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  1. Eric, please keep us posted on your installation.
  2. Gryphon, thank you for reminding all of us that you are left holding the bag on your CTLS. To me, it is totally incomprehensible that FD Germany is happily going on with resuming their business while totally ignoring the loyal customer who has paid money up-front - some in 2013 as is your case. Is there no way you can bring a law suit to at least recover a portion of your money, if not all of it or your aircraft? How about starting a social media page telling your story? This might catch the attention of potential buyers and couldn't go over well for selling new Flight Design aircraft for FD Germany (or all other distributors) if there's those out there like yourself that are still waiting for deliveries. Selling aircraft if a fragile business and even a few lost sales of Light Sport aircraft can make or break a franchise. Perhaps this might entice the distributors to exert pressure on Germany to stop this nonsense and to honor their commitments and complete the sales that customers like yourself have waited so long to realize.
  3. Great practice and it takes full advantage of our CT capabilities. I posted this video a few years ago. My landing at a small one-way airstrip in New Philadelphia, Ohio.
  4. Nice consistent radius and loss of altitude. Looked like this could be a engine-out practice landing.
  5. Rich, my Garmin 495 is set to 9600 baud to communicate with my TruTrak DigiFlight II. I set this up a long time ago with Lucas' help and believe 9600 should be the proper setting for this. I'm not clear if you responded to Andy's questions about your Garmin antenna? You might have a loose / broken antenna wire connection, or, if you don't have an external antenna, you may have poor satellite reception?
  6. I'd like to see a 3rd party evaluation that compares the build quality of AJ and FD Germany produced CTLS. Door fits, cowl fits, surface and paint quality. Flight performance. A Dan Johnson comparison/article would be nice. No preconceived notions on my part. Just curious.
  7. Andy, I had an idle higher than I wanted so I adjusted my idle without going thru the whole procedure of setting choke idle and rebalancing the carbs. This changed the way my choke operates. I need to crack my throttle about 1/8" from the stop now to keep the engine from running rough during cold starts. My choke also has always seemed to provide too much enrichment on those "less than extreme cold" days so I have a reduced setting position for the choke on these days. I need to get into my choke settings at my next condition inspection and straighten things out. I'm wondering if this might be your situation too?
  8. Buckaroo, with one wing 3.5" lower and the landing gear 4" different "fore-aft" from the opposite gear, you will not be able to fix this situation by adjusting the wheel pant. FWIW, I suspect your CT might need some serious adjustment to the gear and fuselage on the side that took the load from the hard landing. With the difference in measurements shown by your CT, I'm wondering if a new gear leg may have been installed after one hard landing and then another hard landing occurred to put the CT in the condition it now is in? You are in an area where significant wind conditions exist and this can be an extremely challenging environment for pilots with low hours attempting to land very light aircraft !
  9. I use Ed's method to push my CT backwards into my hangar. This works well. if your depression causes the plane to go overcenter and strike the tail, I would get a yard or so of 1/2" limestone and fill and grade the depressions. As for a winch, my neighbor at the airport bought a light weight winch from Harbor Freight. He made an anchor in the back of his hangar and runs a long control switch which he can use while standing at his Piper Warrior. To connect to your CT, you should have the strap that is used to hold the tail down. Use this to connect the winch to your CT. It should allow you to pull the plane without any damage. If you don't have the strap, it is easy to make one from the material from a ratcheting strap.
  10. Ed, my wife does have some Gypsy blood even though her Hungarian father and part Hungarian and part Bohemian mother deny this and will do so to their dying breath. I would like to think I may have acquired some of her Gypsy blood by osmosis. I'm thinking you're good with your current system and don't need to change your xponder, if it's one of the common legacy ones, if you pick up one of the new low cost "out" units. These monitor squawk code and pressure altitude from the xponder and send this back out on UAT freq. and also provide non-certified WAAS position which is now acceptable to the FAA (experimental and Light Sport). When installed "permanently" and accompanied by a claim from the manufacturer that it has demonstrated to the FAA the unit "meets the performance requirements of TSO-154-C", my understanding based on my experience with my installation indicates this should satisfy 2020. The guys making the drone ADS-B units, like uAvionics, etc., are, or will soon be, offering extremely small "out" units for a few hundred dollars that meet the FAA performance requirements. I consider you as one who knows all things electronic so my apology if I'm rattling on with things you already know.
  11. Confused and waiting (AKA, ED), I've run out of tea leaves and the boat to China that delivers my supply is getting slower by the day. But fear not, I have an old 8 ball that tells me fortunes and an answer to your ADS-B question will materialize shortly........well, maybe it will.......eventually.
  12. Tom, I love Garmin too. FWIW, I'll throw some of my thoughts for those who are considering installing ADS-B. Because I have a 495 and was not able to do much with this for ADS-B. Consequently, I went with the iFly 740 GPS (Adventure Pilot) and installed the SkyGuard ADS-B TWX transceiver. The iFly 740 uses the same Air Gizmo panel dock as the Garmin 696/796, has screen quality equal to (better?) than the Garmin and runs TruTrak autopilot. The SkyGuard has 978 &1090 "in" and 978 "out" . I opted for AHARS option and also am able to connect the SkyGuard to 2 other Android or IOS devices. The total package, iFly + SkyGuard, cost $2,600. I still have my 495 to run the autopilot and for redundant navigation with the iFly. The price of the equipment is a part of the cost. Installation of my equipment required just a few hours by a licensed mechanic. Installation of anything Garmin requires a licensed repair station and this can get expensive. There are other systems like mine coming online that are getting smarter/smaller/cheaper. Garmin is one of the best equipment makers but also one of the most expensive. I also must say whenever I need help, there are no long waits on the phone to speak to tech service. The big question that Andy brings up is will SkyGuard and Adventure Pilot be in business in years to come. I placed a bet that they will be. Time will tell.
  13. Tom, I edited my post and then saw your response to me occurred before I re-posted the edited version. Please see if there is anything new in my post.
  14. Tom, I filled out a Flight Design MRA form and applied for approval to install my ADS-B. This approved MRA was required in order that my ADS-B "meets the performance requirements of TSO-154-c" and is approved by the FAA for Light Sport application for 2020. I recommend that you call FD and talk to Arian to see if there might be an MRA which involves installation of ADS-B equipment which matches your equipment. If none exist, Arian should be able to advise you on filling out a unique MRA for your situation.
  15. Sportflyer1, pretty much all of the ADS-B manufacturers (Navworks, SkyGuard, uAvionix, Garmin, etc), have the ability to wirelessly receive the squawk codes emitted from most of the legacy transponders and transmit this code "out" on the UAT frequency.