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    Last Sunday, met former CT owner, current Husky owner, Kent W for breakfast. A bunch of pilots from my home field flew up as well... had a great time. Kent then asked if I wanted to fly down the Hudson and touch down in a grass field nearby. I had to pass on the Hudson tour as I had to help my youngest move to his new apartment. One of my home field pilots went with us in his C-170 to the grass strip. Here are the links to my landing and take off... Kent took the videos. Takeoff: Critiquing my landing, I remember it well. 1) Half way through base, I look down and I see a deep ravine and I unconsciously pulled up and that threw me off my pattern. 2) should have slipped on final to lose more altitude, and finally, I don't remember doing a 3 point landing, I thought I put it back on the mains but I didn't. It was like landing on a pillow... On takeoff, I used 30 degrees flaps. I didn't put the nose down quickly enough after I took off, I let the plane hang for too long... it's tough to see but there is a hill at the end of the runway and it was fun to have to fly to the left to avoid the hill.. which brought me right over a beautiful lake... a really fun flight and looking forward to practicing on grass again. Thanks Kent ! Finally, "one of these things is not like the other"... see the pic... Kent's Husky is crazy, I watched him take off in no more than 200 feet and then pretty much straight up...
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    Karen and I teamed up this morning with a friend that keeps his REMOS on our field, for a flight to a grass strip near Suches, GA. I'm not a "morning person", but sunrise in E TN can apparently be quite nice: Beautiful, almost fall-like weather to start the day. Enroute: The airstrip is part of Kennedy Creek Resort, recently purchased by new owners and being nicely upgraded. Cabins and camping available. https://kennedycreekresort.com Hangars being built as we speak: For those who ride, Two Wheels Only in Suches is a destination, along GA60, here on the left: Resort and strip relative to the town: Anyway, just thought I'd share what a perfect day of flying can be like!
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    An update on vg's So far I have been able to reduce the power off stall speed by 8 to 10% based on 15° flaps Easy take off speed at 30 kts Made landings with 30° flaps with intentionally high flair and I have positive stabilator control all the way to touchdown, no tendency to drop out. Min airspeed, level flight , no descent at 20 kts indicated at 2000 ft. The main issue with the CTSW is stabilator boundary layer control. It's a difficult issue to resolve, I have done several changes on % chord and lots of flight tests. I have one more test to do and that will be to try Stolspeed vg's on the stabilator. They are 1/2 inch in height vs 1/4 inch on Micro AeroDynamics and might be able to get more bite in the boundary layer which might be partially blanked out with full up elevator, who knows. Installing vg's on an aircraft that hasn't been done before takes a lot of work, I am sceptical of the other CT that tried it as there were no specifics reported and his % chord definatly does not work on mine, not even close. After all the vg tests then all vg's will be removed and flight tests are done again to reverify the difference prior to final vg installation. All this is the way it's done even for certified aircraft, just takes time.
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    The root cause isn't China, it's us. We allowed our lobbyists, hired by our corporations and backed by our banks, to pay politicians to look the other way while our USA businesses scurried around replacing American made goods that cost a $1.00 with Chinese goods that cost $.40. And we started this juggernaut back in the 80's thanks to Walmart who held all of their suppliers literally hostage... "go to China or else". Rubbermaid, who invested tons in plants in the USA said to Walmart "pound sand". That state didn't last long when Walmart replaced them. Say what you will about our President, the one valuable takeaway over the last 3.5 years for me is his courage to tackle the China issue. No one is pushing it except him. Not our consumers who enjoy low prices (except Darrell, Run, me by the way, and some others), not our politicians until a few agreed with Trump because it played well in the heartland, and certainly not the business community who painted themselves into a production corner and burned down the bridge behind them. PS, all of their suppliers moved to China as well, making it difficult to bring production back here anyway. The "move back" industry to watch is pharma. Pharma is hugely profitable and yet those guys sent the bulk of their production to China to eek out a few more basis points in profit. And the Pharmas burned their production bridges here as well. How is a whole industry going to move its entire supply chain back without Billions in financial incentives? Now that's an industry that could care less about the right thing to do. We consumers, politicians, business leaders, lobbyists are all to blame for the production push to Asia... and the Covid issue has finally put a microscope over the subject again re prescription drugs. Not much will happen until technology (robots/systems) can make things cheaper here vs over there... assuming the raw materials makers simultaneously move back here as well. It's will continue to be a mess until China becomes a more costly option sad to say.
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    Here are the plugs installed, I did not have the radiator plug all the way in for the picture. I am really impressed with the quality of the plugs. (Dont mind the missing pant, pant is being repaired at Tom's)
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    Seriously doubt it's heat damage. Seeing paint bubbles, cracking, chipping and flaking has been normal for many years. Now you can go take a nap.
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    On 05-19-20, I completed a landing at my home airport after spending approximately 1.5 hours on a local flight doing full stop landings at various nearby airports in my 2009 Flight Design CTLS. After landing and turning onto the taxiway from the runway, I immediately saw a large amount of gray/white smoke billowing out of the front of my flight deck where the EFIS is located. I immediately shut the aircraft and all power down. After exiting the aircraft and gaining some distance (in a very quick manner) in case of a fire, I saw that the aircraft was not on fire at that time, and safe to approach. I examined the aircraft, but could not see any fire at that time in the darkness on the taxiway. After moving the plane back to my hanger, I removed the front top cowling as well as the passenger side EFIS in order to access the area where the smoke was coming from. I saw that the round hole where numerous wires entered the cockpit from the engine side of the firewall was charred black on both the inside and outside of the firewall. Upon examining this area, I saw that the wires had obviously rubbed the composite over time on the bottom side of the hole, and worn the wire sheathing out exposing the inside of the wires. The wires then shorted out, causing the smoke and igniting the composite on fire, causing the heavy charring. The wires in the aircraft were run through the firewall this way when I purchased it, as I have not manipulated or changed these wires in any way since I purchased the aircraft. I purchased the aircraft from a private seller in March of 2019. The fire sleeve on the wires stopped on the engine side of the firewall, and did not go though the hole in the fire wall to protect the wires. There also was no type of fire sleeve over the wires on the inside cockpit area of the firewall. I do not know the full extent of the electrical damage at this time, as I have not powered the aircraft back up after the shutdown on the taxiway when I first saw the large amount of smoke. I have also disconnected the battery. I am awaiting an avionics shop to take a look at it as soon as they are able to fit me in their schedule. I do know that at a minimum numerous wires will have to be replaced. I wanted to make everyone aware of this safety of flight issue so others can avoid the issue that I had. I was lucky that this smoke/fire occurred on the ground after landing, and not up at 10,000 feet. Also, I notified Flight Design USA this morning. They were very helpful, as usual. I have attached some photographs that I took below.
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    I currently fly a CTLSi and a Cessna 172. The 172 has 80 gal useful, a 180hp lycoming, steam gauges- Kings- (including ADF) plus glass (5 Garmin instruments)and is completely dual IFR capable including coupled GPS LPV’s or ILS app’s. Useful load is 950 pounds. When you upgrade to the 180hp motor, you gain 200 pounds useful and the motor is about 36 pounds heavier than the 150hp original motor in Larry’s 1969 C172K. With the Horton STOL kit, it is very capable on short strips. When we flew to Panama City, Panama from Tucson in March this year, we took the Cessna. It was also handy when doing IFR around Guatemala’s Volcano’s. When we flew from Tucson to St Johns Newfoundland last fall, we took the Cessna. Not always good weather in the NE. Let’s not discount the C172 but having said that, The trip from Tucson to Point Barrow Alaska in the CTLS Over 6 Weeks was priceless. Antigua, Guatamala and Skagway, Ak Photo;s
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    My early post on EAA 993 ‘s Jimmy Stewart’s project got removed accidentally.. This is a time lapse of the installation. https://wedflow.co/client/deliverables/jimmystewartairport
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    Hey! Name is Tim and I am knocking around a CTLS in the very near future. I just started a non-profit dedicated to aviation history in the state and would be using the airplane in part to offer flight training scholarships to the younger among us. I currently live in the West Valley of Phoenix near Luke AFB. I am currently in the USAF as a Reservist (enlisted) and spent some time in C-130's as a Loadmaster and HH60G Pave Hawk helicopters as an Aerial Gunner. (yeah, it was fun!). I also fly the Challenger 350 for a very large business jet operator. Part owner in a Yak-52 and have owned a few other airplanes in the past: Yak-50, Tomahawk, Long EZ, Waco YMF, and just sold a single seat turbine helo. I REALLY enjoy GA flying and keep my hands in it. Makes me a better jet pilot too! Anyway, looking for anyone in the valley who might be willing to offer some advice on local FD pros and ops in valley. We will also use the airplane to visit the airports around the state as part of our history work. Also, if and when we find the right airplane, might be looking for a dependable pilot to ferry her home if I am working. Look forward to joining the group!! Tim
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    Day 1 of the epic trip was A+. Perfect flying weather, 68 degrees at 4,500’. New York airspace was hopping, more commercial flights are flying for sure. The Pennsylvania mountains and fields flying East to west are beautiful. Had no idea the hill country was that vast. Trip suggested I fly into his home field KDID, glad I did. One can eat off the tarmac. The culture of the airport management is very customer service oriented. On downwind the manager actually welcomed me to the airport. loved that. Tip scrounged up a hangar and a good hotel here in Indiana County PA. lastly, the Jimmie Stewart airplane is a working wind vane. Next time I come here I’ll let the plane guide me re which runway to use... Don’t need no windsock here at KDID... 👍. 500 miles tomorrow, will shoot for no stops... love this plane and this great country of ours. Thx again Tip for your generous hospitality, really appreciate it...
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    8% is not a huge amount so determining exactly where stall is, requires consistent accuracy. After a great many stall sequences you get better at consistency. According to Micro AeroDynamics 8 to 10% is an average reduction for most aircraft. The behavior of the aircraft under different configurations is the real goal. This turned out to be more involved than I realized in the beginning. I am trying to finish this before any large fall temperature changes occur so that the flight variables don't change .
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    I am using vg's on wings and stabilator and there has been no change in cruise speed with any configuration. Any increase in drag from the vg's is countered by the decrease in drag due to the smoother flow created by them which is typical on most aircraft. No change in 310 either, but reduction in vmc is tremendous and that's what kills most people. As for the j3, it's a cub, goes nowhere fast anyway but reduces stall from 39 to 23 mph, a high drag but high lift Clark Y airfoil. I put 100 hp on the cub so no reason to even try to analyze speed difference.
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    I go back to the line - "what do you get when you mix politics and science? Answer: POLITICS!" I continue to be mostly social distant, easy working from home. I wear a mask when out shopping and such, would like to not wear one - but do my part. I really wish we as a nation could have had a real science based plan from the start, I won't outline all the stupidity many states (including MI) and the hypocrisy like that funeral example. We're now at the "15 days, no wait - 6 months to flatten the curve" storyline. Thankfully curve in MI is flat, my kids are back in school, and high school sports will be played state wide. Yesterday had news about "models predicting 411k deaths by end of year" sort of crap storyline, with next comment being this means its unsafe to go vote in person. I'm completely convinced however this mess started it has become exploited for political gain with total disregard of John Q Public. Back to the thread, weather is back to crappy forecast for Thursday. I don't rely on forecasts much past three days out, still plan for a Friday arrival, unsure if daytrip or spending one night. Unless weather is solid decent window, I'm questionable at moment.
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    Either it isn't compatible (not likely since FD has used UMA) or needs a resistor in line or check the wiring.
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    Hi Tim, Welcome aboard! Great group of aviation enthusiasts here from all over the world! I'm located in South Eastern AZ and have been teaching in our CT;s since 2008. The CT family of aircraft are wonderful machines and we currently have two of them in our training fleet. Happy to help answer any questions you might have and I'm sure you will find there is a large group of helpful folks on this site.
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    Dear Jim, My sincere apologies for making comments about China and making a comment about landing on grass. I am hopeful you will recover soon.
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    I started this thread on engines. There are other threads on landing on grass. Why hijack this thread?
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    Good point about it being "us". I'm as guilty as any others for allowing this to happen. Like "boiling the frog". Gradually at first but over the last 20 years, Americans have supported the loss of our manufacturing might. We have allowed big Pharma and important industries to sell out to the foreign countries by allowing our universities and industries to accept huge sums of foreign money to allow intellectual robbery by the foreign students and workers. I feel it's time for myself and all Americans to be prepared to pay what will be a huge bill to incentivize manufacturers to come back to the U.S. and to secure our universities and critical industries in order to regain our independence. I understand competition is what a free market needs but there is no free market when foreign countries run state funded businesses whose business models are based on accepting losses that are passed on to the masses for as long as it takes in order to take over the markets. When profits are finally made after take over, these go to crooked highly paid top members of the State. U.S. companies share profits to the workers.
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    I should clarify my stance and attitude on this topic has nothing to do with either the people of China, or the members here on the forum either. This topic strikes a big nerve with me as both my industry and more directly my employer have been a heavy victim of IP theft. We're a global company and play by all the international laws and rules, one country (China) has been a blatant violator. Having unique and high performing components for the mold and die building industry, we refuse to manufacture in countries that have bombs pointed at us. We do sell a lot into China though, as companies specify our name in standards and they have to buy ours. This has lead to a revolving door of knock off's, can you imagine how it feels to travel to a trade show in China, set up a booth, and then walking the show find others who have copied what you've spent major R&D developing and internationally patenting? Not only do we loose the potential sale, it's worse, because the companies sourcing the work still think they are getting our product, are paying for it, and then when things fail we're called in and expend effort having to prove it's not our product and was a copy, only to still have the black eye with others who don't understand what happened. With so much of what we consume originating in China I realize it's hard to avoid, but once you start looking at the "made in labels" its so shocking how reliant we've become as a nation. The trend has changed though, following reshoring statistics in manufacturing there is a positive trend on companies understanding the total cost of manufacturing sourcing decisions. And Walmart is much better about made in USA than it was a couple years back, they're making great strides in stocking US product. I hope the trend continues, and that is one good outcome from this covid deal, regardless of political viewpoints everybody understands when the shelves are bare, or quality = health risk, that is not where we want to be and need change.
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    Did you ever think this might be Rotax expanding into the Asian market? Some aircraft companies have done this including FD.
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    Oh! You meant you landed on turf! Sorry. Totally misunderstood what you tried. 🙄
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    Would never consider it, the intellectual property theft that has been occurring in China really sucks. Not to mention the slave labor and so many other issues in communist land. I go out of my way to buy USA, point being I needed a new set of metric hex wrenches for the CT tool box. Went to Lowes, they had Craftsman and Kobalt, both made in China. Then to Home Depot, Husky - again made in China. Then to Menards and found Ekland - Made in USA, a quality T handle bent shape, dipped in plasti-coat, in a carry case. It cost $11.99 for the set, which is $2 more than the Chinese junk - and totally worth it. F China!
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    The boilerplate operating limitations can be found in Table D-1 of appendix D-1 FAA Order 8130.2J dated 2017. You may want to review that appendix in it's entirety to see if there are entries you want. It is different from the operating limitations approved for my ELSA some years ago. This appendix aims to address many different types of aircraft, from a F-104 to a lawn chair with balloons. Not all paragraphs are appropriate for an S-LSA to E-LSA conversion. Note that if you want to change ELSA operating limitations once done, it must be done by your local FSDO. It can't be done by a DAR. In my experience, since I was not modifying the aircraft, I did not have to refly Phase one. https://www.faa.gov/documentLibrary/media/Order/FAA_Order_8130.2J.pdf Note that the number in parenthesis in your document equates to the paragraph number in the referenced table. Your 15 is copied from the FAA 27. Why do you have 12? I don't think you have any fatigue life recording systems. 15. What Airplane Operating Instructions do they mean - Flight Design? Can this be modified? By whom? Maybe you are OK with the FD AOI. 16. You have no externally mounted equipment or pylons. Why is this in there? I'd ask about it if it were me. Maybe it is no harm, but it seems unnecessary. (Maybe someone wants you prevent you using your GoPro?) FAA 50 seems to address IFR, but I am not an expert on this. I would be leery of using a new DAR for this change if you want to fly IFR. You might want to contact Carol or Brian Carpenter of Rainbow Aviation. They did my FD, but I did have to have it modified by the Des Moines FSDO later. Also Bill Kyle of Charles City, IA has experience. He did my glider. Again, the operating limitations in the Table are new in 2017 and we old-timers have different verbiage. And again, if your DAR messes up, the FSDO must correct it. You'll want to do it right the first time.
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    Two things. First remove the safety wire that is holding the springs against the hot exhaust. This won't keep the spring onboard if it breaks in the middle. Only if the hook breaks. The other item is there isn't even close to enough silicone on the springs. It should be wider, thicker and forced into the coil spaces. Plus you could help keep a little extra temp off the springs if you wrap the header. This isn't a big deal, but every little bit helps.
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    Fixed. Arian fiddled with the connectors. Back in business. You were right RL.
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    Hi John, Give me a call so I can ask some question and hopefully point you in the right direction. I have 4 912iS's I take care of and two at my field. No spring issues. I do agree that some exhaust have the spring loops too far apart and that stresses the springs. There is really only supposed to be a 1mm gap in the spring coils. That's about the thickness of your thumbnail.
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    looks like from the dynon shot that your pitch is in the ball park. My CTSW would do about what you are at that rpm in cruise, but at a lower fuel flow. Your higher flow suggests your prop is just a little bit too coarse. I like 5200 rpm where I get 112 knot true and 4 2/3 gph. Suggest you try just a tiny bit flatter on the prop. WF
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    I've been using e- prop for while now, climb is 5200 and wot is 5500. Anything over or under 5500 wot, it underperforms.
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    This could easily just be a loose wire. You can install a mechanical pressure gauge in line for a test and if it reads the steady then you have a loose wire. You've already done some of the other trouble shooting.
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    Also if you can only turn 5500 full throttle you could stand a little less prop pitch. That would also lower your fuel burn at 5000 RPM.
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    5 gpm at 5K rpm is a little high. I would confirm that manually with dipping the tank over 4-5 flights. My bet is you'll need to adjust the "K" factor in the Dynon D120.
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    yes it's much easier. You need to take the screws out of the brake disc. This just allows much easier access. You can either put a block under the axle or put a 6' ladder with a pad under the wing out by the tie down, but not directly on the tie down. If you need a little more lift add some more padding on top of the ladder. If your tanks are full remember that while the wing is up in the air it is slowly transferring fuel to the low wing and could over flow if the level is too high in the low wing. I prefer to use an engine hoist with a tire mounted on top. That way I can lift the one side long enough to remove the tire and then lower that wing to be more equal to the other side while I work on the wheel or whatever I'm doing down there.
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