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    And, as we all know.... it's worth the wait!
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    Hey all... Went up this morning and did some landing practice at my favorite grass strip, Aerie (1GA9). The runway is about 1950ft long. The more challenging landing direction is from the Southeast, with ~60ft trees pretty close the approach end. Between the trees and the runway is a soft vegetable garden, so if you land short you will quickly be upside down. The trick is to get close to the trees and then get down quickly but not in the garden. It's a fun place to practice grass landings, approaches with obstacles, and relatively short field operations all at once. The good thing is that the runway is plenty long for a CT so you're not in big trouble if you don't get it right, and there is a very good go around from this end. In the video you can hear my buddy commenting; we were both flying and making commentary on each other's landings. https://youtu.be/y5PHKyAPH84 EDIT: I have posted this video before, but here's the landing from the other end of the runway for another view. This direction has a road right before the end of the runway, and you have to pretty much fly through the front yard of the neighbor across the street (he actually likes watching the airplanes go by)... https://youtu.be/d49dR1wECvA?t=65 The technique I use at both ends is the same: minimum airspeed (48-52kt), 30° flaps, add power as needed to maintain altitude, and slip if needed to get down faster.
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    Page fly in 2018 update. So far 5 planes. Starting on the right, we have Larry Jefts. He came the farthest (Honolulu, HI) and has the oldest plane here (1969) Cessna 172 K Then Carol Swenson. She drove the farthest _Friday Harbor Washington to Page (with Darryl's tug for his Diamond 40) At the far end, Darryl Swenson, What a beautiful new Diamond 40 Diesel he showed up with. He easily gets newest plane and concorse de elegance. Then Jan Kreienkamp who came in with Hubby Ron. Ron took his CTLSi experimental and looks slim and trim this year. Then on the far left we have Mike "Mikey70" from Rogers, Arkansas on the web site. His first time so he is the newbee and fits right in. Next is Christine and Lee Bergmann. They were voted the youngest/best looking, couple here. There was only one vote and that was Lee. Last is me, Duane Jefts. My job is to keep Larry on the straight and narrow.
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    Maybe consider a date in September. The shorter days and Autumn weather make it tough coming in from the eastern US.
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    Flew to Monument Valley today with Mike and Darryl and Carol. First picture is Lake Powell on the way, second is Darryl and Carol landing at Monument Valley then a picture of them and then a couple pictures of the iconic valley. Last three pictures of Lake Powell on the way back. Weather very nice here now. Cooler than normal but easy flying. Ron and Jan did Marble Canyon and Lee flew the lake. Will know more at dinner tonight. Arches National Park and Canyon Lands tomorrow.
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    So the runway terminates in the lake now? LOL
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    My pleasure! I think many who have not tested their limits in a CT might be reluctant to do so, and I want to show them there is nothing to fear. The CT is a very capable grass and short-field airplane. I fly around a lot with others piloting STOL taildragger airplanes, and I can get in and out of 90% of the places they go, even with my small non-tundra tires. These airplane are pretty good at just about everything you can do VFR.
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    I'm with Roger, I'll take tape over open gaps any day.
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    Do a good job it looks good, smooth and almost unnoticeable. Put on correctly it doesn't crack or split. It keeps water and cold air out of the cockpit and from entering other spaces on the fuselage. Some of you don't like it because you don't know how to apply it. You use 2" tape when 1" is good for the entire plane. 2" looks ugly in most places.
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    I went ELSA partly for this. High lumens led light but have to make a fiberglass housing. Works well.
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    Landed at Bryce Canyon this afternoon. Looks like Darryl and I are the only two here. We are meeting at 530 to decide where to go from here but most likely on to page in the morning.
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    Hi David, Where do you live?
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    It's just tender loving care its after Buckaroo, like the rest of us. If you put a rubber band around it and slipped a couple Benjamin's under the band it would probably start fine too. Mike
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    You're not even supposed to run the engine without a prop because an over speed can happen so fast you couldn't stop it.
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    I assumed you needed a prop to prevent it from easily overspeeding? That was true of my 'early' Rotax.
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    How did you get it to 6500rpm? Starting it without a prop attached, or one adjusted fully flat?
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    That is a huge overshoot. Follow the manual. At that high of an RPM, valves can float, and forces on the engine components are very high.
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    Who's going to Bryce Canyon? Who's going to Page? Is there a LIST of people that are going to the 11th annual Fly-in? If not, can we start one? I am going to BOTH destinations... Who Else? I posted a separate thread about this a few days ago but did not get any responses. What time are people planning to arrive at Bryce? Do we have a Van there? Is there someone "in charge" with an itinerary or are we just Winging it, Pun intended.