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  1. Thx any experience with them? Great price compared to gdl 88
  2. I believe the portable are in only like the stratus and clarity. Clarity works great but again in only so need to be within the zone of an aircraft with ads b out to pick up the targets from ground radar. Not really a problem in busy airspace. I am just outside NY and I can always piggy back on an aircraft with ads b out.
  3. Charlie tango did u get the switchbox in time? I just installed mine great advice. Works great
  4. Thx for sharing. I also learned and do not deploy flaps in a turn. I was taught easier to recognize a failure and if you are in a banked turn and there is a failure of one flap you will have even less time to react before over banking situation. Just the way I do it.
  5. Great video thanks for sharing everyone should watch!
  6. When I do stalls in slow flight with 15 or 30 degrees flaps and no bank I keep the stick back and the plane recovers on its own with just the natural dip of the nose, I just keep holding it back the whole time and it will stall and then recover stall recover with no Input from me.
  7. Wow that was educational good lesson on how not to crosswind land, there were even a few scary take offs. I think it was the 3 rd one he just about stalled it on the take off. I agree with Roger that sock is either frozen or that was under 10 kts. Far cry from the Bob Hoover video, which was awesome!
  8. Mocfly very interesting will give it a try. On my trip I went for adjusting one wing high to correct it and did nothing I didn't think about the forces of yaw which make total sense and to think about it I had a northerly wind while flying east which caused me to crab creating the side force which would hinder one tank and help the other. I calculate fuel and leave big margins and check site tubes routinely as part of my cruise checks to make sure I have equal draw but when I saw the one tube way down I headed to the next safe haven. Just one of those flights, heavy crab, turbulence heavy enough to have IFR's calling for block altitudes, and watching one tank getting lower and lower.
  9. Rocky Mountain High, I believe that's what took John Denver down. Just to be clear if one tank runs dry and you don't adjust yaw and the other tank is full the engine will be able to pull over the force created by the forces of flight? Or if u don't adjust yaw you could have an engine out with one full tank and one empty? I am used to a fuel selector, one tank is burning faster just flip the switch.
  10. What happens if u r flying and don't notice one tank drains all the way down? Will it then pull from the 2nd or if u don't use rudder input to transfer will it shutdown?
  11. I will let it sit tonight should it level out in the hangar?
  12. Thx will try, I was going to have AP check the lines? I did not try the ball, I was focused on ailerons, my mistake will try ASAP. There has always been a slight difference before but never a whole tank difference. I do long cross country's in this plane and never had that much difference is it possible there is a check valve stuck or something?
  13. Went on a cross country today just round 650 nm round rip. I brought my biz partner with me and I am 6' 200 and he is 6'3 250, off topic but it is unbelievable how well we fit in that plane. Point is we don't have much useful load left so we don't top off the tanks, this plus my personal minimums are more conservative than vfr minis so we have a fuel stop midway out, at our destination, midway home and home. Midway out everything was normal, destination we burned more fuel in the right (passenger) tank than pilot side. (Not much but a few gallons). At the midway point the pilot side was down to just a few gallons but the right side only used a gallon. I thought maybe we were not flying wings level since he is heavier than I and that caused a crossover, so on the way home I focused on keeping my side slightly lower but when we landed we had the same problem. Has anyone experienced this?
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