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  1. First update report: Pulled the panel and checked continuity between data out on Garmin and data in (pin 17) on trutrak. It was good. Next step used reference : Made sure garmin was nmea out baud 4800. Stumbled through menu on autopilot and found it was set on 9600. Trutrak appears to be receiving now as HDG has flashing plus sign. Unable to check in the air today but will post after. Rich
  2. My trutrak autopilot worked well. However, it was intermittently losing the gps track. Now it has totally lost the gps track. It works well for altitude hold and hdg but does not appear to be getting track info from the 296 . I put a friends 496 in and still no good. The settings are for nmea 4800 out from gps. Lucas from trutrak had suggested I try another x96. I am sure he will help me more but I wanted to post question here. Any ideas about isolating the problem? I plan to check continuity out between the gps out and the 17 pin in to the trutrak when next at the plane. Is there any way to know if the gps is outputting the data? Any other ideas on the troubleshoot before I hear back from Lucas? I keep posting minor problems and questions but the plane is flying well and I am getting better and having fun. By the way thanks to Tom and Roger I replaced my frayed throttle cable (It was indeed simple), synced the carbs and reduced my idle to 1800. I like the landings much better at that idle. Thanks, Rich
  3. Did you sell these? Rich
  4. Did you ever get this fixed? I have a couple of tiny points on vinyl graphics that have lifted. Thanks Rich
  5. I think I will give that a try. I did some leveling today and it went better. Had to get up a little speed and dont want to crash the wings into the t hangar so I got these to stop me.
  6. Found this info.
  7. I have just started flying out of a nice 2 runway grass strip 6J6 in SC. They have some antique t-hangars with dirt floors and carpet. I am renting one, not sure for how long. Pushing plane out is fine but there is a little depression from rain in front of the hangar and slight upslope at entrance making it very difficult to push back in by myself. Solutions: I can do some grading and try to level entrance. I could pay for concrete pad and ramp I could try to fashion 3 flat ramps out of metal or something ? Manager said some people use a small winch. (not sure if this is doable) If one were to consider this and have to move the plane in backwards where would one attach to plane. around main gear? other I could drive 45 minutes instead of 20 and rent a hangar with concrete. Appreciate any thoughts. Rich
  8. Andy, Still not available but that ilevil bom is supposed to be available soon. Maybe by oshkosh. Not only aoa but also pitot static to a tablet for backup indicated airspeed etc. Pretty neat. (More that your project but a lot easier) Attaches to inspection port under wing.
  9. My 2005/2006 ctsw is a mongrel created with 2005 fuselage and 2006 wings. I was wondering if the gear is the light 2005 or the heavier 2006. Can anyone tell from this picture? Thanks Rich
  10. I have a little under instrument panel storage but no pockets on the doors. Need someplace to put checklists etc. Could somebody send me a picture of the pockets on the 2006 etc. Rich
  11. Just wondering about map storage etc. My new to me ctsw does not seem to have pockets on the doors. Are there some available from FD or are there any aftermarket ideas. Show me your pics. Thanks Rich Chesser 2005 CTSW
  12. I am still waiting for the ILevil beacon for ads-b in-out. May be ready by oshkosh time. Wouldn't mind a bom either. I actually built a little stratux receiver for ads-b in for about 140 bucks. Works great. Rich
  13. Roger , Where do I get the 2 other pieces? I just got the pucks from you and have ordered the metric washers. Rich Chesser
  14. Thanks Tom, I ordered some DIN 9021 -8.4 washers. Where do you get the DAK 4010171? thanks Rich
  15. Thanks Tom, I have looked at that. Is the pin the little aluminum piece you are referring to?