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  1. EGT question for the experts?

    Is it written somewhere that a Rotax is designed to run 5000 or more, not any lower RPM for extended amount of time?
  2. Help with Landings

    What is his idle speed?
  3. Fuel filter

    If you are getting good fuel flow from the gascolator filter should be ok I think. spelling
  4. Which has more thrust?

    Torque is torque biggest difference would be at certain RPM where the best torque would be. Should be a graph somewhere for Rotax.
  5. EGT question for the experts?

    Roger why would you want more EGT 1300's verses 1400's seems to me less heat is better under cowl?
  6. New Pilot - Jumping Left on Takeoff

    rudder trim??
  7. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Mine has some minor surface cracks in coating. Not a question just letting you know your not the only one with surface stress marks or cracks.
  8. Cost to replace/overhaul the engine.

    Do all new engines have latest and greatest modules and flywheel??
  9. Drip Tray and the new cylinderheads

    That doesn't sound good?
  10. What is that gunk in my carburetor bowl?

    Checked mine today perfectly clean shiny like new inside. 150 hrs since last carb service.
  11. In the market for a CTLS or possibly CTSW

    My A&P has a 2010 for sale CTLS call Bob Chandler 757-897-9023 or 757-357-2257 he is in Va, close to Va. beach area I have CTSW I bought from him years ago. Tell him Ronnie told you to call.
  12. Difficult Tire mount question?

    Yea get another IA tires ain't that hard done several
  13. Tire wear pattern

    I would leave it alone not bad at all.
  14. Won’t start??

    I strap plugs to cyl head with cable tie tight to ground trust me had lots of experience. Timing light will work but I want to see a nice strong blue spark. I've seen plugs fire but not strong enough or hot enough to start engine. Just saying
  15. Won’t start??

    Don't you guys think he should see if it is firing first?