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  1. Olav

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    As always Duane, it is great to hear you and Larry will be at Page again! Looking forward to catching up and to some great flights.
  2. Olav

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Welcome back once again Ted! Look forward to seeing you and Kurt in Page.
  3. Olav

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Bill, thanks for the update on our new point of contact at the Clarion. Hopefully Isabel will be as helpful to us as Ilisa has been for many years. The Clarion has been a great and cooperative hotel host for us.
  4. Olav

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Three months to go until the Bryce Canyon Pre-Event part of the 11th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in. Which means its three months to the Page Fly-in itself. So make your plans, make those reservations at the Page Clarion Inn, and come on out for some of the most scenic flying anywhere in the country. Meet fellow pilots, share experiences and swap stories (and remember history the way you choose!), and fly in group flights to those iconic Southwest locations we always have scheduled each day of the event. This year we will be doing evenings a bit differently from the past. Instead of social hour and dinner at the Ranch House we will instead have a social hour and flight sign up and briefings at the Clarion Inn each evening from 5 to 6:30 beginning the first night of the Fly-in, Wednesday October 17. The manager at the Clarion Inn has offered the breakfast area and bar area to us for this. We will have light snacks and drinks or can order from the bar. And afterwards everyone is free to go to dinner where they choose, individually or in groups. Our final banquet once again will be at the Dam Bar and Grill on Saturday night October 20. Once again, lots of iconic flight destinations and fun. Mark your calendars and make your reservations! See you in Page (or Bryce Canyon if you are making the pre-event) in three months!
  5. Olav

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Welcome Peter. Look forward to having you join us. See you in Page!
  6. Olav

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Afternoons are open. And like last year where we started the fly in a day earlier than in years past, our first group flight will be Thursday morning (sign up Wednesday evening at the social/briefing hour). Group flights are morning flights and usually groups are back, after sightseeing and breakfast at a destination, by noon or shortly thereafter. Often individuals then choose to do individual flights in the afternoons. Flying over to pick up your wife in the afternoon will not prevent you from a group flight in the morning, whatever group (destination) flight you want that morning. Having said that, some destinations do take longer than others (Bryce Canyon typically is a somewhat longer flight, for instance, than Monument Valley) or return later than others depending upon departure time from Page, as noted by Roger. You will not have a scheduling problem enjoying a group flight Friday morning then flying out that early afternoon to pick up your wife.
  7. Olav

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    October and the Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in is coming up fast. Make those reservations for either the Bryce Canyon pre-event, the Page main event, or both! And again, please send a PM to both me and Tim with your information.
  8. Olav

    Practice Maneuvers

    A good maneuver, not easy to master without lots of practice, is the Dutch Roll. This is an excellent maneuver to hone stick and rudder skills. Start out with gentle angles of bank. Slowly increase the angle as you gain ability and feel to maintain your nose on a point on the horizon. Get to the point where you can roll 60 degree banks left to right and back as quickly as you can input the control all the while keeping your nose locked on a “pivot point” on the horizon with no yawing or pitch change and you will have gained an excellent feel for control using all control inputs. The WWII fighter ace Joe Foss emphsized training in this maneuver as an important one to learning mastery of good aircraft control.
  9. Olav

    Seeking information

    Thanks Dick. I think FD is also missing a great ad benefit by not having a representative at the annual Page Fly-in. Great photo ops for their ads along with any number of stories of epic trips taken in CTs! Maybe this year?
  10. Olav

    Seeking information

    I'll second Flying Monkey's comments. I have flown my 2007 CTSW all over the country in the 10 years I've owned it, the longest trip being a 7 day marathon trip "following Lewis and Clark" up the Missouri River. Albuquerque to St. Louis, then up the Missouri River and on to the mouth of the Columbia River. And return home. Over 4300 miles. Lots of stops along the route to visit iconic Corps of Discovery sites and museums. And the CT got all kinds of interested attention at almost every stop. Comfortable traveling airplane, reasonable to refuel, and has good long legs if needed. I use is for travel much more than my previous plane, a Cessna 182. Frankly, while a bit slower than the 182 (15 - 20 knots or so) it is so much more reasonable to fly and I find it more comfortable in addition. You can't go wrong with a good CT.
  11. Olav

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Just a reminder folks...please send a PM to both me and to Tim with your fly-in information, specifically: Your name and passenger's name, if any Your aircraft type and N number Your home base Phone number Email Whether you are attending both the Bryce pre-event and Page fly-in, or only Page. Also...please let us know when you have confirmed your hotel reservations. This information is important to building an accurate roster of who is attending and keeping track of how many hotel rooms are left. If we run out of rooms there is some opportunity to get a few more at the fly-in price but only with enough early warning. Thanks! Olav
  12. Olav

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Once again we will have a Ford 12 person person van available during the fly-in to shuttle folks around. In addition, Avis will extend special fly-in rates for cars rented by fly-in attendees for those wishing their own transportation option. For information and rates contact Avis at the Page Airport at (928) 645-2024. Be sure to identify as renting a car under the "Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in" in order to receive the special rate. For the Bryce Canyon Pre-event, Bryce Canyon Airport is making the north ramp exclusively available for us. The airport manager indicated he would ensure tie-downs are available. If you even hope to go but are unsure if you can...make your reservations anyway. You can always cancel if unable. But if you do cancel you'll be missing out on one of the best fly-ins around!
  13. Olav

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Correction to the rate at Ruby's Inn. Quoted rate ($112) I first received was different from the final rate ($119). Trying to resolve the difference also between cancellation policy as given on the phone for the block (3 weeks) and on the booking site. Standby.
  14. Olav

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    As announced, this year’s Page, AZ Fly-In dates are Wednesday October 17 - Sunday October 21, 2018. THE FOLLOWING IS LENGTHY BUT READ AND UNDERSTAND IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON COMING, PARTICULARLY IF YOU INTEND TO COME TO THE PRE-EVENT AT BRYCE CANYON!!! “Official” arrival in Page, Arizona is Wednesday, Oct. 17th and we head for home Sunday morning Oct. 21th. We will do group flights over the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Monument Valley (breakfast), Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon (breakfast), Bullfrog Marina and Resort (breakfast), once again to Escalante, Utah (breakfast), and also offer options to fly up to Monticello, Utah via spectacular Comb Ridge and to Sedona, Arizona (breakfast) if enough are interested. Each year we change a few things to add variety to the experience. A total of 32 rooms have been blocked off at the Clarion Inn, once again with a rate of $65 (2 queen beds). Breakfast is free in the mornings. The Clarion has not only a continental breakfast but a hot breakfast menu as well. Just like in years past make your reservations early so you don't miss out; the hotel won't hold all 32 rooms forever. Book it now and you can cancel up to 24 hours before Oct. 17th. Get it booked and reserved, then if you have to cancel you can, but if you wait again then you may not be staying with the rest of us and at your own peril for rates and possibly a different hotel. They book darn near the whole town in October. "You must tell them you are with the "CT Group" for your reference and the rate of $65 a night or you will end up being charged full price. Ask for the General Manager, Illisa M. Tso if you have any issues with your reservations or contact either John-Olav Johnsen or Tim Greer through the CTFlier.com forum. Clarion Inn - Page 751 South Navajo Drive Page, AZ 86040 928-645-9000 We will have evening meals together Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Location to be announced for Wednesday through Friday evenings. The Dam Grill will once again be the host for our final dinner on Saturday. It is important that you attend the Wednesday through Friday dinners to take part in the flight briefings and to sign up for what flights you want to take the following morning if you intend to fly in one of the groups. The advantage of being in a group flight is safety plus flight leaders are experienced and knowledgable with the geography and routes of the flights. We will fly into the Page airport - KPGA. We are staying with Classic FBO. The CT Fly-In group will receive a 30 cent per gallon discount on fuel. Classic is not the first FBO next to the runway, but the second one behind them. The Antelope Canyon tour and the tour of the Glenn Canyon Dam is open if anyone wants; you make these tour arrangements on you own. These are land tours. You are welcome to invite other planes that are not CT's and everyone is welcome. Find some more LSA's. Everyone is welcome!!! AND...this year for the first time we are having a "pre-event" fly-in to the Bryce Canyon Airport. This will be Monday October 15 - Tuesday October 16 and then we will have a group "fly out" to Page on Wednesday morning October 17. This will give everyone a full day at Bryce Canyon National Park to explore, hike, or do anything you want to do. A block of 10 rooms have been set aside at Ruby's Inn in Bryce Canyon City; if we have enough early interest in this pre-event that leads to all 10 rooms in the block being reserved early we may be able to increase the block size but this option will start closing as summer approaches. You can cancel up to 21 days prior. These are non-smoking rooms with two queen beds. The rate is $112 plus tax. You will need to book and guarantee your room at the following link: https://www.bestwestern.com/en_US/book/hotel-rooms.45040.html?groupId=1J9HR0I0 . IMPORTANT: Be sure to identify yourself as being in the Group Identifier "Pilot Fly-in/IND". If you have any issues please contact the Ass't Manager, Olga Syrett at (435) 834-5341 Ext. 7986 or if problems are encountered contact either John-Olav or Tim through the CTFlier.com forum. BE SURE TO NOTIFY JOHN-OLAV AND TIM AS TO WHETHER YOU ARE ATTENDING PAGE, OR BRYCE CANYON, OR BOTH...AND CONFIRM WITH US WHEN YOUR RESERVATIONS ARE MADE SO THAT WE CAN GENERATE THE GROUP ROSTER AND GET NAME TAGS MADE!!!
  15. Olav

    Merry Christmas from Mammoth Lakes

    Beautiful Christmas spirit photo And finally... "God jul og godt nyytår for alle på CTFlier.com"!