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  1. Maybe wait for the Roush conversion. 😎 Seriously though for me the question would be do you want to do your own work on the engine. If not I see no issue (except a bit more weight) and some advantages to the Si. I think the major issues have been dealt with.
  2. Not me. Dynon's GPS-2020. As I said.
  3. I have installed a Vizion and started having the same problem. Hmm...I am seeing a bit theme here. It will hold track do an hour and then start to wander off and eventually say it no longer has gps. I am using the signal from Dynon's 2020 GPS antenna/receiver through Skyview.
  4. And yet inflammable is OK. (Or should that be okay?) 😀
  5. Yes, glad for no injuries. Depending on engine damage, total cost, some specific damage spots, and insurance coverage; it may be repairable. I had a low speed flip in a ditch without damage to myself and not a lot of damage tothe plane, but the spar box at the wing root was damaged and FD would not fix it. The insurance company paid and sold the airframe.
  6. I think most here would agree that although basic techniques are the same the characteristics of the CTs are somewhat unique. One of the reasons for this is visual. (Few other LSAs give you a view where you don't see the nose of the plane, for one example.) Another is that CTs have flaperons where the ailerons droop with the flaps, and, they have a stabilator with no horizontal stabilizer. Three axis trim is another uncommon feature as is a steerable nose wheel with non-differential braking. All planes are not the same. I am curious about your moniker and what brings you to this site?
  7. Yes, one of the pilot requirements is liability insurance, although I have seen no specific amount required. I've always had insurance so didn't think about it. The EAA coverage is suppplemental.
  8. EAA national provides $1M insurance for young Eagle flights.
  9. This does not make sense to me. This is a discussion forum. Some of the info posted on this forum does not make sense to me. If it is relevant I still check other sources or make contact with the poster to better understand. Nothing here is officially Flight Design or Rotax approved. If that is what you are looking for you need to look elsewhere. Having said that there is a wealth of excellent info from excellent people here. They have helped a lot of people who use good judgement.
  10. Yeah, I saw that too. The wires and boots are not mandatory, and I have not seen anything about Royal required plugs, although it would not surprise me to have them say that since the NGKs say they are not for aviation use. Remnds me of drug costs in the US vs. Canada. $176 vs. $24 for what seem to be the same plugs.
  11. That sounds like a tank leak. The pin was just where it showed up.
  12. Rotax Owner strongly suggests 1800 rpm. I had mine at 2000 and thought "what difference will 200 rpm make?" but I ended up high on a couple of approaches. I suppose it changed what I was used to. It is back at 1800 now and the landings are what I expect. I would also suggest membership. A lot of good info there.
  13. Now if you can find some pylons like Red Bull you could sell tickets!
  14. Yeah, I have thought about BasicMed, but I am happy with where I am and with the plane. - If I was younger...😊
  15. I (we?) are glad you posted this. In my years on here I don't remember an incident quite like this. Last month, however, I went out and spent some time practicing maneuvers and T&G, and was surprised how much difference there was in the tanks when I got back. They were close to even when I took off. Last week I flew a normal 3.7 hour cross country flight and the tanks were even when I landed. This has made me more aware of the possibility of fuel starvation. Thanks.