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  1. Dynon locked down for Screen customization

    Under current ASTM standards for S-LSA, it’s up to the airplane manufacturer (Flight Design, in your case) to decide what particular piece of equipment (software) it wants to install in its airplanes. Because of the ASTM Consensus Standards, all maintenance, inspections and modifications of Special-Light Sport Aircraft must follow the manufacturer’s manuals. The pilot/owner must follow existing procedures from the aircraft manufacturer or ask permission from the manufacturer. Unless your plane is designated as "experimental", you don't want to jeopardize the certification of your plane by "unlocking" software that is contrary to the ASTM standards.
  2. Lead removal additive

    Bill I had great success with TCP (FAA approved). Available at Aircraft Spruce ... https://www.aircraftspruce.com/pages/ep/fueladditives/alcortcp.php
  3. Senate PBOR2 Medical

    Not true for private pilots with an expired 3rd class medical in excess of 10 years. Those private pilots will still qualify for SLSA using a driver's license, but would be disqualified under the new rules.
  4. Helmet / Headset

    Another well known international trike pilot and manufacturer of trikes Larry Mednick at Evolution Trikes. http://www.evolutiontrikes.com/aboutus.htm He is based out of Zephyrhills, FL municipal airport KZPH Good Luck!
  5. First landing at a friend's grass strip in E TN

    Had a bit of a surprise on your takeoff .... but you did exactly what you were suppose to do. FLY THE AIRPLANE! Nice video!
  6. Just saw a news blast from AOPA that Remos has set up a North American distributor for a new design featuring a fuel-injected, 100- horsepower Rotax 912 iS engine ... http://tinyurl.com/h4e2dwr
  7. X Plane and CTLS

    Yes, it helped me out quite a bit prior to picking up a new CTLS from John Hurst over at Sebring Aviation (FL). I have a private certificate, but had no prior experience with light sport and this X-simulator software allowed me to get very familiar with the CTLS controls prior to transition training with John. I thought it really helped reinforce my learning experience. Haven't used it much lately since the software is on another computer that is having hardware issues. Where did you download your CTLS add-on? Is it newer than the 2009 version I found for free on Internet?
  8. FAA Issues Alert for Transponder Use

    Ed - Good point! The referenced web link states ... " ... aircraft operating on all airport movement areas at all airports, not just those that are ASDE-X equipped, must have their transponders on in the altitude reporting mode."
  9. I know some transponders (Garmin GTX 330) will automatically switch from standby to on once the plane is taking off. But, a recent FAA safety alert states that your transponder must be turned on and in altitude reporting mode whenever you are on any airport movement area. The FAA issued a Safety Alert for Operators (SAFO) that advises all pilots of the need to ensure that transponders are in the altitude reporting mode whenever their aircraft is on an airport movement area at all airports. Runway safety systems, such as Airport Surface Detection Equipment-Model X (ASDE-X), use data from surface movement radar and aircraft transponders to obtain accurate aircraft and vehicle locations, thereby increasing airport surface safety and efficiency. Pilots should ensure their checklists reference transponders in the appropriate places and consult their aircraft’s flight manual to determine the specific transponder position to enable altitude reporting. I assume this only applies to "controlled" airports (Class B, C, and D). http://www.faa.gov/other_visit/aviation_industry/airline_operators/airline_safety/safo/all_safos/media/2015/SAFO15006.pdf
  10. Thinking of Flying to Oshkosh

    The EAA is putting on a free webinar on June 10th ... "Tips for Flying into EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015" https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/128819147522353154
  11. Prolong Waterless Wash

    Doug Not sure if you ordered yet, but you can buy for only $7.99 / 17 oz bottle directly from the company AND free shipping ... http://www.prolong.com/eStore/ProductInfo/PSL64017.aspx
  12. Flight Design Merchandise?

    Just an idea ... Some of our members do such a great job editing their GoPro videos, maybe one of them wants to take a stab at designing a ctflier logo t-shirt ... http://teespring.com/ This website handles everything and there is no out of pocket cost to the shirt designer.
  13. Here is the link with more info at Barnstormers ... http://www.barnstormers.com/classified_902777_2010+FLIGHT+DESIGN+CTLS.html
  14. First Real Cross Country

    Andy Glad the trip worked out as planned! You will love autopilot. My CTLS came with a TruTrak and it worked flawlessly on all my trips from Clearwater to Baton Rouge. It was linked to the Garmin 696 ... I activated the autopilot once I reached 500 AGL and from there it handled the climb and leveled off at my cruising altitude like a champ. Other than occasionally checking that the trim was good, I didn't touch the stick again until I entered the traffic pattern at my destination airport.
  15. First Real Cross Country

    Andy Sounds like it will work out perfect! Once you get to Lockwood, there is a great FBO directly next door that has a very nice pilot lounge area and a good cafe. The FBO also has free wireless, but so does Lockwood (just ask for the access code). If you end up staying overnight, there is a nice hotel just down the road ... the Chateau Elan which I believe Lockwood can get you a discount on the room rates (John Hurst's wife works at the hotel desk). Have a great flight!