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    Can't sleep - learning to edit
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    Cleaned up and zoomin for the stars (is how I roll )
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    I have a 2006 CTSW and I just installed the TailBeacon. I am waiting for my chute to come in (tomorrow hopefully) and I will go fly and see if it works. I made a little plate so I could use the existing h/w and attached the h/w that comes with the TailBeacon to it. I made some extra Polycarbonate templates if anyone is interested that I can send to you. The reason the hole on my plate looks goofy is you have to put the unit in at an angle and twist it and it locks in. I had to make slight mods to the mounting plate on the device and I have pics of those as well I can send. Once I go fly I will report back and let you know if it actually works as expected.
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    I had one of these "Charge4" USB chargers in my previous aircraft. They're specifically designed for aviation. I liked it so much that I've just bought another for my CT. https://charge4.harkwood.co.uk/ UK based, but I'm sure they'll ship internationally. More expensive than other options perhaps, but worth it for a fit for purpose device in my opinion.
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    I spoke to a young lady from Lewis University this afternoon. They have a CTLS that was donateded to them to use in thei flight training program. They are now going in a different direction. I have worked on and flown the airplane before it was donated. It might be just what you are looking for. I think they are deciding whether to sell as is, or do the rubber replacement and parachute.
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    I would say mid 2008. You should be good with serial numbers F08-06-** and after. If the airplane is a F08-05** it might be worth taking a look at the change I think was made mid month.
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    Wish we could make it this year, but to many students on the schedule this weekend.
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    I'll be at the iFlyGPS booth -- stop on by and say hello. dave
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    Ron & Jan will be there and will be looking for you both.
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    Planning for the 2019 Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in will start shortly. Working with the hotels and other sites needed to lock in availability. "Stay tuned" for the announcement with dates within a couple of weeks. Olav
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    Removed the starting carb. Was able to tighten the line nut snugly and all is well. Thanks for all the help.
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    Thanks Bill, the Whitney shot is my best Whitney yet. My first year and 1/2 all my skies were blue because I was afraid of the weather.
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    My girlfriend Beth is 400 pounds of hot love! I drive her in my Buick! 😱😂
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    I always thought my SW was sporty, I like this variation a lot.
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    Bozo, I don't think your Garmin transponder is sending either a Blue Tooth or wi-fi signal to your uAvionix's unit. Most legacy transponders don't have such capability. Instead, uAvionix uses its power lead to "read" the transponder transmissions. The 978 MHz UAT system uses a digital radio signal. It's a sequence of pulses, each of which causes a slight, but detectable, dip in the aircraft's bus voltage. This was uAvionix's brilliant way around a Garmin patent which prevents other ADS-B manufactures from using transponder transmissions. Mike Koerner
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    Here are the pictures. And this is the item from Aircraft Spruce. Couldn't get the government rebate but company gave me the $100 rebate so cost 1299 in the end. UAVIONIX BUNDLE ECHOUAT WITH SKYFYX-EXT ALL-IN-ONE RECEIVER
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    I bought this one and it works great. Got my $ rebate back from them already. $1399 Larry
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    For Buckaroo, See attachment and in the maint. manual Front Suspension CTSW Nose Gear Upgrade.pdf
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    In the 1960's I used to go to the beach At Barbers Point. Beautiful beach and a good way to get away from the crowds at Waikiki.
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    Study for and do a reinstatement checkride for your CFI certificate.
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    It's not so much the imbalance I worry about but the fact that in flight it only uses fuel from the left tank and completely drains the right tank. Not comfortable with the tank running dry all the time.
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    We are getting close to the deadline. What is the solution for the CTLS? UAvionix on the wingtip won't work and now I have found out that the taillight unit won't work either. Apparently the carbon fibre blocks the wing tip version and makes it unreliable. I tried to install the tail version and the mounting holes are different. The taillight on the CTLS uses angled mounting holes and are further apart than the UAvionix unit. The unit needs to be mounted with the fin on it vertical and using the mounting holes would have it a about a 41 degree angle. They have no plans on revising the mounting bracket to make it work. I have one I was going to test for them but now I need to start looking at something else.
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    Has FD issued a fleet wide authorization for the GDL 82 in our planes? Did you each have to request an MRA or are you all experimental? Danny