb from Amazon prime for a total cost of under $17. They get it from 1000 Bulbs, but with Amazon I get free 2 day shipping (since I have Prime). There is only a single LED inside the bulb instead of the 5 in the furnished bulb. Arian recommended a different make bulb as a drop in replacement, but it was not higher lumens and it was not a 15 degree spot (I think it was a 25). I am quite happy with the replacement bulb and I think the 15 degree spot is a better choice too. I night flew with everything on and did not get an alternator warning light. I even have a small tablet installed with a charge cord. By the way, my cabin light is the LED strip lighting kit by Crazed Pilot. I had to get a single red LED bulb for the compass, but routed in right to the same controller. I could furnish some more specifics if anyone needs cabin lighting.
  8. Sorry, I do not have a temp guage installed. It was a bright sunny day but temps were cool. You started me wondering if there is a guage that just applies to the surface now instead of a probe. I will definately check my engine out more for the issues you and Roger brought up. ET
  9. I took my Fiancée, Sarah, for a flight Wednesday morning and we headed north and ended up flying to the nearest part of the Grand Canyon (only 36 nm from Kingman airport). I used that opportunity to try a flatter climb out. My oil temp went to about 235. I pulled back the throttle a bit to maintain about 5200 rpm. We headed back as soon as we had a view of the Colorado River. Now I can brag that I only live about 20 minutes from the Grand Canyon, ha ha. I still need to check out my hose routing and the oil cooler shrouding issue. Thanks Roger and Andy and all who commented, give yourself a pat on the back! ET
  10. Wooooow, thanks you guys!!!!!!! I'm sure glad I have this in wrting, otherwise my head would explode, ha ha. ET
  11. Roger - I made that trip today and at 5100 rpm in level flight my oil temp goes to about 220. But, I forgot to watch my oil temp when I departed Sun Valley and when I looked at it, it was at about 250! Thou I still need to climb for mountain clearance, I throttled back to about 5000 rpm and trimmed for a more shallow climb. So, I guess that is just something I have to learn to manage more closely. My hoses were done with my recent annual, I'll have to see if I can determine that routing issue. Can anyone help me with a picture of that hose rounting? New question for all: Can burping the engine aid in this issue? I know I can pump about a quart of oil out of the engine back into the oil tank by burping. Thanks to all, what a fantastic resourse!!! ET
  12. I'll have to check it out. I just got signed off for my Flight Review, I've just been doing local flying at lower power settings. I want to fly to Sun Valley, I'll cruise at higher power then. From what I have heard here, my situation is not far from normal. My ferry pilot did what one memeber here said he does: he leveled off now and then during his long climb. In my Mooney I did similarly "economy climb", climbed at about 300 FPM. Anyway, I'll try that cruise set up and see what temps I get. Thanks guys for making me feel more normal, ha ha! ET
  13. My oil temperature goes right to the edge of yellow on climb out. I am using the Dex Cool coolant. Oil is full and light color and no overheat smell to it. I have noticed that when I throttle back the temprature drops off quite quickly. It does react to leveling off, but that seems to take longer than the throttling back does. I'm concerned becaues we are just getting into hotter weather. Is this a pretty common thing? Any ideas on how to improve the oil cooling? My CHT is more normal, have had it go above the middle of the green but not close to the yellow like the oil temp does. Is there a way to purge the oil cooler (I had an annual done recently with an oil change, wondering if maybe there is air trapped in the oil radiator)? Wow, let me just say, THIS FORUM IS AWESOME! Thanks, ET
  14. From the album ET's photos

  15. From the album ET's photos