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    I just got my new GoPro Hero 7, so I went out on a flight with some friends on a tour of the local grass strips. My buddies are in a Blue/White Avid Flyer and a Yellow Legend Cub, if you see them in the videos. You'll notice I use a lot of slips to manage descent rate (sorry that puts my noggin in the way sometimes), and on grass I always use 30° flaps unless the wind is just howling. BTW my airplane has the small roller skate wheels/tires, and I did all these landings with the wheel pants installed. You guys with Tundra wheels have no excuses to not be landing on grass, and you are missing out on a lot of fun if you don't. My CT can land at 90% of the places the Legend Cub can, it's a pretty good short field airplane for what it is. First up is Aerie (1GA9). My friend with the Legend Cub owns this strip, and it's kind of our "base of operations" when our group gets together to fly. The runway is 2000ft and very smooth and well mowed. My landing is to the North over the trees. The South approach is a little easier, though not as much fun. 😎 Landing sequence starts about 1:45 into the video: Next up is Taylor Field (GA16). Owned by Larry Taylor, an 80 year old super-nice guy who still flies the same J3 Cub he's owned since 1974. The runway is 2100x50ft with the preferred landing uphhill. There is a pronounced hump in the runway right around where you would touchdown, so ideally you try to get down fast and land on the up slope of the hump. In this landing I was a little long and landed just past the crest on the down slope, which is also fine. What you *don't* want is to touch down on the crest of the hill, as you'll be back in the air on the backside with no energy and you'll put your gear in danger if you don't add power immediately. Grass was in need of a mow yesterday, but not out of control. Landing sequence starts at about 55 seconds in: Third on the hit parade is Southern Oaks (GE35). this is the shortest field in the series, at 1400x60 feet. But the landing is uphill and the approach is clear for a long way out, so it's actually a very easy place to land if your speed control is good. When we landed there yesterday the owner had just fertilized, so you could smell chicken shit a mile out from the runway... 🦆 Landing sequence starts at 1:55 in the video: Last is Sleepy Hollow (GA18). This is a neat spot owned by the son of a very successful real estate developer who flies his Aviat Husky from there. It's 2600ft and has runways that are parallel grass (60ft wide) and concrete (22ft wide), and an easy place to land in either direction. In the video my buddy lands ahead of me in the grass and I land in the pavement. I almost forgot to turn on the camera, so the landing sequence starts right as the video starts: Those are the four grass strips I most commonly land at. There are a bunch of others we go to occasionally, I will get some videos of them as we hit them going forward. I also have takeoff videos from all these spots except for Sleepy Hollow; if anybody wants to see those I can put them on YouTube.
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    I am planning to attend with my wife. We will be flying our Sting S4 and it will be the first time for us. October is kind of long way off but that’s the current plan.
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    Lots of people make fun of the egg or refer to a flying sperm .. but CT planes do have a character... but this one just doesn’t look look that great ...
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    No wonder the CTSW is lighter! 😜
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    Oh, did I mention how this panel pays for itself. I now get 5 knots greater TAS and 20% less fuel burn with this panel 😄
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    I went with a GTX 345 for in and out. Replaced my 396 with an Aera 660 for the display. I would have liked a larger display but the 660 fits in the same panel space as the 396.
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    That would be nice but I have already found the perfect plane for me. Its a CTSW with no loan payment. A very important feature.
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    The shut down screech is normal and usually will go away in time. Make sure you're using the correct oil. The wrong oils can cause this. My CT had it for a while then went away.
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    Another milestone... attended a California Power Systems Rotax seminar lead by Roger Lee and Bryan Toepfer this past weekend in Tucson. Learned a ton about the Rotax 912. The box with the wires and tubes under the cowling is no longer a mystery, or something to be feared. As I and a few other guys at the seminar felt, the seminar boosted our confidence in the Rotax engine and its amazing technology. Roger and Bryan have lengthy field experience and their knowledge-base overlay onto the Rotax factory best practices made all the difference. My classmates were great guys and passionate about flying and their planes. There were a couple of CT owners there too... Strongly recommend that any one who flies behind a Rotax, attend this seminar.
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    I have been working on this for over 5 months. Prototype worked well but noise level is too high, changing design a little at this time. Rotax exhaust is 100 +/- 1 DBa at cruise. Trying to at least get that. There are a lot of difficulties in changing the exhaust such as tight cowling and cabine heat. Biggest advantage is more room under engine, better airflow through radiator and pipes less prone to cracking. I may or may not be successful in this. Time will tell.
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    The mechanical pump has rarely ever failed. If it were to totally fail it fails open. Yes gravity feed makes a huge difference and no the engine will not quit. You may only be able to get 4900 - 5000 rpm out of it before it wants to cough, but you can still fly wherever you want. The engine will run just fine below the 2.2 psi minimum. I know this because I tested the system just for this.
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    I use 50KIAS and flaps 30. Flaps 40 if needed.
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    Reminds me of the hot hazy summer day I met a Pitts almost head on. My heading was 179°. and his must have been 001°. I don't know if he saw me, but I didn't see him until he was passing about 100 feet off my left wing.
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    Very nice - however still like the egg better
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    Yes, we have a couple that do check rides in our CTLS One of them even travels to California for check rides.
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    Check with Coppercity here on the forum. They are in AZ, and do a lot of training in the CTLS. They must have a DPE.
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    Last October the FAA removed geographical restrictions from DPE's. Instead of spending money to learn everything in a Cessna you might consider bringing in a DPE from another location. A couple lessons in a Cessna would just about pay for airfare.
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    http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2019/03/flight-design-ctls-n81kk-incident.html?m=1 Appears they tried the BRS, but did not work. Any thoughts?
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    My home town aerial photo collection.
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    i just called and spoke to Tim at Iowa Flight Training. REALLY NICE GUY! gave me a lot to think about. I don't want to misquote him, but I think he said that the only addition to his CTLS, was done at the factory, and it was to add a Garmin WAAS 430 which resulted in an aircraft that fit the pre-2010 acceptability for IFR/IMC flying. I guess I need to reach out to FD USA and see if they have an existing LOA for the Garmin WAAS 430. Unless someone has a better suggestion?
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    I have the Bose noise cancelling headsets. The Bose links up to my iPhone via bluetooth just like linking up to a car speaker. Can hear every sound the phone produces. Spotify should work esp if you download the sounds into the phone system beforehand. I have not paired my new iPad with the Bose yet, but I'm certain it pairs the same way.
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    Should be a 3.5mm plug, if it has an input.
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    Bar none Ed, those are the best pictures I’ve ever seen of those mountains. You do a really good job of capturing their magnificence.
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    When I get around to posting mine, you'll all feel sorry for me. 😁
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    I have a Jupiter Bike that I bought for my Sportcruiser, but it would take up the right seat if I took it. But it’s a great little folding bike (no pedaling), but does demand lighter riders and no major bumps in the road (small wheels.) From this, I bought an Admotor M150-P7 bike that I really like a lot . It is way too heavy and bulky for my Sportcruiser, but it’s great for throwing in the back of the SUV or car and riding around wherever I want to go at a national park, etc.
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    The AoA in the Dynon is only as acurate asthe person who calibrated it was. I have seen some that were close, and others that were not. I would not trust it to fly the airplane.
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    Hi Ed, What was your flap setting when the wind pushed you over?
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    I was going to ask you about this. I was thinking the spiel to FD for LOA would be seeking consistency in control feel. Otherwise it seems like the right time to go E.
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    Ted Carlson plans to attend for the 4th time - bringing my brother Kurt this year.
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    Yes I’d like to know the nose gear difference as well.
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    I have exactly the same graphis on my airplane. I think it’s the best looking factory livery.
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    Ideally, I like to land at minimum speed, under control. I would rather land faster than minimum speed, under control . . . rather than . . . land at minimum speed, out of control. And then . . . there is always the option of go-around . . . to start over . . and land at minimum speed, under control.
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    We should be quite similar in vintage but not graphics. I thought I didn't like the graphics you have but the green makes them nicer, so I'll have to give your bird a thumbs up
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    I generally try to look at long cross country flights in the CT as an opportunity to flex my "adaptability" mental muscles. As an example on our trip to Page, Bill Ince and I between the two of us suffered a battery failure, a broken exhaust, and severe weather. We overcame all these obstacles and had what I would consider a successful trip. When you look at long flights in this light it becomes kind of like a big puzzle to be solved. I highly recommend you take Phil up on his Page offer, and if Bill and I can actually get around the weather this year. maybe we can meet up with you partway and make it a four ship flight.
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    Buckaroo, Thanks for that information. I defer to the folks at Carmo. Mike Koerner
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    Both the FAA and the NTSB looked into my nose-over after I reported it to the local FSDO. Today they that this event didn't qualify as an accident.
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    What I noticed with my engine is that , if I just taxi down to the hangar and then turn off one mag, wait and then another to shut it down, 90% of time it will shut down very softly. If , on the other hand, I do something like a 4000 rpm run up and then attempt to shut it down without idling for a while , I am more than likely to get a decently violent shudder which always makes me uncomfortable - no matter what people say it just can’t be good for the engine. I did get a screeching sound a few times when it didn’t shut down softly - and I also got this sound sometimes when attempting to burp a hot engine - but it seems quite random , I can never replicate it on demand and it comes and goes.
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    Yeah, ideally a CT or any aircraft that isn't metal skinned (and even the latter) should not be tied down in the sun on the ramp instead of being hangared. But it's nice to have that option without in addition to heat, wind, and rain, having to worry about UV degradation. Even if nominally "always hangared" at 2000 hours it gets 2000 hours of UV ... some at altitude where there's more UV... and s then there's the weeks of tied down on visitor ramps during cross country trips. So curious about opinions and experiences of UV protection products (ranging from things like 303 Aerospace UV Protectant for ten bucks that wipes on but has to be periodically reapplied, to spray on clear coats like UV-Resistant Clear Coating - | Krylon, to on the high end a ceramic coating like System X Ceramic https://www.element119.com/aircraft.html which would probably cost about $250 to cover a CT and claims to be permanent and have the blessings of some major aircraft makers.) I was particularly intrigued by that System X Ceramic. Even sounds easy to apply. Thoughts? Experiences? Facts?
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    I agree with you. Would rather have the CT.
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    I prefer a 12 year old CTSW though. This says a lot about Flight Design products (or me)
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    Vibration isolators would provide no benefit. The ignition units are solid state and have no moving parts. Furthermore, they're potted in plastic. The only part subject to vibration failure is the connector, wiring harness and mounting lugs. Just put them back the way they were when you found them. Mike Koerner
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    Ground wires. Stack them all together under the head of the bolt/screw.
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    Jeremy has moved to Byron, CA When I did my panel like this Dynon's units were still primative.
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    I bought my 07 CTSW almost 3 years ago not knowing anything about LSA airplanes. Turns out to be the best num nuts purchase I’ve ever made! This forum has made the difference between a bad experience and an awesome one! Thanks everyone!
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    I was invited to go out with the airport "guys" for my first $100 hamburger lunch in the plane, ... 1 Bonanza, 2 Arrows., 1 Navion... and me in the CT. a total of 7 people. I flew alone, I left early to practice some t's and l's at home base (Chester, CT - KSNC) and then I turned the autopilot on and flew the 77 mile trip to the Mansfield airport in MA (1B9). Today's trip was a long trip for me and I didn't want the folks to wait. We all parked on the tarmac and as one guy said "nice toy". Meanwhile, I get a text out of the blue from my instructor: "if you are planning on flying today, wait until the end of the day, it's really really sporty" I texted back, too late, I flew to Mansfield. All at lunch mentioned how bumpy the ride it was. Our home airport is infamous for crazy winds and shear. Today didn't disappoint. Glad to hear at lunch that I wasn't the only one being tossed around during the trip to Mansfield. I do note that when the flaps are set at -6 degrees, the ride became smoother. The ride was indeed bumpy, but not "bad" honestly. I was bummed when the 43 minutes trip ended, I was having a blast. I left Mansfield first as I had the slower plane, the other guys followed. The Bonanza made it back to Chester first. The Bonanza guy mentioned on the radio that the landing was a little crazy... and the Cessna in front of me went around. This isn't going to be fun at all... I got into the pattern and the plane started getting tossed around but still in good control and I landed without a problem. The other planes came in. One of my pals called me and mentioned that he was impressed how the "Light Sport" handled in the shear and crosswind... and that I was welcome to go on any of their trips. I was invited to fly with the group to First Flight in North Carolina in May. Going over JFK is daunting, but... need to rip that bandaid off soon. Bottom line, the CT is a great performer. Anyone who is looking to buy/rent or learn in one, don't let the small size fool you... it is a good handling and comfortable airplane.
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    Being high is one thing pegging is another. If it is pegging it is most likely a bad spot on the sender. I have tested several sending units by measuring resistance under different pressures. Many of them have bad spots through the range as pressure changes.
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    I know that some CTs in different legal jurisdictions have a Vne over 160kt. I also know I personally experienced stabilator flutter at 122 knots in level flight. Forgive me if I'm a little shy about pushing the limits... https://www.flyingmag.com/technique/proficiency/technicalities-are-you-feeling-lucky
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