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  1. Climbing at -6 degrees vs 0 degrees?

    Under those conditions, I would avoid using the autopilot for climb. It would end up "chasing" selected vertical speed or selected airspeed. Best just to hand fly it.
  2. Climbing at -6 degrees vs 0 degrees?

    For those aircraft equipped with Skyview, engaging 'airspeed hold' (78 kts.) would work well. Of course, trimming the aircraft is a given. In that mode, when the aircraft can no longer climb, that is the climb ceiling (at that specific airspeed) for a given flap position.
  3. New CTs arriving from Germany

    Great news! Very interested in the final delivery.
  4. Portable GPS

    Some of us are still waiting for Eric's report on the UAvionics "Echo UAT."
  5. Slips vs skids in a CT

    Bingo! Another, simplistic, nugget of CT wisdom. Well said Ed.
  6. Cruise - efficiency vs fuel management

    That being the case . . . what action could you take to provide yourself more rudder authority?
  7. CTLS cowl cam locks

    +1 I would also add Tom to that list.
  8. Another fuel tube question?

    Answer: Bank left a little (and I don't mean 'turn'!), until you see fuel in the right sight tube. Like Ed said years go, "if your eyes can see fuel, so can your engine." Just look up to the right. If there is fuel in that sight tube, it is feeding the engine. Buckaroo, with all due respect, I think you are over complicating this.
  9. Another fuel tube question?

    If the "receiving" tank drain is unported, I'd say the transfer rate would be increased, as opposed to transferring fuel when the "receiving" port has fuel covering it. Less resistance in that line, because the drain line has absolutely no fuel pressure behind it. IOW, the tank transferring fuel is supplying two lines, one to the engine and the other to an "open" line (receiving tank), with nothing behind it.
  10. Disconnecting Module Hard Shell Connectors

    Really good info Roger. Thanks a lot.
  11. Look Ma, No Doors!

    Andy, As tough, getting the doors back on?
  12. Another fuel tube question?

    Concur totally.
  13. Look Ma, No Doors!

    Thanks for the video and report, Andy.
  14. With this one, I'm totally with Roger. Flaps 15° and 60 kts until 500 feet. It keeps things real simple.