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  1. parking brake issue

    Twice yesterday while landing on grass shortly after touchdown the parking brake came on spontaneously. I recognized it and turned it off. First time I thought I must have hit it with my hand. Second time I am sure I did not. Any thoughts? Maybe I didnt have it firmly in the off position? Rich
  2. iFly

    Old topic but I would also be interested in what you used to block the top window etc. Rich
  3. Canada, Cuba, Central America, and beyond

    Glad you guys are well. I thought maybe you had run out of fuel availability and left the plane in Alaska after that last post. Will put a trip like that on my bucket list Rich
  4. Portable GPS

    I am using ifly gps on a 9 inch android tablet. Works really well. I built a stratux for ads-b in for about 130 bucks. Very easy to put together. Rich
  5. Look Ma, No Doors!

    Andy, what do your pins look like? Could you post a photo?
  6. Newbie needs advice please

    Don't forget the approximately 2k chute repack and rocket at 12 years.
  7. Grand Rapids Technology

    Forgot the link http://www.grtavionics.com/sportex.html
  8. Grand Rapids Technology

    I don't need anything but I want something. I was looking at the GRT Sport ex. For a little less than 2 grand you get flight display, basic engine monitoring and moving map. Looks really nice. How hard would it be to get LOA for one of these? Anyone have experience with GRT? Rich
  9. Savannah, Ga "demo ride"?

    Sounds good Andy and Jon. What is everyone's work schedule? I just started working a 4 day week so i am free most fri,sat,sun. Rich
  10. Savannah, Ga "demo ride"?

    Jon, I'll trade you a ride in my CTSW for a ride in the Blackhawk. Actually it's been 30 years since I have been in a Blackhawk. (Ex 6th Cav Brigade Surgeon) If we ever get some good weather I could probably get down there from Aiken, SC for a demo. Rich
  11. Oshkosh 2017

    Tom I have been looking at GRT a little bit. The Sport EX looks nice with a one piece efis, moving map and engine monitor. Would love to get a report. Now they have this http://grtavionics.com/hud2.html I have no financial interest in GRT Have a great time. Rich
  12. Garmin/Trutrak digiflight IIvs question/problem

    First update report: Pulled the panel and checked continuity between data out on Garmin and data in (pin 17) on trutrak. It was good. Next step used reference : http://trutrakap.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/DigiflightIIInstalManual1.pdf Made sure garmin was nmea out baud 4800. Stumbled through menu on autopilot and found it was set on 9600. Trutrak appears to be receiving now as HDG has flashing plus sign. Unable to check in the air today but will post after. Rich
  13. My trutrak autopilot worked well. However, it was intermittently losing the gps track. Now it has totally lost the gps track. It works well for altitude hold and hdg but does not appear to be getting track info from the 296 . I put a friends 496 in and still no good. The settings are for nmea 4800 out from gps. Lucas from trutrak had suggested I try another x96. I am sure he will help me more but I wanted to post question here. Any ideas about isolating the problem? I plan to check continuity out between the gps out and the 17 pin in to the trutrak when next at the plane. Is there any way to know if the gps is outputting the data? Any other ideas on the troubleshoot before I hear back from Lucas? I keep posting minor problems and questions but the plane is flying well and I am getting better and having fun. By the way thanks to Tom and Roger I replaced my frayed throttle cable (It was indeed simple), synced the carbs and reduced my idle to 1800. I like the landings much better at that idle. Thanks, Rich
  14. Lightspeed Headsets

    Did you sell these? Rich
  15. Vinyl stripes peeling

    Did you ever get this fixed? I have a couple of tiny points on vinyl graphics that have lifted. Thanks Rich