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  1. It is the heavier enforced strut.
  2. FlightDesign-USA had a frame on stock and so it was easy to decide to order it there. Thanks to the ladies and gentlemen in Woodstock for their support! btw: This is the animal requested. It differs from the Rotax-frame significantly.
  3. Hi Anticept, thank you for your efforts. Unfortunately the Rotax frame does not fit to the CTSW. I falled into the same trap and ordered the frame from Rotax. But this frame looks different than the CTSW-frame and does not (nearly) fit the T-Frame. In the meantime I got an answer from customer care. They want to have a prepayment of 50% and they tell me, that it will take apoprox. 4 weeks to produce/deliver. I doubt, this is trustworthy and fear to pay the prepayment only for waiting endlessly... Today I am going to ask FlightDesign-USA if they have this part on stock and are willing to send me one. Markus
  4. Hi guys, as you might know, I am a german user and believe it or not, I have difficulties in getting spare parts. One of our CTSWs had a hard landing and now, the engine frames and the front wheel assembly are bent. I got the big engine frame and the front wheel assembly from our local dealer. But the small engine frame (KA5010200) is not available here. Do you have an idea, whom to ask for this part? I already sent a mail to customercare. But I doubt, that I will get response in time. Let's see what happens. Greetz Markus
  5. In Germany glider towing with ultralights is very popular. There are a number of CTs, which are equipped with tow-hitches. So is our D-MQCT which tows a 650 kg doubleseater out of our 2000 ft field quite well. With such a doubleseater we get a climbrate of 300 ft/min.
  6. Some say that this is impossible at all. If you understand everything, you will understand how you understand everything. At this point you will enter an infinite loop and propably your brain will explode and vanish in a logical cloud. Because of this, some very intelligent beings say, that science at all is a step in the wrong direction :D
  7. Grrrr, Inox MX3 seems to be unavailable in Germany. Shipping from USA is about € 20.-
  8. I think you are right! Lubricating the plastic bearings is not a good practice. I am changing my checklists for inspections at that point immediately. This is what I found in the Maintenance Manual for the CTSW under chapter Inspect the bearings (С9997022 Spherical Bearing EGLM) for play. Do not lubricate them with anything. If play exceeds 5 256 ” / 0.5 mm, replace the bearing (С9997022 Spherical Bearing EGLM). For bearing installation use Loctite 480. Thanks for the enlightment :-) Markus
  9. Thank you guys for your answer. Unfortunately the software company I asked first is not willing to explain......(although I am on duty for them!) To check, if I understand you right, I try it with my own words: It asks for the registration of the aircraft which contains the equipment I have a workorder for and if the registration has changed in its lifetime, I need to enter the registration which has been active at the time my equipment has been installed in that aircraft.*) *) For simplification I replaced "aircraft or equipment" with aircraft (root ancestor) and equipment (the animal with the workorder). Thanks again. It's good to know to have some helping friends at the other side of the big water. Markus
  10. This one was outworn. The ball moved freely in axial direction between 1 mm and 2 mm. n.b. This is the source to buy the bearings:
  11. From the album Grounding

  12. Today I was confronted with the following sentence: Aircraft or Equipment registration of the root ancestor of the workorder aircraft or equipment at the time that the aircraft or equipment was populated. This comes from a software, which is meant to support commercial avaiation companies in maintenance tasks. Do you native speakers understand this?? I have problems with the term populated and with root ancestor of the workorder aircraft or equipment. My analysis is: 1. There must be a item which is an aircraft or equipment and this item has a workorder 2. The workorder itself is a child/member of another workorder (called root ancestor here) which relies to another aircraft or equipment. 3. One of the two aircraft or equipment was populated. But which one is meant in this sentence?? I am lost.... Thank you in advance Markus
  13. Once I had the exact same issue with one of our planes. I do not remember which one it was since it is 2 years ago or so. You remembered me to seal the holes at all of our carb bowls at the next inspection. Thank you
  14. Hi, in Germany it is not unusual for a big profit company (e.g. Lindig) to buy a nonprofit company if it is very cheap. In this case the buying company writes off their profit and reduces overall tax. Maybe we should have this in mind when looking at this specific case. The result could be to have the whole aviation business in the hand of AeroJones and some papers and balances in the hand of Lindig.
  15. We have a CTSW which offended me all the time with high oil-temp readings. It was one of the machines, which had high temp readings and nobody could tell me why. After a lot of investigations, I found that the temp probes are NTC types. This means, the higher the temperature, the less accurate the reading. At the end, I bought Westach probes from Spruce which are 2-wire and PTC. Dynon supports this probe with type "9" in the setup. (as far as I remember). After this little change, the readings do not rise obove 220°F, even not in glider towing at hot summer days. Maybe it is worth a try for CT