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  1. I love the fuel injection. Very easy start. Not sure you can even get carburated anymore. Thet said it is heavier and more expensive. And as a new engine model introduced three or four years ago I've probably had one thing every year so far that needed changing. All covered by rotax but still a PIA. Really looking forward though to the 915is.
  2. That looks really nice.
  3. I'll take it if not already claimed Andy. Thanks!
  4. And just looked at my 6.2 unlock files, they seemed specific to screen (PFD and EMS) and serial number. That wasn't the case on 11.1 unlock file.
  5. Ron, this file worked for me. I upgraded myself to v 14 last year which got a little complicated because one screen had just come back from Dynon and had different version of Skyview than the other. Got it figured out with great support from Dynon. Arian has always been a huge help to me. Hope this helps. CTLSi_Masterunlock_11.1.duc
  6. I have had great support from Phil at Switchbox. I bought my unit used a few years ago and Phil had no problem helping me with questions.
  7. The Dynon GPS-2020 antenna. Its a drop-in for the old one and when added to an SV-261, and v14, is all you need to be ADS-B out compliant. I've never had the ghosting of my plane but I did on my last flight seem to have a ghosting of another plane (meaning it looked like two planes on top of each other with slightly different trajectory arrows). Will see what happens on the next flight.
  8. Thank you Corey. Can you clarify something? Roger referred to the pads being worn. Are the pads and liners two different things? Would one ever need to replace the pads?
  9. Hi Roger, Had both brakes lock up after run up recently. Looks like problem is this one--worn pads, piston won't retract. Can you tell me which brake pads I need to order from Matco? 140 total hours on them. I do usually have long taxi runs at my home airport.
  10. I really like the black Bill. Looks great. Enjoy.
  11. I'm confused. I set the brake switch position to on and then pull the lever a couple times to pressurize. All right handed. Is there another way you're supposed to do it?
  12. Well if we're going to start throwing out quotes... "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
  13. It is possible I missed it while shovelling some of last year's 110" here.
  14. Generous offer Eddie. Wish I lived closer. I really must protest though to the reference to the "depths of the N GA winter".
  15. That is just awesome.