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  1. Do you still have any blank ignition keys for a CTSW?

  2. Does anyone know where I can buy a good used Garmin 696? I'm leery of buying one from eBay. I want to replace the Garmin MAP496 in my 2007 CTsw with a panel-mounted Garmin 696 - both for its larger screen and to elininate the need for an iPad to display traffic and weather. All the newer units use touchscreens and I don't care for using them in bumpy air,
  3. Is it permissible to mix orange and green antifreeze? I see Rotax has approved several types but can I just buy by color at the auto parts store?
  4. I had a little scare this week when I flew back to Nashville from Gulf Shores. I put tape on my radiator a couple weeks ago - as I do every year when temps drop. All Dynon EMS readings were normal on the trip down. The outside temp at 6500 feet was in the upper 30's and low 40's. Climbing out on the return trip I started getting intermittent audible alarms and flashing red lghts, so I shallowed my climb and the alarms abated somewhat. I considered turning back until I noticed that it was only the right CHT bouncing into the red arc. I've had previous iissues with the Dynon as well as erroneous sensor readings caused by loose wire connectors, so I throttled back and made a VERY shallow climb to 5500 feet where the ouside temp was in the upper 40's. The engine continued to run fine despite the intermittent alarms. The oil temp was normal. I pushed the 'silence' and 'ACK' buttons numerous times to reduce distractions while I troubleshot I didn't call for flight following because the persistent, but intermittent alarms would've made communicating difficult. Because only one of the CHT's was reading high and bouncing around and everything else appeared normal, I chose to continue the flight with lower rpm's - between 4800 and 5000. Luckily I had a pretty good tailwind so my ground speed was 125-135 knots. After a while I pulled and reset the EMS ckt breaker to see if that helped. It didn't. Right or wrong, I chose to push on toward home, hoping the temps would fall as I flew north. At some point, I pulled the EMS ckt breaker and flew without it except for turning it back on every 15 minutes or so to verify nothing had changed. About a hundred miles south of Nashville the outside temp fell back into the lower 40's. The EMS alarms disappeared and the right CHT stayed in the green arc but still bounced around. I landed in Nashville without incident and immediately verified the oil and coolant levels were OK. I guess I'll try removing a portion of the tape on the radiator and test fly. Does anyone have other suggestions?
  5. I have this problem very intermittently in my 2007 CTsw. I have resigned myself to simply verifying the flaps movement each time - by ear and by visual inspection.
  6. I'm wanting a music source through the aux input so both I and my passenger can hear simultaneously. My passenger headset is an inexpensive one - it doesn't do Bluetooth.
  7. Years ago I used a Walkman plugged into the aux jack of my intercom for music on long trips but I seem to have lost it. What are others using these days for music?
  8. My 2007 CTsw had an intermittent problem last month with certain display data dropping out. Sent both units to Dynon. They replaced a chip and updated my firmware. The problem was fixed without losing any settings for $469.
  9. Ted Carlson plans to attend for the 4th time - bringing my brother Kurt this year.
  10. Hi! Does the 2s receive on both frequencies? Is any wiring or antenna required to work with Foreflight on my iPad? How long does the battery go between charges? How well does it receive using the window mount? Thanks,Ted Carlson in Tennessee.
  11. What's the easiest way to balance the wheels of my CTsw?
  12. Thanks guys. Sounds like I can go with either the RAM suction cup or yoke clamp.
  13. I'm afraid a suction cup mount wouldn't hold or my iPad would get knocked off if the door was inadvertently opened. Have you tried such an arrangement?
  14. I've been using a knee board mount for my iPad but would like to mount it to the glare shield for more convenient viewing. Does anyone have a suggested mounting hardware arrangement? i'm considering buying a RAM yoke mount and clamp it to the glare shield but wonder if others have tried this. I'm thinking I'll mount it in front of my Garmin 496. Any help?
  15. John-Olav & Tim, I've made reservations for my brother, Kurt Carlson, and I at Clarion for Page only Wed - Sun. Ted & Kurt Carlson CTsw N536CT Nashville, TN 615-495-1445 tjcarlson@bellsouth.net
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