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  1. Hello Roger.... hope the vacation was fun... all good here, new EGT probe working and waiting for another to come. Replaced the rectifier-regulator today, nasty job but all good after the change over.
  2. thanks Roger but the wires are too short for interchangeability in order to test ..
  3. To add to the EGT issue, I have been working on the wrong side of the engine. I thought #2 EGT would have been for the left or even numbered exhaust 2&4 and #1 for the 1&3 exhaust but by chance I disconnected the new probe clips on the left side of the engine and it showed #1 as red crossed arrow on the indicator... i will install another new probe on right side and I anticipate all will be okay.
  4. installed new EGT probe, still red cross-out arrow... will check all connectors again and the line into firewall
  5. Update:... after a pleasant discussion with Roger, all his suggestions followed and I found that things were secure and tight. On a further inspection I noticed the back of the new LED light housing very close to the oil temp sensor. With the liberal movement of the cowling it must have been hitting the sensor clip. I have added an insulator around the temp connector and it is giving proper oil temp readings. The #2 EGT probe was cleaned and re-seated in the exhaust pipe but it is still red crossed out. Have made enquiries with Rotech Research in Vernon, no update yet...thanks to all or suggestions
  6. thanks Roger...will do, I changed the battery last fall and I may have affected the set-up
  7. On this theme of indications, I have had recently very high oil temperature indication on my Dynon Skyview 160 deg C, it triggers the master engine warning light. Using a laser temperature sensor the oil tank was only 80 deg C. Also have had the MAP INHG indicate a red cross and the #2 EGT indicate a red cross at low RPM setting. Is there a common grounding wire to these connections?
  8. Along this theme of the dual 10" Skyviews, my right side which I have programed for the engine parameter display, I will sometimes get on start-up an incomplete display, mostly lines and interference. However if I get power only to that screen, everything comes on correctly. Before I send off to Dynon for troubleshooting (not on warranty anymore) has anyone had a similar experience out there? I suspect low voltage in the system and it will correct itself with the alternator outputting proper voltage.
  9. The registration starts with C-I..., always in the UK?
  10. Hello...I have just purchased a CTLS with the 10" Dynon Skyview screens. The last flight with suspected pitot tube mud-wasp debris (which was cleaned out to the best of our ability) gave airspeed errors. Increased actual speed (GPS) indicated a decreasing speed on PFD and vice-versa. I believe AOA system display in error as well. Subsequent warning messages of : ADAHRS CROSS CHK ERR, GPS ASSIST and BATTERY TEST NEEDED (white) came up on PFD. If the pitot system is cleaned out (did not blow out system from wing root to pitot) would there need to be a system reset or any other steps taken to return system to normal? Also, is it possible that the ADAHRS modules are contaminated with debris if nothing in the pitot tubing system? Could they be cleaned? Is there a way to check the modules functionality for proper working order? The last msg of BATTERY TEST NEEDED, I presume is for the Dynons and not the main aircraft battery? (the main aircraft battery did need a boost to start). Thanks in advance to any thoughts on this.
  11. for Canada and European regions it is an allowable option, Kaspar props