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  1. Difficult Tire mount question?

    Yea get another IA tires ain't that hard done several
  2. Tire wear pattern

    I would leave it alone not bad at all.
  3. Won’t start??

    I strap plugs to cyl head with cable tie tight to ground trust me had lots of experience. Timing light will work but I want to see a nice strong blue spark. I've seen plugs fire but not strong enough or hot enough to start engine. Just saying
  4. Won’t start??

    Don't you guys think he should see if it is firing first?
  5. Won’t start??

    No one said pull spark plugs make sure they are grounded and see if its firing before you go to far. then look for fuel issues. Engine no start, compression, fire and fuel first. Then move on.
  6. Let's talk about grounds. Again.

    Are all those ground wires in pic?
  7. New Project

    Does it a BRS LOL
  8. Light sport NI43RS skyrunner crash feb 2018

    Elephants don't fly and neither do cars nuff said.
  9. Cold Weather Roughness?

    Yep sounds to lean on cold dry days, one size up on main jet for wide open and possibly raise needle position may help. If your EGT are higher during this time maybe a little to lean mine does same thing little higher EGT on dry cold days, runs ok. I sync. at 5000 and at idle. My temps run really close at that RPM.
  10. Sun N Fun 2018

    No driving from Va. then taking cruise.
  11. Sun N Fun 2018

    I am going anyone one else planning to?
  12. Amps verses volts

    Thanks what are you calling the shunt?
  13. Amps verses volts

    My ct has 13.6 volts running but the amps are are over the place mostly around zero +1 - 1 to -3 or 4 and back up again, new volt reg. and capacitor installed same result. Not sure its a problem but wondering what other people see?
  14. Bing 64 main jet

    What size main jet is in 64 carbs for my CTSW?
  15. Need new voltage regulator

    Where do I buy new regulator is CPS the only place? thanks