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  1. I'm wanting a music source through the aux input so both I and my passenger can hear simultaneously. My passenger headset is an inexpensive one - it doesn't do Bluetooth.
  2. Years ago I used a Walkman plugged into the aux jack of my intercom for music on long trips but I seem to have lost it. What are others using these days for music?
  3. My 2007 CTsw had an intermittent problem last month with certain display data dropping out. Sent both units to Dynon. They replaced a chip and updated my firmware. The problem was fixed without losing any settings for $469.
  4. Ted Carlson plans to attend for the 4th time - bringing my brother Kurt this year.
  5. Hi! Does the 2s receive on both frequencies? Is any wiring or antenna required to work with Foreflight on my iPad? How long does the battery go between charges? How well does it receive using the window mount? Thanks,Ted Carlson in Tennessee.
  6. What's the easiest way to balance the wheels of my CTsw?
  7. Thanks guys. Sounds like I can go with either the RAM suction cup or yoke clamp.
  8. I'm afraid a suction cup mount wouldn't hold or my iPad would get knocked off if the door was inadvertently opened. Have you tried such an arrangement?
  9. I've been using a knee board mount for my iPad but would like to mount it to the glare shield for more convenient viewing. Does anyone have a suggested mounting hardware arrangement? i'm considering buying a RAM yoke mount and clamp it to the glare shield but wonder if others have tried this. I'm thinking I'll mount it in front of my Garmin 496. Any help?
  10. John-Olav & Tim, I've made reservations for my brother, Kurt Carlson, and I at Clarion for Page only Wed - Sun. Ted & Kurt Carlson CTsw N536CT Nashville, TN 615-495-1445 tjcarlson@bellsouth.net
  11. Ted & Martha Carlson are planning to fly out again from Tennessee.
  12. Ted & Martha Carlson have made reservations for Oct 12 - 16. CTsw N536CT 615-495-1445
  13. My co-owner, Chad, and his wife were landing at Panama City Beach this past Wednesday after flying our CTsw down from Tennessee when the engine quit on final just as they passed over the runway threshold. After a quick attempt at a restart they thankfully made an uneventful landing and rolled to a stop. The engine would not start to taxi off the runway even though there were about 4.5 gallons of fuel remaining - all in the right wing. Fuel ran freely out the sump drain when Chad checked, but the engine still would not start until the plane was towed to the ramp and the left wing tank was refueled. A technician checked the tank vent tubes and the engine's fuel plumbing but found nothing amiss. Chad did an extended run-up followed by a solo trip around the pattern before they headed home today. Chad encountered no further problems getting home but observed again that 14 gallons were used from the left tank and only 3 from the right. The winds at altitude were light and variable, requiring no rudder or aileron trim - the ball of the turn indicator stayed pretty much centered. How many others have encountered a similar issue? Ted Carlson
  14. My 2007 CTsw's right aileron has unsightly water damage. Does anyone know who might have a salvageable aileron they would sell me?
  15. Yippee! I removed the tape around the wings and the noise is GONE! Thanks to all of you. Ted
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