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  1. CT Flier Forum member ranking

    I see I'm a "Passenger Member". I got a pilots license, honest I do... wozzup???
  2. Shell V-Power NiTRO+

    Re night flying, I wouldn't invent anything that ridiculous. It's in the docs. FYI, I did NOT state that Rotax legal says you "can't burn any 91E10 gas". As a matter of fact, the Rotax Service Instruction on suitable fluids says E10 is approved for the 912 engines. However there are plenty of good reasons to avoid ethanol. I didn't make that up, either. Take a look at this sometime http://generalaviationnews.com/2010/07/06/cessna-issues-strong-warning-against-use-of-ethanol-in-fuels/ This article is based on tests of AGE-85, but the bottom line is: "Cessna’s recommends against the use of any levels of ethanol in fuels used in its aircraft, not only AGE-85." (my emphasis) Flight Design also has published a Service Notification on ethanol. If you have to use ethanol contaminated fuel, you should be aware of the potential problems. The "headlight" on my buddy's CT is a halogen incandescent floodlight, not an LED light. I don't want to start a debate on ethanol. I'm just looking for info on the new Shell premium mogas. ------
  3. Shell V-Power NiTRO+

    I've been using Shell 91 octane premium mogas in my Rotax 912ULS engine because it has no ethanol content, at least where I live. Now Shell has come out with a new Premium formulation, "V-Power Nitro +". Their website has the usual hot air about what wonderful stuff it is, but no specifics as to what the additives are. Does anybody know if this new fuel would be OK in the Rotax? From what I know about the Rotax legal staff, they would say don't use it. They also say you can't fly at night behind their engine, nor can you fly over any area where you cannot make a safe emergency landing. So much for them. Thanks for any info or opinions. Barrie Strachan, StingSport N2772N