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  1. Partnerships - how did you do it?

    For anyone that thinks the CT is not a capable airplane, just read the "Alaska 2014" postings on this website.
  2. Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    Said he would be in page again and it is a very nice plane. I would highly recommend it.
  3. Canada, Cuba, Central America, and beyond

    Morley-Stanwood HS class of 63. Motto "Find a way or make it."
  4. Canada, Cuba, Central America, and beyond

    Andy, we grew up in the country outside Roben-Hood airport. We spent about three nights there with family and old friends before we went on to Oshkosh. Sorry we missed you as well. When arriving at Oshkosh Monday morning, the ATIS said no more room for camping so we diverted to Appleton which turned out to be a great place to be.IMG_2709.jpg
  5. New wide angle lens and Yosemite flight - yesterday

    That ND filter also allows one to shoot through the prop arc and virtually eliminate the prop from the picture with a video camera.
  6. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    John, I plan on coming but my co-pilot is still up in the air so to speak.
  7. Roger and I will never agree on this issue. Zero flaps is less drag on takeoff and I believe you will get higher faster and be able to glide farther for your altitude in the event of an engine failure. Try a glide from 500ft and 60 kts at flaps 15- see how far you go. Then try the same glide at 500ft, flaps zero and 90 kts. Flaps zero will win every time. I know there are lots of other factors and I will not cover them all but the bottom line is more drag at flaps 15 than zero for takeoff.
  8. Climbing at -6 degrees vs 0 degrees?

    You are right on ED with both your pictures and your climb information.
  9. Prayers needed for Bob Corey

    A sad day for sure.
  10. Intro, Canadian!

    Darryl Swenson is selling his CTLS. darrylswenson@gmail.com Nice plane and reasonable price. Send him an email for his info if you like.
  11. New wide angle lens and Yosemite flight - yesterday

    Nice pictures as always Ed. I would come up for a fly in there. Not nearly as far as the trip we just completed.
  12. Oshkosh 2017

    Hi Tom, We are in Appleton because they closed camping as we were arriving. We have vintage plane and could have moved but just too nice in Appleton. Will see if your around tomorrow.
  13. Another innovative uAvionix ADS-B product

    I visited their booth at Oshkosh a couple days ago. They said if you want additional information call 844 827-2372 extension 2 and talk to Shane. He should be able to answer all your questions. The unit weighs 2.61 ounces. and is very small.
  14. Oshkosh 2017

    After four days, I have been unable to find a single Flight Design representative at the Oshkosh 2017 Airshow. On the other hand, I have found a wealth of knowledge and completed many workshops. I am looking at FIFI from my tent under the wing of Larry's 172. Amazing flight demo's from War birds and others. Anyone else here? Anyone need a report of something?
  15. Canada, Cuba, Central America, and beyond

    Some of you might recognize Buffalo Joe's airplane of "Ice Pilots" fame. The only C-46 flying freight today. He has many planes in various stages of repair both in Yellowknife and Hay River. At Joe's home he has a neat little yellow float plane tied to one of his barges in his back yard. The Mayor of Hay River, Brad Mapes, whom we met in Tim Horton's in Yellowknife, invited us over to Hay River so we flew down the next day and we had quite a time. He treated us to a tour of the town, Jet boat ride to Alexandria Falls, farmers market, housing and food. We had breakfast with prominent members of the community and was interviewed by the local Newspaper. Most places we go, we are the only General Aviation plane on the ramp and folks always come over to "see what we are doing" while we are trying to see "what's going on with them". There is a lot going on in Canada. De Beers says Yellowknife has the best diamond mines anywhere. There is insane money around town. In Stony Rapids tonight, hoping to make Churchill tomorrow. Weather not so good though.