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  1. Which gas now?

    If you can get 91 no ethanol gas, I'd use that straight. The "minimum" 91 octane spec is certainly already conservative, and should be fine. Introducing even a little lead into the fuel is probably more detrimental than any risk of detonation at 91 octane, IMO. I have run 91 octane no ethanol before on long, hot cross-country flights and had zero issues. Since I can only get 90 here with no ethanol, I have considered cutting it with 100LL. But Roger has insisted here quite a bit that lead is worse than ethanol for these airplanes, so I just use the 92 with ethanol instead of dealing with the mixing hassle. But either answer is probably fine.
  2. Which gas now?

    That is the good stuff (if such a thing is possible with soda pop!). You can also try "Dublin" Dr. Pepper. Dublin, TX was the original Dr. Pepper bottling location, and that is the only place that still uses cane sugar in making DP. If you can find it, it's a real treat and tastes worlds better than DP made with corn syrup.
  3. So long Flight Design......

    I hear you. I have an FAA-standard carry on bag that fits in the CT baggage bay, but it's soft sided. I always tell passengers to use only soft-sided bags, and they can usually be fit in the baggage bays. The bays are a little tight and do have oddly shaped openings for loading. Don't get me wrong, I think the Tecnam is a great airplane.
  4. Climb speeds

    Great point, I'm sure the correct speed varies with weight.
  5. parking brake issue

    Mine is pretty stiff, I can't imagine it getting turned without a good smack. Are others looser and easier to turn?
  6. Climb speeds

    I usually cruise climb as well at around 90-100kt. I find that 78-80kt gives me better climb than 83-84kt. Just my experience, YMMV.
  7. My new landing techniqure

    I think it's also a speed issue, diminishing with the lift of the wing.
  8. Which gas now?

    I meant as a general population, not you personally.
  9. Climb speeds

    I use 78-80kt, so I think you are correct.
  10. Climbing at -6 degrees vs 0 degrees?

    If I am going to be in a particular condition like a climb or descent for a while, and want to use the AP, I usually try to stabilize in that condition with minimum trim pressures, and then engage the AP. As Ed mentioned, it's not too smart in some ways. If there is going to be a large swing in airspeed or vertical speed (like leveling from a steep climb) I will often disengage the AP, get things set up for the new condition and let the speed stabilize, and then reengage the AP. That way I take a little stress off the servos by making sure trim pressures are minimized for the new flight condition.
  11. New CTs arriving from Germany

    Congrats ct9000, I know it's been a real saga getting to this point, I hope your new airplane is everything you hope for. It should be a tremendous machine! See you soon in Page!
  12. My new landing techniqure

    Ground effect in the CT is pretty pronounced in my experience. Unless you are very slow (48kt or less) on approach there is a noticeable "pause" in the descent when you get into ground effect. I have started using that as a good cue. Once the "pause" ends and the airplane is sinking again, I start to work the stick back and then just work it by feel to hold off a few inches above the runway as long as possible until the mains contact. If you are doing a minimum speed short final in the 48kt range (which I do solo in calm winds on shorter grass fields), the ground effect pause is absent and you have to judge it entirely by feel and visual cues.
  13. Which gas now?

    That's closer to what's happening. Ethanol is a loser in terms of energy production, it takes something like 1.2 BTU of energy to produce 1 BTU of energy from ethanol. It literally costs more energy than you get from it. But the agricultural lobby is very strong in Congress, and the federal 10% ethanol mandate provides a very steady, strong revenue stream for the farmers. Much more so than corn used for food and animal feed, which has more seasonal swings. That's also one of the reasons for the proliferation of High Fructose CORN syrup over sugar in foods. Sugar is literally dirt cheap, but we'd have to buy most of it from foreign suppliers like Brazil. Congress would rather force us to higher rates of Diabetes using corn syrup produced in the good 'ol USA, so they slap huge tariffs or outright bans on foreign sugar imports. Not trying to turn this thread political, just an aside on the ethanol thing since it affects us as pilots and fuel (and food) consumers.
  14. So long Flight Design......

    What good is a huge baggage bay with a low useful load, and a baggage limit of 44lb? BTW I love the Tecnams, got my ticket in a P-92 Echo Super at Lockwood.
  15. Ct spotted in Heber Ut!

    Bah, he didn't get the N number!