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  1. Admin

    Forum update 1/16/18

    Another minor update was done last night... mostly bug-fix and security. You shouldn't see any changes.... but if you do....
  2. Admin

    Forum update 1/16/18

    ... a minor security update was done... 'shouldn't be noticeable changes.
  3. There have been a couple of security updates... time to get caught up. #fingerscrossed
  4. CTFlier.com is proud to host the 11th Annual CT/LSA fly-in in Page Arizona Oct 17-21 (Wed-Sun). Mark your calendars and plan for some time off! Plus, an early-bird event in Bryce Canyon on the 15th-16th (Mon-Tue). More to come!
  5. We did the main forum upgrade a while back. Since then, there have been numerous little subsequent updates/upgrades that we've skipped. These changes have now accumulated to the point that we will upgrade to version 4.2.4 soon. After the upgrade, you will see a few new features, but otherwise everything should be same. Fingers crossed.
  6. Admin


    While the new threads are a bit irritating, this doesn't warrant the label of "spam". It would be nice to see JBCT contribute different content, like maybe "using a Stratux" or "upgrading the software"... Putting a user on your "ignore" list is always an option
  7. Like in YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Pandora, etc. Like/Dislike.... Thumbs Up/Down. A way to show approval or not, without doing a whole reply. Provides a means of quantifying reactions to posts.
  8. Admin

    Forum upgrade coming

    The problem with downloading the Letters of Authority (LOA) has been resolved. Thanks to Corey/Anticept for finding the problem and letting us know! It was a "permissions" issue.
  9. Admin

    Forum upgrade coming

    So far, so Good! I personally like the new system, especially the "Activity, all Activity" view. In fact, I've saved an icon that takes me to that spot as my normal way to get into the forum. I've turned on a new feature.... the "Like or Dislike" reaction, similar to Facebook and Youtube. It'll help us track content. Be kind and let's keep things civil.
  10. Admin

    Forum upgrade coming

    OK... The upgrade is complete! It looks like everything made the trip, but look around and tell us if anything is missing. YES, the login accepts spaces and punctuation! We'll clean things up and play with a few new features.
  11. Admin

    Forum upgrade coming

    Good question, I've passed it on the the people preparing our upgrade. There's no doubt some folks will end up needing help. We'll have appropriate notifications on the top for a while, with directions and contact/help info. It should be happening soon.
  12. Admin

    Forum upgrade coming

    OK.... I changed my mind. After the change, login using your DISPLAY NAME, since that is what we usually recognize you by. Those of you who used login name that is different than your display name, you will have to re-login using your display name. Passwords will not change! Sorry!
  13. Admin

    Forum upgrade coming

    Good question. I'm hoping once the upgrade is in place, that we can change user names. Also, there is an option to login using email address, but not sure is that can be setup on a person-by-person basis. Oh, the joys of change!
  14. Admin

    Forum upgrade coming

    For those of you who have a different "user name" (login) and "display name"... please remember your user name. It's the one you use to login to the forum. After the upgrade, you may have difficulty logging into the forum, and it will likely be caused by using the wrong name. You can check your settings by clicking on your name at the top-right (when logged-in) and then "my settings". See post #12 below. If you can't get in after the upgrade, email Tim or Roger for help. (tim@azctflyer.com - roger@lsamechanic.com)
  15. Admin

    Forum upgrade coming

    One important change: We can no longer have "user names" (login name) that are different from "display names". Not many people did this, but it may be a problem for a few. For instance, you login as "mosquito123" but your name is displayed as "MosquitoBoy". I'm glad this will no longer be allowed as it was the single biggest problem for new users. They would create two different identities for the same account, and then promptly forget one or the other. It usually required analysis and fixing by the Admins. It may have even been a barrier big enough to keep some people from properly registering.