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  1. Inadvertant flight into IMC

    @ Thomas44, I see you are from Norfolk, where are you flying? Also the sport written is easy, if you are doing online tests and doing well you will have no problem.
  2. Sebring Florida, 2012 US Sport aviation show

    I attended last year and enjoyed it, but one day of it was quite enough. If you fly in commercial the Hyatt at the airport (Orlando) is awesome for a night. 10th floor overlooking the runways.
  3. Flying with Attitude

    where have you been :unsure: that is awesome advice, put very simply. I just passed my checkride and can't wait to try this. I hope you don't mind I'm going to copy this and give it to my instructor.
  4. New SP

    I have cursed and hated the ct's at points in my journey, yesterday I passed my checkride flying a CTLS. I am a huge fan.This wasn't easy for me but I have learned to really enjoy both the sw and the ls. Thanks Flight Design.
  5. low voltage

    Turns out one of the wires going into the voltage rectifier? had not been stripped prior to instalation and had limited contact. Problem seems to have been solved. thanks
  6. low voltage

    Thanks for the reply's. I had low volatage warning, engine light then lost flaps, gps,left panel then no radio. I started getting stuff back but continued low voltage warning to hangar. I would estimate just less than 1 hour, hobbs read 2 tenths. I'm really considering a handheld as backup. I'm low time and that kinda got my attention.The pdf certainly seems straightforward.
  7. low voltage

    I'm flying a ctsw, also the ls but this am the sw and the low voltage lights kept coming on, then I had no flaps, radio quit and left side of panel quit. The owner has been chasing this gremlin and even installed a new battery this week. Thoughts? Got kinda lonely up there this morning.
  8. NOAA U.S. Weather Map

    I must be doing something wrong, it locks up on me bad, I will try to figure out why before I judge. Has lots of potential.
  9. Instructor needed in NC

    While I would endorse Chesapeake Aviation You might also try the people at Louisburg, Franklin County, that's closer to you, they teach lsa in a Remos I think but can probably get you straight.
  10. adjusting throttle

    you guys are awesome, I pointed this out to my fi but wanted to mention it to the guy that owns it but wasn't really sure how to describe it but have decided sloppy describes it. It HAS been really cold here of late. He's great about addressing such but when I talk to him I wanted a clue. Last week I pointed out that the stabilator probably needed torqeing, after reading about it here and checking on preflight.Fixed Immed.
  11. adjusting throttle

    The throttle in the ct I attempt to fly has become very loose? if you take your hand off, adding flaps etc the throttle takes on a mind of it's own. Most of what I've had experience with had a friction lock but none here. Ideas.Most any problem I've encountered has been addressed here but I could find no reference. thanks