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  1. Turbo CT over the Alps!

    155 KTAS. Isn't TAS ( and not indicated AS ) the airspeed that determines an overspeed with possible flutter and breakup resulting? There is a good article about that on the Van's RV site. I know my CTSW has a 145 KIAS redline so I would assume that I should not exceed 145 KTAS. Anyway, this is an area of flight in which I have no experience. Maybe some of you high flyers or technophobes could chime in.
  2. Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    I would think that composite repairs will add weight. The more extensive the repair, the more weight is likely added. I have no experience to back this up. Comments Corey?
  3. Look Ma, No Doors!

    Here's what I have on my 2007 CTSW.
  4. High oil pressure warning during flight

    As Roger said, VDO.
  5. Need Matco Part Number

    I put Matco on my 2007 with Tundra years ago. No complication, never regretted it.
  6. Prayers needed for Bob Corey

    Like Roger, I met Bob at the LSA school in California. We hung out together and my wife and I later visited Bob and Cathy at their home in Kentucky. My prayers and thoughts are with Bob and Cathy.
  7. 496 upgrade

    I didn't but should have.
  8. New Spark Plugs?

    What is the story about the new $22 spark plugs and the $40 boots? Is this a mandatory switch? The boots would be a one time $320 switch but at $22 per plug I sure won't be throwing away plugs every 100 hours! They look just like the NGK's we have been using which were about $3.00 each.
  9. 496 upgrade

    I do like it. I had the iFly so decided to put it to use. Originally I was going to sell it. If you are going to use the iPad for traffic/weather, what are you going to do with the 660?
  10. 496 upgrade

    I upgraded with the Garmin 345 transponder and the Aera 660. The 660 with AirGizmo dock fits in the same space as does the 396/496. I now have ADS-B in and out and I like it fairly well. Would I like the 696/796 better? Sure. My only complaint is these old eyes would like a bigger display. But, like I said, the 660 fits the same space as a 396/496. I also fly with an iFly 740 suction cupped on the right side of my panel. I have steam gages on that side and the 740 fits nicely without blocking them. There are many choices out there with more coming all the time. Life was easier in Henry Fords day. You could have your new ride in any color you desired - as long as it was black! Have fun and let us know what you do.
  11. I've been asked for a race! I need advice!

    My neighbors RV-12 can out climb and outrun me.
  12. I've been asked for a race! I need advice!

    I've owned 2 C-180's. The last one, a 1976, would true 133K at 65%. My 1955 was a little slower. All yer gonna see is his tail lights!!
  13. The Hose Change Experience

    Way to go Andy!! It's a great feeling when it's all done and everything checks out.
  14. Idle is low I hope?

    Do it! You'll feel better about the plane. Also some dual from someone who knows CT's. Someone who knows the little quirks.
  15. Strobe Lights

    Unless you can see them flash while flying it shouldn't drive you nuts. And, if you can see them flash while flying it's either a) night, or your're in the clouds, or c) you've exited the aircraft