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  1. Sorry upgrading panel in my Cessna for international travel
  2. I searched for several months finally gave up and purchased a new GTN 650 A couple of weeks ago. North of $10,000 but a better option then the used 530 or 430, we thought Farmer
  3. Duane and myself are working on the final details of our summer 2017 flying trip. Would like anyone interested in joining this trip just let us know. trip does not have hard itinerary, go with the flow of weather and local knowledge for things to do and see fishing? about three weeks in July perhaps stopping at Oshkosh late in month flexible flexsible flexible 50/75 hours of flight time mostly in Canada and Alaska as far north as fuel is easy to find VFR or park until VFR No mountain flying No long water crossing, glideing distance only at most we will have sat phones but spot is recommand aircraft will need sticker, easy and cheap. pilot in command need class 3 physical Duane can help with paperwork to travel across the border and 100 things we have not though about yet If and when we get final plans will post to new thread Farmer
  4. I hope so I've attended several and I do have a room booked That coupled with a strone desire to enjoy the four days means I'll be there if I can.
  5. John Farmer here, I live on Oahu, I have two light sport aircraft on island a have been known to receive guest on short notice. There are two CTLS aircraft that I know of in Hawaii. One lives on big island and mine is here on Oahu. We brought both in a single container from west coast some years ago. My second light sport just arrived last week. I would enjoy telling you of the many pitfall and some success stories of how it can be done. Hang onto pocketbook because it will be a ride, but very possible. farmer Spelling punctuation and grammar courtesy of Siri
  6. Tim I do not know how you found that picture but that is the aircraft and the hanger that I was at I found the aircraft a little tight inside not as much room as a CT and vision under the wing to my right was difficult however the airplane has many nice features You can take off the nose wheel then move main gear forward add a tailwheel and cables to turn it into a Taildragger It had a stick for control and a 430 Garmin in the panel along with a Dynon looking 10inch glass PFD The CTLSi is owned by another airline captin who I did not meet. Same blades but different prop hub and small rotating knob center panel high to control pitch just dial the RPMs you want I was told Aircraft looked as new with only 25 total time in 2 1/2 years Farmer
  7. Yes To easy with tail letters but that was the plan. Wife and I have been motorhome traveling in New Zealand for about a month. Made contact with a lovely English gentleman named Tim Harrison He is a retired triple seven driver from British airways who moved to New Zealand a few years ago He has been interested and actually selling light sport aircraft here for some time. I was trying to chase down a new CTLSi with 25 hours when I ran into Tim The airdrome NZKF is a sleepy grass strip 30k north of Auckland, NZ. I ended up flying his new Glassair 2+2, 180 hp fuel injected, IFR equipped beautiful aircraft Wonderful friendly people here in New Zealand and I recommend to all come talk to the people life is short Farmer
  8. Where is the "Farmer" and what is he up to. These photos were taken today and I'm sure members of this forum will know in a moment where. Logged some time in this new Glassair today in near perfect CAVU FLYING. Life is a joy and we are having more fun than should be legal. Farmer ☺️???????? Yes I know the photos are upside down please teach me how to turn them over from my iPad
  9. What to do what to do too many airplanes not enough space I got an idea greetings from Hawaii Farmer
  10. Andy it was good flying with you at Paige I'm glad you and Bill and the other folks from the east, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio were willing to make that long trip. It adds to the event that Roger Tim and others have worked so hard to create. The welcome mat is open in Hawaii whether you're going to take a vacation or just plan pass through for a stop over we love to have guests. This goes for our friends, acquaintance and those friends we have not yet met . If we are on island we will entertain and we will go flying around the islands . Mondays Circle Island Oahu trip takes a little over an hour. We saw a P3 Orion landing at the Marine base several CH 47 from the army base and a mixture of aircraft at the international airport including F-22 raptors and C-17 cargo aircraft . Yes the class B airspace is busy but the FAA provides published VFR approach and departures for us little guys and recognize who we are generally. We're very happy mack and Vicky will be with us in January and the welcome mat is open now or in the future. The CT forum helps us from a long distance connect with a great group of people . Farmer Spelling I'm tuition and grammar are courtesy of Siri
  11. I'm not sure a simplistic answer will help us here however I moved from Michigan to Hawaii because of the climate and the longer happier lifespan published at the time I don't live below falling rocks or mudslides I have refused to live next to the ocean in the tide flood zone. Fighting off the urge to live near where I was born and raised which is a very strong pull too many as well. we all make conscious choices of where to live. We now live not on the edge of a cliff at all but rather a thousand feet above sea level with a months food stored in our Hurricane refuge underground room. Because I am a farmer and study the weather carefully I understand short-term weather cycles and the constant Trend changes in climate. There for I make no predictions and am loth to believe the pundits. As we age considerations change and we now have a mapped path to a near medical facility as a consideration . I have a sled and a surfboard propped up near my front porch always like to hedge my bets. I have an idea why don't we all just moved uphill a little just in case! Previous comments are an attempt at humor by idle hands and Siri and I are not meant as any recommendations to anyone but rather to lighten the dialogue. Life is short have fun and don't take ourselves too seriously . Spelling punctuation grammar courtesy of Siri find Farmer
  12. Greeting from Hawaii on this great holiday weekend It has been a year since our trip to the Arctic ocean, I think we were panning gold in Nome on this day last year. Today my wife and I visited the Solar Impulse aircraft that is sitting at my home airport on Oahu, inside, on display. It flew at 28,000 feet, non stop for nearly 5 days, single pilot, without a pressurized cabin. The range is limited by the oxygen for the pilot. This leg was around 5000 miles It is very big with a wings span larger than a 747, but a gross weight of about 5000 lbs. At cruise it uses about 20 hp or less than 50% power. The trip is to demonstrate the power of solar and not travel even as it circles the earth. Basically a privately funded R & D project with a $150 million budget and 60 people working more than a decade in time. Look it up if you are intrigued. We are very happy that the Alaska trip 2014 has more than 7000 views in less than a year and would love to make the trip again with a larger group. There is much more to see and do. Our next adventure should begin this fall when our very different aircraft's construction is complete. God bless the United States of America and all who call her home Farmer
  13. Andy The Oshkosh arrival is fairly simple after you get the jitters behind you. Understand the rules, study the landmarks, get in line, listen to radio, look outside with hand on throttle, follow aircraft ahead, land where instructed, get off runway, show sign for parking, congratulate yourself, enjoy show. Keep head outside airplane whenever engine is running. The only issue I have every had was on a departure. Traffic was called out "B-17 at twelve oclock opposite direction at our altitude" I turn a little left then climbed to 8500 feet and turned east to cross lake Michigan. First time is toughest, every time worth the effort. Best practice I can suggest would be getting in traffic with several aircraft doing touch and go's on same runway. You will be fine. Have nice day, week, life! Farmer
  14. Dick nice of you to remember our issue in Alaska last July. Check on youtube for better lava pictures than I have made personally. US Park Service has allowed the tour operatrors to get close ups video where us regular guys and gals must honor the 4000 agl TFR Farmer
  15. Looks like about 5 gal per hour in CTLS today, 5.7 hours total. Mostly 5200 cruise and 5400 cruise climb. Problem is sea level to 9500 east then down and up again to 8500 west for the longer over water crossings of up 76 miles. That involves a lot of 100 k cruise climb time. Winds 14 gust 28, clear skies and smooth after avoiding mountains of up to 14000 feet. Biggest challenge is class B airspace and mixed traffic. Purpose of trip was to watch islands grow with red hot lava coming to surface in a couple of vents. That is happening about 200 miles from my home, as the crow flies, if we had crows, we do not. Been running some weeks now, just spectular. Must watch for tour aircraft, everywhere. Is life grand or what, when we have time to enjoy life and family! Farmer