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  1. Once reservations are made at either Ruby's (Bryce Canyon pre-event) and/or Page Clarion, please send me confirmation by PM, and also copy Tim Greer, so we can keep the roster updated. In the final few days before the events this will also allow us to advise both airports of how many planes to expect for their planning purposes. Information needed is: Name of pilot Name of passenger, if any Type of aircraft N Number Home base Phone number Email address
  2. Oops. My mistake. I looked back to my original posting from last night and I see that I put the airport number in that original posting. My mistake! We are crossing "in the mail" here...I thought you were referring to the latest info per the letter from Ruby's. So, your Ruby's number as corrected is right and is the same as the latest post. Rubys is: 435-834-5341 as pointed out and as shown in the letter copied for the GROUP BLOCK INFORMATION. Thanks for the catch on that one!
  3. For emphasis and to ensure you get your reservation in the block at the block price - per the letter: "If someone wishes to call in and reservation agent on-site can help them Please state the following to the reservation agent: “I would like to book an individual room inside of a group block.The block name is “ CT Group .” Then give them the date you would like to arrive along with the number of nights you would like to stay."
  4. Check that again please. That is the number at the bottom of the letter from Olga shown for Ruby's, above...AND I just called it 10 minutes ago and made my reservation with the Ruby's front desk at that number! How did you end up with it as the airport number? This is the number we call from the airport to Ruby's to get their shuttle to come pick us up.
  5. GROUP BLOCK CONFIRMATION Today's Date: February 7, 2019Confirmation Number: 1388460 CONTACT INFORMATION: CT Group fly in Group Name: CT Group Phone: (505) 250-8417 Email: olav51@icloud.com Group Block Monday, October 14, 2019 for 2 nights 10 X 2 Queen Beds Non Smoking at $ 119.00 per night Breakfast buffet is included into the room rate each morning Rates are per room per night and do not include tax. Tax Rate is 12.62%*Subject to changeGuarantee & Billing Instructions Individual Booking and Guarantee Contract Terms The rooms in the block are to be booked by the individual attendees via our website or calling in and asking to book a room inside of the block.(See instructions below) All rooms that are blocked are required to be booked with a name and a credit card at least 21 days prior to arrival. Any rooms not booked with name and credit card will be released for resale. Cancellation Policy If cancellation of this booking becomes necessary, to avoid forfeiture of any deposits paid or payment of penalties, Best Western Plus Ruby’s Inn must receive written notification no later than 30 days prior to arrival. Cancellations for individual group reservations are 48 hours prior to arrival. How to Book Blocked Rooms *Share these instructions with those who will be booking. To book the rooms in the block we hope you will utilize our on-line booking system. By clicking the following link, you and your attendees will be able to book a room inside the group block at the special rate securely and conveniently. Feel free to send it to all in your party. You can also imbed it in a website if you have one for your event. https://www.bryceres.com/rubys/availability.asp?startDate=10/14/2019&duration=2&requesttype=invBlockC ode&code=1910CTGRO If someone wishes to call in and reservation agent on-site can help them. Please state the following to the reservation agent “I would like to book an individual room inside of a group block. The block name is “ CT Group .” Then give them the date you would like to arrive along with the number of nights you would like to stay. Best Western Plus Ruby’s Inn, 26 South Main Street, Bryce Canyon City, UT 84764 Tel: 435-834-5341. Fax: 435-834-5265. Email: info@rubysinn.com. Web www.rubysinn.comEach Best Western® Branded hotel is independently owned and operated
  6. Olga at Ruby's Inn has made getting a reservation for us even easier.. Be sure also to read the details regarding cancellation, etc. Hello Sir. I attached below the confirmation for the October Fly-in. Please feel free to share the link below with everyone that is part of your group. By clicking on the link you will be directed to book and guarantee the room. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me. Olga Syrett Assistant Manager Contracting Department Ruby's Inn Inc. 26 S Main Street, Bryce Canyon City 84764 Phone: 435-834-5341 ext 7986 https://www.bestwestern.com/en_US/book/hotel-rooms.45040.html?groupId=U21BQ9A9
  7. OK...here we go! Preparations are well along and the countdown has begun for the 12th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in October 16 - 20, 2019, with the Bryce Canyon Pre-event at the Bryce Canyon, Utah airport October 14 - 16. Both the Clarion Inn in Page and Ruby's in Bryce City have come through for us once again. Here is the information you need to make your reservations for lodging for the 2019 Annual CT and Light Sport Fly-in: Bryce Pre-event Monday October 14 - Wednesday October 16: Ruby's Inn, Bryce City, UT (Bryce Canyon) for the pre-event. Call direct to (435) 834-5239 and ask for the rate for the "CT Group". Our rate is $119 for two queen beds and full breakfast. We have a block of 10 rooms only so if you intend to enjoy the pre-event be sure to make your reservation early. Again, be sure to identify yourself as part of the "CT Group" to get this rate. We will do a group "fly-out" from Bryce Canyon Airport midmorning Wednesday for a group arrival at Page Airport for the start of the Page Fly-in. Page Fly-in Wednesday October 16 - Sunday October 20: Clarion Inn, Page, AZ. Call direct to (928) 645-9000 and ask for the rate for "CT Group 2019". Our rate once again - unchanged for us for many years - is $65 plus tax. DO NOT call any of the online booking outfits or similar; you have to call direct to the Clarion Inn there in Page. And again, be sure to identify yourself as part of the "CT Group 2019" to get this rate. We have a block of 32 rooms at this rate. This year in Page, starting on Wednesday October 16, we will gather each evening Wednesday through Friday in the dining area of the Clarion Inn from 5:30 - 6:30 or therabouts with drinks and light snacks for introductions, mingling and, most importantly, for having our safety briefings and sign ups for various sightseeing flights and destinations. After that everyone is free to head to whatever restaurants you want. IT IS MANDATORY THAT ALL PILOTS ATTEND EACH EVENING. No more Ranch House Grill! Our final night's banquet will once again be at the Dam Bar and Grill in Page. We will have the long table and adjacent booths available starting at 5:30 Saturday evening October 19. As always, our host FBO at the Page Airport is Classic Aviation (928) 645-5356 (ask for "Chris" at the front desk for any questions you have). We will be parking on the large "new" north side ramp area. We will be getting a discount on fuel (100LL only available). Finally, we will again be renting the large 10 passenger Ford van and will be running a shuttle with it from the ramp to the hotel or wherever you want to go. Extra drivers appreciated! It will be available beginning mid-morning Wednesday October 16 through Sunday morning October 20. Any questions or comment please PM either me or Tim Greer. See you in Page (and maybe in Bryce too!). Olav
  8. The time has come to start your planning for this year’s 12th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in at Page, AZ! The dates are Wednesday October 16 - Sunday October 20, 2019. “Official” arrival in Page, Arizona is Wednesday, Oct. 16th and we head for home Sunday morning Oct. 20th. We will do group flights over the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Monument Valley (breakfast), Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon (breakfast), once again to Escalante, Utah (breakfast), and also offer options to fly to Sedona, Arizona (breakfast), and/or the Bar 10 Ranch airstrip if enough are interested. Each year we change a few things to add variety to the experience. Hotel group reservation and other arrangements are pending. Watch this site for the announcement of hotel, rates, etc. We are once again planning on having a "pre-event" fly-in to the Bryce Canyon Airport provided Ruby's Inn is available at a good rate for our group. If rooms are available, then this pre-event will be Monday October 14 - Tuesday October 15 and then we will have a group "fly out" to Page on Wednesday morning October 16. This will give everyone a full day at Bryce Canyon National Park to explore, hike, or do anything you want to do. This event will be limited to 10 planes due to ramp limitations at Bryce Canyon. So once this pre-event is confirmed there will be an announcement here and you will want to make your reservation early to assure yourself a place at Bryce. As with above, hotel group reservation and other arrangements are pending. Watch this site for the announcement of hotel availability, rates, etc. Once again Olav Johnsen and Tim Greer will be the contacts for questions, comments, and suggestions. Stand by for further information soon...
  9. Dates coming soon...stand by. Working hotel, dining, etc. so all line up.
  10. Planning for the 2019 Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in will start shortly. Working with the hotels and other sites needed to lock in availability. "Stay tuned" for the announcement with dates within a couple of weeks. Olav
  11. Sounds like it might be a good and different breakfast stop. We can all maybe pack a brunch bag and picnic there? Good idea Todd. So with this, sound off everyone. Is this a good addition to the Page Fly-in daily destination options?
  12. Finally the wx looks like it cleared up there. Breaking up in northern New Mexico finally also. Albuquerque had three days of high wind, low ceilings, and rain/snow showers. Worst October I have seen here in my 36 years living here. Next year in Page!!!
  13. We had a fatal crash this afternoon late just a few miles from my home base, KAEG here in Albuquerque. Cessna 182 based at KAEG and on approach to the airport reported icing and power loss to the tower just before contact lost. From the overhead view from a local tv station helo, it hit slightly nose down and very hard and while the parts are all there, it is totally crumpled. Only left about a 75 - 100 foot skid mark in the dirt and ended up with the nose pointed back about 135 degrees out from the skid trail. Totally destroyed. Man and woman died on impact. Conditions here were (and continue) winds 26 gusting 35, low overcast, and intermittent mixed snow and rain showers. No ID yet but I'm sure I know who the pilot is, or at least I know of him...it's not a big airport and, as is the case for most of us at our respective home fields, we pretty much get to know each other. There will be some somberness at the Bombing Range Cafe at KAEG. And this is a sad reminder of why we cancelled the Fly-in. These unusual October conditions across the lower Four Corners created too much potential for risk. Fly safe everyone. We will start planning for the 2019 Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in. Dates to be set shortly. While these conditions and the cancellation are discouraging, flight safety is THE most important criterion in the planning. And this was the first time in 11 years that we had a weather cancellation. Odds are that "normal" October conditions (balmy, calm, clear) will be the case next year. Finally, if anyone has a problem with a cancellation at the Clarion, let me know. I spoke with the GM this afternoon and was assured that no one will be held accountable for a non-arrival under these circumstances. In fact, she had her staff calling individuals they had not heard from to find out if they want to cancel. Still, to be safe...call and cancel. Be sure to identify that you are part of the CT Pilot Group. Olav
  14. Yup...your return trip is still the epic one we talk about! ? You definitely earned the Long Flight merit badge for that one. ? Here in the Southwest our spring is nothing but wind, summers are high density altitude with frequent afternoon t'storms, and then along comes October...and - usually - calm, balmy, smooth wonderful flying days. Not this year though. Every region has its particular seasonality weather to confound flying. Sure hope you can make it next year. You sure have earned a trip after being knocked out of it for 3 years now.
  15. Late spring in the Southwest is not good due to almost daily, very strong southwesterly winds from mid-April through early to mid-June. September might be a possibility though it is generally still hot - mid to high 80s - in Page meaning high density altitude issues especially at many of our sightseeing/breakfast stops plus thermal turbulence starting early. But we can sound everyone out on that as an option. This is very frustrating for everyone and Tim and I can only stress that we thought this through carefully and finally decided to scrub based on flight safety above all other considerations. A number of our pilots are low time, and/or new to Light Sport. Few have IFR ratings or experience which even if our planes are not IFR certified the rating and experience at least adds significantly to capability for those with that...and without the chance of inadvertent flight into IMC and a bad outcome under the conditions right now increase. We will start planning for next year and will consider alternative dates. But historically, October is far and away the best month for flying conditions here in the Southwest...this year a notable - and first time - exception. It doesn't do much good to plan for good seasonal conditions elsewhere if the Page destination seasonal conditions are not.
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