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    Had a wonderful flight this morning I just had to share. Mt Kanlaon, Negros, Philippines.
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    Unless you have flown both airplanes a fair amount the difference is something you may not realize. If you make good landings in both airplanes it doesn't really matter. If you make bad landings both can be broken. The difference come in the not so good landings that are not bad enough to break anything. If you drop the CTSW in just a little bit the spring rebound from the gear will bounce you back into the air. The CTLS gear will absorb the drop without much rebound giving a solid feel when you touch, and the airplane tends to stay on the ground. Because of this it is harder to make a nice feeling landing in the CTLS compared to the CTSW. The landings have to be perfect to be completely smooth. The CTSW gear is a little softer you don't have to be as perfect, it allows for a little more margin of error.
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    Fuel injected rotax has a very different design and purges air in the system. it has a fuel pump that constantly circulates fuel from the header tank, through a fuel filter, through the fuel rail, and back to the header tank where air and fuel separates. The top of the header has a small line for air to escape back to the left fuel tank. The carb designs do not do this.
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    There is a CTSW at my field so I will see if I can use it for a ground test.
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    You got to fly something in the meantime ... 2 years voluntarily without a plane seems bordering on cruel and unusual punishment.
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    Airtime Aviation in Tulsa has a large selection of Flightdesign parts. We have simple items like new brake pads and rubber hoses to used CT parts like ailerons and leather seats. Give us a call If there is any odd ball items you need.
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