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  1. So long Flight Design......

    You could do 160kts TAS at 13,500' while your CAS (similar to IAS) never exceeds 120kts. The rub with the ground adjustable is that you could set for top speed but you would have to use 'high gear' to get there. It would work so much better than a ULS even at fixed pitch.
  2. Back to Yosemite - smoky morning - normal lens

    Pretty much, seems the best I can do with the smoke is show it like it is.
  3. Matthes Crest Thousand Island Lake (not in park) Cathedral Peak Cathedral Peak with Half Dome background Ireland Lake Mt Lyell and Mt McClure. Mt Lyell is the highest point in the park and its glacier is the highest / largest. Matthes Crest
  4. Climbing at -6 degrees vs 0 degrees?

    My climb was varying from -800 to +1200 this morning without changing my pitch attitude or throttle or flaps. Could be confusing to an AP trying to establish a climb ceiling. Days like today if you get into the big wave lift you can bust 18,000 with no way to avoid it.
  5. My new landing techniqure

    I think the ground effect is diminished if your angle is steeper.
  6. Which gas now?

    Congress can't (currently) force me. I don't eat plants.
  7. So long Flight Design......

    My wing strut comment is Re photography not drag.
  8. Which gas now?

    Feels like its the corn farmers forcing their will by using government.
  9. My new landing techniqure

    It works the same at sea level. Sea level at the same IAS is exactly the same with a different visual and for my money much more buoyant air.
  10. Climbing at -6 degrees vs 0 degrees?

    For vertical axis control your AP is only able to raise or lower your pitch attitude. It's not very smart as you found out and once you are behind the power curve your AP has nothing left in its bag of tricks except to seek stall with your help on the trim wheel. You may be inferring that you needed zero flaps to 'climb well' below 7500' on a hot day but that would be hard to accept. My prop pitch is likely flatter than yours but I can still 'climb well' at 14,000' on any day. If your speed is decaying and your AP wants nose up trim then you should disengage. Especially with this experience I would manually 'set your climb' and then engage your AP to maintain it. That way you start off free of trim pressure as a side benefit.
  11. So long Flight Design......

    I hear you, the 914 calls to me, but not the wing strut. I assume a ground adjustable? If so we'd all like to know how much we are giving up given ground adjustable and no in-flight ability to optimize.
  12. Climb speeds

    Good question. I'm guessing ~80kts
  13. My new landing techniqure

    My landings have evolved. I no longer 'play chicken with the ground' and I no longer try to enter ground effect with enough speed for any float at all. I do use 30* most of the time and a steep approach that allows me to keep the numbers as my target with throttle at idle and nose trim forward enough to maintain 55kts. I am waiting a bit longer to begin my descent or flying the pattern tighter. @WmInce I think asked what my cue was to begin raising my nose and I have trouble identifying that point other than to say it remains late to maintain speed. My timing and attitude are, 1) in time to get my stick full aft prior to contact. 2) pitch attitude high enough while still descending to avoid nose wheel contact first. I contact my mains at the point that used to be my round out but instead just sink through it now. I do use the visual cue where the runway suddenly widens but only to confirm that my stick is almost full aft. Once my stick hits full aft my hand is extra ready to advance the throttle but I usually here the upwind wheel spin first.
  14. Climb speeds

    I have become a serious climber, my initial climb has become 7,100' to 12,500'. Vy is too slow to feel right and 90+kts is too fast to get a decent climb rate. 85kts is my new number and always with neg flaps. Yesterday I was getting 500fpm, and turning 5,200RPM @ WOT 11,000'. Vy just doesn't feel stable nor does it give the view, 85 is the speed where my wings feel loaded and not prone to drop with every bit of change.
  15. New CTs arriving from Germany

    A turbo is an option that takes a CT into another class. Very cool.