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  1. H clips it what i call them like for a baby seat had them for years in mine.
  2. when carbs are wide open I don't think carb sync. has any thing to do with wide open RPM unless one was not open all the way.
  3. My voltage has been reading about 12.3 for years with no issues. I always thought it was low but nothing I did fixed it, new VR didn't help. After the hose change it has risen to 13.7 ever since. loose or bad connection I guess all is still good after 7 months.
  4. Put a little air in tube first I have changed mine several times with no issues. A&P 90 min. find another one. I have tundra tires
  5. Is the pin that slides through slot on nose also goes through brass sleeve should the pin fit tight in brass sleeve also, mine is very loose in that hole?
  6. Worst part of that job is fuel lines that have to be replaced.
  7. Roger can I get a larger pin from you?
  8. Thanks Does rod unscrew out of the bottom of fork or it doesn't matter?
  9. Roger how much wear is to much I have .006 between slot and block where can I get larger pin ?
  10. Slot to the pin has about .006 is that to much feeler gauge takes 95% of the play out??
  11. Most of play is in the slot not much but enough, when you take the nut off inside the fork is everything supposed to come apart or do you have to tap on the threaded rod up in the fork to separate the upper parts??
  12. I going to take it apart tonight and see what going on.
  13. My front wheel has some play in it when I move the front wheel it has about a 1/2 inch movement left to right but the at the top there is no play, slot and the pin look good and tight what should looking for CTSW? I The whole assembly does not move side to side or left to right when off the ground. Bearings in wheel are fine no movement there.
  14. Light bulb and a blanket around cowl easy peesy
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