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    I haven't for 20 years. You have filters in your fuel system. If auto fuel isn't clogging up all our millions of cars I don't think it will bother our engine. Some do like to filter all their fuel and that's okay. It's a personal preference. Your gas station has in line filters.
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    I went out this morning in shorts and thought it was going to be 90F today. Guess I might need a jacket. This is going to make cutting grass today a bit different. LOL 20190222_073641.mp4
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    Still got in 18 holes of golf.
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    Same here in Bisbee Roger! Not the typical AZ winter! I'll take it over what Ed has to deal with, our snow will be melted by tomorrow, no shovel required.
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    You can still mow the lawn - right after you shovel the snow!
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    Al, did you try sliding the vent windows open a little bit. For the heat system to work you need airflow. If you have the cabin sealed tightly you will not have the flow needed to produce heat, because once the pressure in the cabin builds up the flow stops.
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    What’s more, WingX not only provides extended runway centerlines, but also depicts the base legs of traffic patterns for each runway. I find that very handy, expecially if an immediate divert is necessary.
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    I use Garmin Pilot on my iPad, and have extended runway centerlines enabled on it. I have been known to be occasionally "directionally challenged", but with that feature I have never lined up on the wrong runway, made traffic in the wrong direction, or entered a pattern in a way I did not intend. I don't think I'd want to fly without it.
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    EB3, Learning the Dynon (I have the HDX series, but it is VERY similar to the older model) from scratch is a bit frustrating as there is very little on the net to "teach" one how to use the damned thing. I think they used to have classes, but you had to travel far... I don't see classes advertised. There are Dynon videos on the Dynon YouTube channel... somewhat helpful... but the instructor flies through the steps assuming that the challenged viewers like me have a Dynon background already. My young CFI picked up on it very quickly as most young people do with systems and he was helpful, but my learning is a combo of 1) Reading the Online Manual, 2) Dynon and User YouTube vids, 3) sitting in the runup area for 30 minutes trying it out, and, 4) lots of cuss words. I found #4 to be the most helpful. great luck with it.
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    I think so. It was a year ago, and I had the annual done as well, so it all mixes together.
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    As a new pilot, one of my Chief flying concerns (until I get solid experience) is lining myself up with the proper runways when arriving at a new airport. I happened to be on the Dynon forum yesterday and read a random post about "Extended Runway Centerlines"... which is evidently a standard Dynon feature now. I used the AutoPilot for the first time today, getting the hang of it... and as I approached my destination, I could see the thin green line, with the Runway numbers, extending miles beyond the airport allowing a newbie like me to easily achieve a good orientation and enter the downwind with ease. A valuable tool. Best, Andrew
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    Sorry to beat a dead horse... I flew twice now in cold weather (below freezing). First time out, 16 degrees, Sunny, early AM... heat on... I was hot wearing a jacket, took the jacket off and flew in a sweater and was fine. Second time out... today, early AM... I was "chilly" but comfortable with only a sweater on. Conditions were different. 20 degrees, but no sun... cloudy. The site holes are covered with clear tape (see red arrow) which keeps the draft out. The plane is an "i", so no carb heat to scab the heated air. I hope this helps.
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    Meanwhile . . . down in Florida . . . Roger, you guys really need to move down here . . . . . 😎