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  1. Eric, What Arian sent me were two <1kb files with each serial number embedded. Tried this twice and neither set of files worked. Haven't heard from him this week.
  2. Arian at Flight Design is trying to help me with this. He has sent me two sets of Unlock codes but neither will work, so far. We'll try again next week. Since we need at least version 14.xx to be 2020 compliant something would appear to have to be done in the near future.
  3. Hi Everyone, I realize this thread is old, but of concern to me. This week I bought a 2014 CTLSi and learned that I cannot upgrade the software in the Skyview screens. I'm stuck in version 6. Have any of you figured out how to crack this code to allow updating the software? Regards, Ron
  4. I am left-handed and have seven years in my CTLS. I am completely comfortable being in the left-seat. I did have have about 12 hours in the right seat and it just doesn't feel right, especially landing. I guess over time one gets better at right seat flying. Airline pilots do.
  5. 2009-2012 CTLS • •Low Time, NO Damage History, Current Logs, Always Hangared. Prefer One-Owner, a privately owned aircraft, not through Dealers or Brokers. • Contact Ron Kreienkamp•
  6. Hello All, I lived in northern Minnesota for five years with my CT and flew down to -20F (but only once...) I found that taking a piece of white foam rubber and cutting it a bit larger than the air intake hole worked very well and I didn't have to fool with tape. Easy in--easy out. I cut several different sizes to match the requirements of several temperature ranges. It worked very well.
  7. Reserved and ready to go
  8. I can't say this as precisely as some of the previous commentators have done, but let me explain it my way. I was having the same problem with my 2008 CTLS. My mechanic decided to place the aircraft on a (nearly) perfectly level piece of concrete. Then he took a six-foot bar level and placed it as level as possible, spread between each wing root. The bubble was centered in the level. Then we turned on the Master switch and observed the ball in the EFIS; It was NOT centered. He concluded that the entire instrument panel and housing was not installed level. With a precise digital level he concluded that the EFIS screen was not level by about (I think I remember correctly) 2.5 degrees. Instead of trying to re-level the entire instrument housing, he merely leveled the EFIS screen. The finished project shows the EFIS tilting so little you can just barely notice, but the ball was then centered on level ground. This all implied that the aircraft, with the ball centered, was previously flying slightly sideways causing the fuel vents on one side to be a bit more pressurized than on the other wing (so I was told.) Anyway, since that time both fuel tanks keep about the same levels; problem solved.
  9. I agree. When it comes to personal protection I don't see anything wrong with a little overkill.
  10. Congratulations! Hope to see you in Page, AZ next month. Personally, I cannot financially justify owning my CT with annuals, gas, maintenance, etc, etc. But, consider the intangibles such as always having your plane when you want it, no soda cans or candy wrappers left inside, being sure how much gas is left in the tanks, and not having to worry about what the other flyer(s) did to the aircraft during previous flights such as hard landings or overstressing. These things are priceless. More than worth the cost of ownership. (Didn't have a test pilot for my honeymoon, no one flys my plane either )
  11. During my annual inspection last week with Roger, he was kind enough to point out to me that my CT fire extinguisher was NINE years old and perhaps the performance would be inadequate if needed. Point Taken. He suggested a 5BC extinguisher to replace the 2.5BC unit behind the seat. As this new unit was bigger around Roger suggested I store it in the storage space in the floor just in front of my seat ensuring easy access if needed. I found the best deal at the Home Depot website, with a Kidde 5BC unit for $12.88 plus tax. My usual source for most everything (Amazon) wanted to sell six of these for $199. I decided one would suffice. Copy and paste the link below if you are interested. Order it on-line and pick it up at the HD Customer Service Desk when it comes in about a week later.
  12. Gentlemen, I really appreciate the suggestions. I have a larger Samsung tablet with GPS but won't keep the signal, even in the plane. A smaller screen with a good GPS signal is exactly what I need. (I do have it on my phone but the screen is too small for detail.) I need a Goldilocks unit. Your suggestions should solve the problem. Thanks very much.
  13. Gentlemen. I certainly appreciate the input. I do really want a GPS antenna to add to a Amazon Fire tablet. It would certainly have a larger (and in my case: more readable) screen than my smartphone.
  14. In the February 2016 edition of AOPA Pilot is an article titled "On Fire" (page 41). It describes how for about $200 you can have a good back-up GPS using the Amazon Fire tablet with WingX software. While I love my Garmin 696 it would be better to have an inexpensive and effective GPS back-up unit. What the article does not cover is a recommendation for a good GPS receiver/antenna to hook up to the Amazon Fire. An initial search on-line shows units from $30+ to over $100. My question is, do any of our forum members have a recommendation on a good GPS receiver for this tablet? I'd appreciate your input.
  15. Dave, Perfect time to look at our planes and get pilot impressions. I'm sure you'll have several opportunities to fly in our aircraft. I'll certainly take you up. (Don't mind if I sound like a salesman; I just really love this aircraft.)