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  1. Tom, thank you for sharing this. Your humility in being so self-critical in providing your analysis is a testament to your character. And I want to add how impressed I was upon driving up in the van 4 hours after your crash, to pick you and Rich up, to find you smiling. You are really amazing how you handled such a traumatic event. I took that terrific photo of you standing by your totally destroyed plane just hours after the crash, smile on your face, and giving thumbs up. We should all be so collected and able to smile after something like that.
  2. How to do it? Full right and forward stick to hold upwind wing down and nose wheel on the runway to keep steering control, LEFT rudder initially to counteract the push on the vertical stab from the right rear quartering tailwind, easing it as speed increases. Hold the plane on the runway past normal rotation speed then execute a quick rotation and an almost immediate right rudder to bring the downwind wing quickly up and around. Keep crosswind control in until established then climb out. Like standing on on one foot, rubbing your stomach and patting your head while chewing gum. 😎
  3. Right base for Runway 33, Page. Home base for the Annual CT and Light Sport Fly-in. Some of the best flying anywhere!
  4. Another one of the endless spectacular vistas we get flying Lake Powell area during the fly-in. Navajo Mountain under the wing with Gunsight Butte left and just a fraction of the huge body of water that is Lake Powell.
  5. A pretty sight...CTs all in a row. Goulding's Monument Valley Airport.
  6. Link to the video taken by a French tourist at Goulding's Restaurant and Trading Post at Monument Valley of the crash last Thursday morning. She just happened to be videoing when she came out of the restaurant and happened to turn her camera to the runway below just as the accident airplane started its takeoff roll. Another CT already in the air is above the far end of the runway. Strong right quartering tailwind. This runway is narrow and is a one way in other way out only runway. Two people incredibly lucky to walk away... https://drive.google.com/open?id=165nfRVayAWz95F9AZ0THqRebBMhINjR9
  7. Excellent video Todd. Looking forward to seeing more of your video work! Thanks for all the video documentation you did.
  8. Back from the 2019 Page Fly-in. The pre-event at Bryce Canyon was terrific and will likely become a permanent part of the Page Fly-in. While this was smaller event than usual in that a number of folks had to cancel at the last minute due mainly to weather, we still had 12 planes come in including from as far away as Tennessee and Washington State. Sadly, after 11 years of accident free flying this year's event was marked by two crashes in two days. The silver lining with both was that no one was injured let alone killed. Thursday a group went to Monument Valley. After breakfast the wind was blowing over 20 knots and on that one way out runway this was a right quartering tailwind. That is a condition that requires correct use of control inputs to counter, inputs that are not often practiced nor familiar to many pilots. First several airplanes got off well enough though with a lot of dramatic moves as noted from a few watching from Goulding's Restaurant on the slope above the strip. Then it happened....loss of control and a wallowing stall at about 10 feet followed by a cartwheeling crash in a plume of dust. But then, unbelievably, both pilot and passenger crawled out of the totally shattered CTLS, soaked in fuel, but with only minor scratches and bruises. I know that when I was orbiting above the fray I was sure I was looking down on, at best, serious injuries and likely a fatality. The photos of the crash are chilling but at the same time a testament to the crashworthy construction of the CT line...and the fact that so much energy was dissipated by the structure breaking up the way it did. No fire thankfully. Photos of this will be posted shortly I'm sure from those who have them. Again, when you see the photos it is incredible no one was injured beyond scratches and bruises. We drove over from Page and picked up both pilot and passenger who both then had dinner that night and joined the group around the hotel bar table. Incredible. Second accident was in Marble Canyon and involved a Titan Tornado and was also wind related. This was a much less serious accident involving an uncontrolled departure from the runway into the dirt with significant damage to the aircraft but no injuries. The Fly-in was extremely fortunate that despite these crashes no one was injured. Again, photos will likely be posted from those with them. In both instances folks reacted in accordance with the safety briefing procedures we've made a point of for all the years of the fly-in. The Group can be proud of how everyone, including the crashed planes' pilots and passengers, handled the situations and themselves. Saturday's group flight was in beautiful, clear and calm weather and was uplake Lake Powell and then followed the Escalante River upriver to Escalante, Utah. Each year we fly in there and are met by one of the town council members, Louise Barnes, and several town citizens. They set up a table with coffee and tea for us, then drive us into town for breakfast. Wonderful hospitality and a warm welcome that makes this a favorite fly-in destination. The Page Fly-in Family is really just that...a family forged in friendship and the joy of flying the beautiful Southwest together over the past years. Thanks again to all for participating and enjoying this event. Finally, due to the press of some other of life's challenges I will be transitioning away from organizing the Fly-in though I will be assisting the new organizer for next year's event and I hope to still attend. An announcement as to who the new person putting on the "organizer hat" will be made shortly here on the Forum. Safe flying everyone. - - Olav
  9. Mike, that is definitely good advice that all pilots should heed. And that is why, as hard as it was to do it, we cancelled last years CT Fly-in at the last minute due to region-wide bad weather. It is always the wisest course to err on the side of caution. "Get-there-itis" can be a deadly affliction. In fact, last year an hour after we made the call to cancel, a couple returning from a trip to California and afflicted with a bad case of "Get-there-itis" were scud running in bad icing conditions, iced up and spun in less than five miles from my home airport here. Neither survived. Five miles from home. So close. But an overnight stop just a couple of hundred miles to the southwest and they would have had a good ending to a nice trip together. That accident one hour after the cancel call sure reinforced that the cancel call was the right one. "Get-there-itis" kills. So everyone coming to the fly-in...be careful, use good pilot judgement, and cancelling is better than crashing. There is always next year if you are faces with problematic weather.
  10. For the Bryce Pre-event group, this is a relatively informal event. I am arriving around noon as are two other planes that have confirmed arrival around this time also. While it makes it easier for Ruby's Inn shuttle to take everyone as a single group that is not critical...they are used to coming out to the airport to pick up arrivals. However, to the extent we can make it efficient suggest arrival around noon on Monday though flight safety and your schedule is your own as PIC. Ruby's Inn Shuttle phone number: (435) 834-5341. The name for the block of rooms at Ruby's is "CT Group" with a group confirmation number of 1388460. No group events are scheduled other than we will fly out as a loose group on Wednesday to arrive Page as a group. Tuesday's activities are whatever each person wants to do. There is a free shuttle that runs the length of Bryce Canyon National Park, stopping at various overlooks. There are also great hikes into the Canyon, ranging from short to longer. One of my favorites is the "Wall Street Trail" hike. Due to forecast cold morning temps at Bryce Wednesday (mid-20s) and because our check-in at the Page Clarion Inn is not until afternoon recommend we not depart Bryce for Page much before 1130 to noon Wednesday. I suggest we gather in the lobby at Ruby's Monday night at 1800 (that's 6:00 pm for any non-military types! 😎) and have dinner there, to introduce ourselves to each other...a few new pilots are coming for the first time...and discuss schedules and any special requests or comments. Buffet breakfast is included in the reservation. Ruby's buffet breakfast is a majorly good feed! Finally, while the airport manager at Bryce has indicated tie downs will be available I recommend bringing a set of ropes/straps in case the provided tie downs consist of only a cable. If you have any specific questions, run into problems, give me a call on my cell (505) 250-8417. See you at Bryce!
  11. Welcome!!! 2019 Annual Page, AZ Fly-In Oct. 16 - 20, 2019 Page Fly-In Flight Information Bring your cameras!! Here are the details for our different area flights. We are again adding Marble Canyon to our restaurant stop this year which is on the Grand Canyon route or you can visit it anytime as a solo flight. It is only a 10-12 minute flight from Page itself. These aren't etched in stone and you don't have to fly these if you don't want to, but be sure to get full information prior to departure so you don’t get lost. As we have done in the past we will break up in groups of 4-5 planes and each group will have a leader for your chosen flight out that morning. Then each evening at our social hour you can pick where you would like to go the next morning which may be with the same group or a different group. Having small groups limits the flight congestion within one area and makes the aircraft in the group easier to manage. We will discuss this further at the Wednesday evening social hour. ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED to get all the Fly-In information. We have the Clarion Hotel breakfast area to ourselves each evening for a social hour and to do safety briefings and scenic flight sign ups. Social hour meeting starts at 1700 hrs to 1830 hrs. Afterwards everyone is free to head to dinner at the restaurant of their choice. Breakfast is either the free one at the hotel, out at a local restaurant or more likely during one of your group flights at the local airport restaurant. Late afternoon flights are another good time if you and others would like to fly and check out even more scenery and or grab lunch. The flights below are round trips in a large circle and they can be shortened by quite a bit if you want to shorten the distance. Bring three tie-down ropes for when we are away from Page at other airports. Most have tie downs; Monument Valley has a cable but you will need your own rope. General info: Page, AZ Airport (KPGA) Runway 15-33 Freq. 122.8 Runway 33 is the preferred calm wind runway FBO: Classic @ 122.85 Kris 928-645-5356 Chat frequencies are assigned for each group and for radio chat separation of each flight group while in different areas. These will be assigned each night at dinner for the following day’s group flights. Frequencies are 123.45; 127.45; 127.47 (“Jumbo”); 127.5; etc. Grand Canyon Flight Grand Canyon (see Grand Canyon VFR map) round trip is approximately 173 miles 1.7 hrs. Route: From KPGA head west with an easy climb to 10.5K to Fossil Corridor @ N36 22.87 / W112.18.70 and then turn south at the corridor head and monitor freq. 127.05. Always monitor this freq. while in the Grand Canyon area. (You aren’t really that high off the rim as it is approximately 7500’elevation) Exit Fossil Corridor at 10.5K @ N36 16.43 /W112 34.97 and turn east along the Grand Canyon rim. Start a slow climb here to 11.5K to enter the Zuni north bound corridor @ N35 58.33 / W111 53.39 and exit @ N36 17.38 / W111 51.04. As you exit the Zuni corridor on the north side of the canyon you will be on the south end of Marble Canyon and headed back towards Page which is a short flight home. While in Marble Canyon monitor 120.05). You will now start a decent into for the Marble Canyon airstrip (L41, Freq, 122.9, Elev. 3603’) and restaurant which is only 10-12 minutes south of Page. After breakfast it is only a 10 minutes flight back into Page. NOTE: Flight Lead, or independent fliers…you MUST have the special Grand Canyon VFR Chart, either paper or on your MFD/Tablet. This is a requirement to fly across the canyon. Fly outside the designated VFR Corridors and you will likely be violated. Monument Valley Flight Monument Valley Airport (UT25) Runway 16-34. You only land on 16 and take off on 34 Freq. 122.9.Runway 16 is a slight uphill. This round trip is approximately 185 miles and 2 hrs. of beautiful zigzagging through Monument Valley. There is a restaurant and we will have breakfast there on Friday and Saturday flights. A van will be available to take us up the hill or if you prefer a nice definitely uphill morning walk. (call (435) 727-3231) KPGA to UT25. When you leave MV head north to Mexican Hat then west to Lake Powell and finally south down a lake finger tributary to KPGA. This will give you only a general route and or you can and probably will zigzag around Monument Valley to take in all the sites. Flight altitude is up to you so long as you don’t run into a rock wall. (Only once) Bryce Canyon National Park Flight Bryce Airport (BCE) CTAF Freq. 122.8 Runway 03-21. KPGA to BCE which goes right over the top of the Hoodoos in the canyon, What’s a Hoodoo? Wait and see, but have the camera ready. Land at Bryce Canyon for breakfast. A van will pick you up (call: (435) 834-5341) OPTIONAL: Take off and head southwest to Zion National Park general area @ N37 14.847 / W113 05.115 and fly down the Devils Backbone in Zion.(You’ll know it when you see it) Then turn back southeast to KPGA at this point. Flights to Bryce will have breakfast at Bryce Canyon Ruby’s Inn. Escalante Flight - up Lake Powell and Escalante River Canyon to Escalante Escalante Airport (1L7) CTAF 122.8, elevation 5737’. Runway13/31. 5032’ x 60’. Back taxi required to get to the ramp so space arrival accordingly to allow previous landing plane time to get to the ramp. WE fly up Lake Powell to the confluence of the Escalante River (the last river to be “discovered” in the U.S.), then fly up the spectacular Escalante River Canyon to the airport. ADVISORY: The route up the Canyon of the Escalante River presents almost no emergency landing sites, being extremely rugged terrain. Ensure you are comfortable with this type of flying before you sign up to go on this very scenic flight. TENTATIVE: We are met at the airport by a welcoming committee with coffee and transportation. Drive into town and to breakfast. Contact is; Louise Barnes(435) 616-4432. Lake Powell to Sedona Airport Restaurant Flight Sedona is KSEZ. The elevation is 4,830’ and the airport CTAF frequency is 123.0, AWOS 118.525 or listen by phone at (928) 282-1993. Flight Service (Prescott Radio) is 122.3. Runway 03 - 21 is 5,132’ x 100’. Runway 03 is 1.9 degrees uphill and unless winds are unfavorable, this is the landing runway while takeoff is favored on the downhill runway 21. Note that this is a longer flight - at approximately 1 hour 20 minutes each way(calm winds) - than the others listed. Social hour will be each evening (Wednesday - Friday) in the breakfast area of the Clarion Hotel from 1700 - 1830. Bring your own alcohol if you want wine or beer. All other drinks they can be purchased from the bar along with light snacks. The Clarion is really helping us out by extending this courtesy to us for our evening meetings so you are encouraged to purchase some drinks from the bar. IT IS IMPERATIVE YOU BE AT THE SOCIAL HOUR AS THIS IS WHEN WE DO SAFETY BRIEFINGS AND WHEN WE DECIDE ON AND SIGHN UP FOR OUR DAILY FLIGHTS, GROUPS, AND TIMES OUR FOR THE NEXT MORNING. The final evening, Saturday evening October 21, banquet will be at the Dam Bar and Grill, 644 Navajo Drive, approximately 1/4 mile west of the Clarion Hotel, from 1800 until after dinner conversation winds down! A 12 passenger Ford van has been rented from Avis and will be available to anyone wanting a ride from the airport upon arrival, to the airport each morning, and to the restaurant on Saturday. Plus upon request to stores, local sights, etc. Call Olav on his cell (505) 250-8417 to request/coordinate. Other drivers will be available once we establish them and numbers will be provided at the social hour.
  12. Yes, people arrive through the day on Wednesday. The 5pm meeting is a must in order to be in on the safety briefing, area flight procedures, and to sign up for various sightseeing flights you are interested in. Of course you are also free to sightsee on your own..
  13. As of October 1 the following have confirmed rooms at the Page Clarion Inn under the "CT Group" for the $65 rate: Todd Bristol Steve Schroeder David McNeill Bill Ince Phillip Styka/Olav Johnsen Brian Leathers David Patterson Ron Kreienkamp Phillip Welsch Allen Kolp John Langan Hugh Sontag Lee Bergmann Darryl Swenson Duane Jefts Tom Grinoles Ted Carlson Andy Walker Walter Rawbanik If your name is not on the list you need to contact the Clarion Inn and ensure that they have you under the group "CT Group" and not on a non-group reservation. I will be checking with Ruby's Inn in Bryce Canyon later today for a confirmed list of those reservations for the pre-event. Olav
  14. One month to the Bryce Canyon Pre-event...and Page is just a couple of days later. I will be checking with both Ruby's Inn at Bryce and with the Page Clarion to get a read out on all reservations made to date. I will then post confirmed reservations by name. Any questions or issues please PM me.
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