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  1. Wow, well that beats the $15k+ for the Cirrus!
  2. Is that for the chute repack AND rocket ?
  3. Great. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for the clarification. Whats the breakdown in costs, parts v labor ?
  5. Thanks Adam,all advice very welcome. Whats the Rotax rubber replacement ?
  6. I've booked some time with Eric, since he comes so highly recommended !
  7. I've booked some time with Eric, since he comes so highly recommended !
  8. Bottom line is payload then. Well that isn't too much of an issue, so following your experience, and my own with other planes, I'll be looking for the later models. Maybe a CTLSi , since the issue of carb balancing and fuel economy seems to be often quoted. Thanks for the very informative post.
  9. +1
  10. $180-$195 dual seems the going rate.
  11. Love to ,but a seven hour round trip is just a little too far when I only have two days in the area. Thanks for the info though.
  12. I see. don't the CTLS have a couple behind each of the seats at head level? I think I saw a picture somewhere.
  13. Well thank you, that's very useful information. I was thinking the CT was a little "delicate" about weather, I understand it's placarded "Flight into IMC prohibited ", which seems a little severe. I notice the CTLS has indeed the extra quarter windows, and that would be my choice. When did the new fuel selector appear?
  14. Before plunging into the ownership world of LSA and CT in particular, I'd really like to take a dual ride ( preferably with a CFI, but not essential). I'm going to be in the Phoenix area 2nd and 3rd September 2017. Not looking for a freebie. Will have a rental car ,happy to drive if not too far. Thanks.
  15. Well one of my main issues getting me a way from GA and into LSA has to do with Avgas availability and sometimes high cost in some of the places I fly to around Europe. Thankfully my FAA medical is not the problem. But paying up to $10 a gallon sure is !