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  1. Good idea on the name! Everything I've seen mentions that it's made of "lightweight and strong composite materials"
  2. Google translation of a S.Korean news article: KLA-100, a sports-grade aircraft, has been completed and has been on trial flight from June to August. The development of KLA-100 light aircraft is government-level R & D project conducted by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and commissioned by the National Institute of Land Technology and Innovation. The total project cost of 27.9 billion won was invested in the advancement of the airline's goal of cultivating medium-sized companies specialized in light aircraft and revitalizing leisure sports. The development of KLA-100 is conducted by 10 institutes including Bessel and First Tech Co., Bessel and Perstec are in charge of aircraft development and safety certification and development of avionics and instrument systems, respectively. Lee Jae-woo, a professor in the Department of Aerospace Information System Engineering at Konkuk University, said, "The aircraft hardware has been developed and only the test flight is left." After finishing the flight test until August, we will collect the flight data and submit the data to the TSC "He explained. The KLA-100 is a light aircraft developed with pure domestic technology following KC-100 developed by Korea Aerospace Industries in civil aviation sector. After passing the test flight and the certification process of the Korea Transportation Safety Authority, it will secure the position as the representative light aircraft in Korea by obtaining the safety certification of the light aircraft (LSA). It will be able to meet the domestic demand of domestic light aircraft and establish the basis of overseas export, and build the basis of design, production, assembly, test evaluation and certification technology. Above all, import substitution and export increase effect, as well as the development of aircraft based on SMEs, have a great effect on activating SMEs. It is a great achievement to have the capability of developing original technology for aircraft design due to the aviation core technology. The KLA-100 is a lightweight airframe structure that uses lightweight and strong composite materials, and is equipped with state-of-the-art aerodynamic design. The maximum speed is 230km, the maximum flight altitude is 4267m, the body is 6.3m, and the maximum takeoff weight is 600kg. Two people can be boarded, and the maximum flight time is 6 hours. This is the time to go to China. The research team focused on securing safety and marketability in development of KLA-100. To secure safety, we installed a gas parachute. It is made of carbon fiber material and can land without sinking even if emergency landing on the water including the sea. Professor Lee Jae-woo said, "There are high wing and low wing types in the shape of aircraft. I applied a more stylish low-wing method in consideration of marketability." Especially, when the engine is turned off, It is as safe as it can be. " When the KLA-100 development is completed and the mass production is started, the research group expects to sell more than 150 units annually in 2025 and achieve sales of more than 25 billion won. In order to mass-produce the KLA-100, it is essential to secure a flight runway construction site. This is because the aircraft must be tested after production. Currently there is a factory in Cheju, but there is no runway. Professor Lee Jae-woo explained, "Although we are still aware of the situation, it is difficult to change the land owned by public institutions to private companies. In Korea, we were relying entirely on imports of two-passenger aircraft. Germany Flight Design (FD) and Canada's Bombardier Aerospace aircraft. According to the researchers, KLA-100 is competitively priced as it is priced at 150 million won to 200 million won according to two or three options when compared with the competitors' models. The research group plans to advance into the European market in the early stages of overseas markets and to lay the foundations for entry into the North American and Chinese markets. Regarding the repair system, Professor Lee Jae-woo said, "Domestic manufacturing companies will take charge of domestic production, Europe has an agency with FD company, and the Americas are excavating." Professor Lee Jae-woo said, "We plan to start mass production and sales next year as soon as we secure production facilities after constructing a runway in the second half of the year, focusing on Bessel." " IT will be integrated into the Americas and European markets. "
  3. I've read the project is still planned, but on hold. The secondary question is: If/When the project resumes, who will be working on it, AeroJones or FD?
  4. I would have to agree. Just pushing the aircraft around on the ground, you'll notice the spread of the gear will change a bit. It's not unusual to lift the wing (so the gear also lifts), and see the gear spring back to it's unloaded position.
  5. I don't get it. Whats the difference between his name and yours? Or anyone's? I don't see a CV/Bio posted with your name or any other poster. Would you take advice from a poster with the name "RotaxGuru" with no posting history, or poor history? Or "JoeBlo" with 1,000 thoughtful, informative posts. In any case, you could always PM the person to discuss your questions or comments. What exact policy would make you happy? v
  6. That is the choice of a poster. The credibility of a poster is determined by their historical posts, not their name. I think Safety Officer's posts speak for themselves.
  7. First video of KLA-100...
  8. Beautiful. That movie had a bunch of great desert scenery. Much was filmed just a few miles north of me, in Cave Creek; including that wild house on the rocks.
  9. No expert here, but all I've heard is 15 year TBO, or the 1500/2000 hour TBOs. The 12 yr number may have been very early in the life of the 912. Most older engines can be upgraded to 2000, with little effort or cost. I believe you can go to "on condition" inspection, and exceed all of the aforementioned TBOs. Provided that the engine and gearbox have been well-maintained, 3,000+ is possible. And there is the hose change issue... Of course, rather than an overhaul, some advocate just getting a new engine and selling the old one, recovering much of the cost.
  10. According to S.Korean news reports, Konkuk University and 10 other S.Korean institutions have spent nearly $25 million (over 7 years) developing the KLA-100...
  11. A nice video review by Dan Johnson
  12. I couldn't see that image... anyone else?
  13. Two things I don't see: any sort of handle or grip that facilitates ingress/egress, and the obligatory step that makes stepping onto the wing easier.
  14. Left or right... from pilot position? Mine feeds more readily from the right tank (from seated perspective)