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  1. CTFlier.com is proud to host the 11th Annual CT/LSA fly-in in Page Arizona Oct 17-21 (Wed-Sun). Mark your calendars and plan for some time off! Plus, an early-bird event in Bryce Canyon on the 15th-16th (Mon-Tue). More to come!
  2. Admin

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Pictures from Lake Powell from around 2pm on Wed... 'Seems like a good decision to cancel the fly-in. We hope those who made it to Page will see some sunshine and enjoy some great flying! Weather looks a bit iffy for the weekend.
  3. Wow, time flies. It’s been almost 7 years since CTFlier was born! It’s the community that has grown around CTFlier that has made the forum such a success. Thank you, ALL OF YOU, for making the forum a useful place to exchange information about our aircraft. Over the years, we’ve been very lucky, with almost no downtime and no lost data. Part of the reason is that we’ve be very conservative with upgrades or add-ins. Our Mantra has been “If it aint fixed, don’t broke it”. To that end, we’ve only applied patches meant to fix security issues or fight spammers. We are currently on version 3.x of the forum software, with version 4 having been introduced a few years ago. We’ve successfully avoided the upgrade until now… unfortunately, v3 will no longer be supported, and we’ll be migrated to v4 soon. The good news is v4 is quite mature by now, and relatively bug-free. With the upgrade will be the inevitable changes. Things will look a bit different, and there will be new features. We hope you’ll accept the changes, and work with us to share information about the new features. We’ll work hard to make sure no data is lost, and that the forum will look like what we are used to (as much as possible). Stay tuned for more information, it should be in the next week or so...
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    Forum update 1/16/18

    Another minor update was done last night... mostly bug-fix and security. You shouldn't see any changes.... but if you do....
  5. There have been a couple of security updates... time to get caught up. #fingerscrossed
  6. The CT was one of the very first "Light Sport Aircraft" (LSA) certified in the USA, and has been the market leader since that time. The Flight Design CT has been around since 1997, with over 1,700 flying Worldwide - and we love 'em! The CT is a "light sport" aircraft, made in the Ukraine and Germany (and now Taiwan, too). This new breed of aircraft is distinguished by it's sleek design and modern construction. CT stands for "composite technology", a tough mixture of epoxy with high-tech fibers: Carbon, Kevlar, and Aramid. This is no "plastic" airplane... the strength-to-weight ratio is incredible, which is why they make all the new military & commercial jets from the same materials. Our CT is a nice balance of performance, safety, economy, and fun. Oh, and not to forget... the plane is equipped with a parachute! There have been several versions of the CT, most notably the CT2K, CTSW, CTLS, CTMC, and the CTLSi. More variations are included if you consider the different configurations produced for various countries around the globe. The CT2K had a longer wingspan... the "SW' was a refined version with a shorter wingspan. While the CTSW is still produced, most sales are now the CTLS model. The LS model was lengthened by 14" or so, included a cabin storage area behind the passengers' heads, along with new windows, and winglets on the wing tips. The landing gear on the LS was improved by using composite materials, adding strength and providing a nice dampening for landings. The CTMC came our way in 2011... and stands for "metal concept". This aircraft is targeted for flight schools, who desire a more traditional construction and more docile flight characteristics. Few MCs were sold in the US. The newest CT model is the CTLSi, predominantly different because it uses the new Rotax 912iS engine. Fuel Injection has arrived! Good-bye to the carb sync! The "SI" uses 20% less fuel, has a larger alternator, smaller Li-Ion battery, and a bunch more features... including electric trim. Flight Design has announced intentions of producing a four-seat certified aircraft, called the C4. The C4 has been put on hold while FD Germany undergoes a reorganization... but watch this forum for more information. In 2017, FD USA and FD Germany announced a new aircraft, the KLA-100. The new plane is the result of a partnership between Flight Design, the Vessel company of South Korea, and the South Korean government. The KLA-100 is a sleek low-wing aircraft sporting modern design and engineering that should make it a performance and safety leader. The KLA-100 is undergoing flight testing and certification, and may be available in late 2017.
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    Forum update 1/16/18

    ... a minor security update was done... 'shouldn't be noticeable changes.
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    Thanks for dropping by... The CT Flier forum is a gathering place for folks who want to learn and share information about the CT line of aircraft from Flight Design. Most of us own, have-owned, or want-to-own CTs. Like most aviation groups, we're very enthusiastic about flying and our planes. Feel free to jump right in and start posting or asking questions... or you might just want to "lurk" and get the feel of things. You'll find the CT community to be a great bunch of people. We'd like to keep the forum on the positive side, but don't expect everyone to be a Flight Design cheerleader. To that end, we encourage free and independent discussions. If there are problems, we'll be looking for solutions. Hey, even super-models have pimples. CTFlier.com has been setup by two CT owners... Roger Lee and Tim Greer. At this point, all costs and administration time is being happily donated by us. Eventually, if we get a large number of simultaneous users, we may take small donations to offset the costs of buying more space and speed. One thing we'll never forget... this is a community, built by its users. Each and every one of you are donating your time and experience to build the community. Thank YOU. p.s. While we're big fans, this forum is not affiliated with Flight Design.
  9. We did the main forum upgrade a while back. Since then, there have been numerous little subsequent updates/upgrades that we've skipped. These changes have now accumulated to the point that we will upgrade to version 4.2.4 soon. After the upgrade, you will see a few new features, but otherwise everything should be same. Fingers crossed.
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    While the new threads are a bit irritating, this doesn't warrant the label of "spam". It would be nice to see JBCT contribute different content, like maybe "using a Stratux" or "upgrading the software"... Putting a user on your "ignore" list is always an option
  11. Like in YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Pandora, etc. Like/Dislike.... Thumbs Up/Down. A way to show approval or not, without doing a whole reply. Provides a means of quantifying reactions to posts.
  12. Admin

    Forum upgrade coming

    The problem with downloading the Letters of Authority (LOA) has been resolved. Thanks to Corey/Anticept for finding the problem and letting us know! It was a "permissions" issue.
  13. Admin

    Forum upgrade coming

    So far, so Good! I personally like the new system, especially the "Activity, all Activity" view. In fact, I've saved an icon that takes me to that spot as my normal way to get into the forum. I've turned on a new feature.... the "Like or Dislike" reaction, similar to Facebook and Youtube. It'll help us track content. Be kind and let's keep things civil.
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    Forum upgrade coming

    OK... The upgrade is complete! It looks like everything made the trip, but look around and tell us if anything is missing. YES, the login accepts spaces and punctuation! We'll clean things up and play with a few new features.
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    Forum upgrade coming

    Good question, I've passed it on the the people preparing our upgrade. There's no doubt some folks will end up needing help. We'll have appropriate notifications on the top for a while, with directions and contact/help info. It should be happening soon.
  16. Admin

    Forum upgrade coming

    OK.... I changed my mind. After the change, login using your DISPLAY NAME, since that is what we usually recognize you by. Those of you who used login name that is different than your display name, you will have to re-login using your display name. Passwords will not change! Sorry!
  17. Admin

    Forum upgrade coming

    Good question. I'm hoping once the upgrade is in place, that we can change user names. Also, there is an option to login using email address, but not sure is that can be setup on a person-by-person basis. Oh, the joys of change!
  18. Admin

    Forum upgrade coming

    For those of you who have a different "user name" (login) and "display name"... please remember your user name. It's the one you use to login to the forum. After the upgrade, you may have difficulty logging into the forum, and it will likely be caused by using the wrong name. You can check your settings by clicking on your name at the top-right (when logged-in) and then "my settings". See post #12 below. If you can't get in after the upgrade, email Tim or Roger for help. (tim@azctflyer.com - roger@lsamechanic.com)
  19. Admin

    Forum upgrade coming

    One important change: We can no longer have "user names" (login name) that are different from "display names". Not many people did this, but it may be a problem for a few. For instance, you login as "mosquito123" but your name is displayed as "MosquitoBoy". I'm glad this will no longer be allowed as it was the single biggest problem for new users. They would create two different identities for the same account, and then promptly forget one or the other. It usually required analysis and fixing by the Admins. It may have even been a barrier big enough to keep some people from properly registering.
  20. Admin

    Forum upgrade coming

    We are considering an option to become a "supporter" like at POA, as costs have tripled over the years, but it's still not THAT much. The new software has an option to accept donations, so we'll revisit the topic sometime after the upgrade. Thanks.
  21. Admin

    FD Website Hacked

    Fixed the title
  22. Admin

    FS: Garmin GNS-530W

    Thanks for the watchful eye... While not a CT product, poster is registered and has no bad IP history.
  23. Admin

    Lancair ES-P Build

    Several people are involved and we are getting *VERY* tired of the situation. There is a clutch between your mind and your mouth (or your fingers)... and those people had better begin using it...... OR ELSE!
  24. Admin

    Few items for sale

    What's wrong with the "For Sale/Want to Buy" section? And/or using search?