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  1. Rich

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    January 2015 trip from PA-NC-FL-PA. 9th Page, AZ trip Oct, 2016
  2. Thanks Roger, I was able to download your link for my files. When I tried to download from original on my android, it took me to AvWeb, constantly.
  3. Good morning, My AC is equipped with wig wag LED lights. I do not hear the pulsating SCH-SCH-SCH.......when transmitting or not transmitting. I only hear the static when someone else is transmitting on the frequency. I was thinking of finding the relay and running the ground directly back to the negative post on the battery. Anyone have this problem? Anyone have suggestions? Maybe a better relay?
  4. Hi Tim, I'm just getting back to the list. Thanks. E-mail------norgate01946@yahoo.com. Rich
  5. Ed, Really nice photography of the mountain peaks. I've taken a few myself crossing the Rockies from west to east, just north of Colorado Springs. I've always enjoyed the mountains and really like flying the Catskill's in NY. Thanks for posting such nice photos.
  6. Tim, Did the pictures of the Sting come out well? If so, can you E-mail them to me?
  7. Hi All, Really good to meet you all at Page. Mary and I had an absolutely great time. Got many great pictures and some really great videos. Our trip totals back to PA are as follows: Page to Santa Rosa Rt. 66 (SXU) 3:04-----386.1 NM SXU to Clinton Regional, Oklahoma (CLK) 2:10----292 NM CLK to Crawford County, Robinson, Illinois (RSV) 4:10---599.2 NM RSV to Wayne County, Wooster, Ohio ((BJJ) 2:08---293.4 NM BJJ to Cherry Ridge NE PA (N30) 2:10---309.5 NM Totals 11:41---1880.2 NM 162.08 NMPH Compared to 19 hours getting to Page, what a fast ride. But, along with the fast ride comes the landing and departure phase. Landings were good and two departures tested the x-wind limits of myself and the airplane. A great experience which enables me to move my limitations to a higher level. Many thanks to John and Tim for the time they spent making this a memorable event. And also, many thanks to the flight leaders, John and Ron, for their knowledge of the area and leading us through this fantastic part of the country. Rich
  8. Olav, I've just made the rafting reservations for the 11 am trip on the 13th for Rich Provenzano and guest. Our motel reservations were made previously from the 11th to the 16th. Thanks, Rich
  9. Thanks Andy, I've downloaded and been all over the FAA site (Advisory Circulars) to try and purchase a copy of each. No luck so far. Any suggestions for the purchase of the hard copies?
  10. Really enjoyed that Roger...........by the way, thanks for the return phone call. Sorry I missed it but found what I needed on the web. Friction Torque. Rich
  11. Rich

    Sentimental Journey

    Hi Tip, Dan Wilkins, a member from our EAA Chapter 839, won best in show with his orange and black Waco. Did you get the chance to see it?
  12. Rich


    If your planning to go to KOSH there is a APP that will let you plan your complete event. Pick what you want to see and be alerted when the time nears. The APP can be downloaded from Google Play. Everything about the show can be found there. A flight of three from our Sussex, NJ Chapter are flying out. We'll be assembling a WWI Fokker at the show and returning it to its home in Rhinebeck, NY. Hoping for good wx or we'll have to drive. First time for me.
  13. Andyb Not familiar with your previous thread. Do you have both ASDS-B in and out? If you've installed the out it needs to be checked by the FAA's Compliance Monitor. Your avionics shop, if used, knows this. It's an inflight check of the ADS-B "Out". You'll then get a report that all is working properly or that it is not and needs attention. If you have installed the "IN" only, then disregard the above.
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