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  1. The full update bundle for the 496 is $399, which seems excessive to me. I update the obstacle and nav databases once a year, that costs $100. Because terrain doesn't change much over time, and I constantly update the data on my iPad using Garmin Pilot, I don't feel like I'm missing much. You should definitely periodically update the nav (which includes airports and airspace) and obstacle data though, for safety and to avoid errors navigating airspace.
  2. Why replace your airplane, is there something wrong with it?
  3. Wow, 2lb+ gain. Pretty snazzy.
  4. Transponder off, fly 100ft AGL. Good luck, I really hope you guys get delivery soon.
  5. Makes sense, 35lb is a lot of weight to remove as a percentage of the CT's gross.
  6. Some nice improvements, but the new tank looks like it's still riveted together.
  7. I thought the answer is no unless your airplane is E-LSA...though I have a dim recollection of a service bulletin or something that might have changed that.
  8. Bill, do you have a link for these changes? I hope Van's went to a one-piece fuel cell, either welded aluminum or rotomolded polyethylene. The riveted and Prosealed fuel tank design on the RV-12 is frankly not great. If I were building one I'd replace the factory tank with a 20 gallon racing fuel cell as soon as the airplane was signed off as E-LSA.
  9. I realized that after I posted! Our friends in Oz are probably the only other nation with a truly vibrant general aviation culture, so it was a big omission! And yet I somehow remembered to include the huge aviation market of penguins and hermits in Antarctica...
  10. It's becoming very confusing as to who is actually authorized to sell FD products. AeroJones, FD-USA, FD Germany, and now some French company all seem to be in the mix. If we get sellers in South America, Africa, and Antarctica, we will have all the continents covered.
  11. The lever may be forward, but did you confirm the choke pivot on each carb was moving all the way to the stops in both the on and off positions? The lever can be off and you could still have partial choke on one or both carbs.
  12. Choke partially on? I had a similar event and I had left the choke on. It would run very rough at lower rpm, was fine in cruise.
  13. Haha, I'm flying the CT up there, and it doesn't have a tow hitch...
  14. Very tempting, I will be in Big Rapids next week...