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  1. sending unit is fairly cheap not worth hassel warranty might be a pain to resolve.
  2. Got mine and installed them yesterday don't think my engine was in SB but I replaced them anyway $16 insurance policy.
  3. This forum is great I have learned a lot since owning my CT, thanks to all have added their experiences with these NEW modern engines and planes, I to have 50 years experience working on boat motors, motorcycles, high speed packaging machinery, mowers, RC plane engines and every other kind of engine there is, no degrees just real world experience . I learned a long time ago that other people have good ideas to and for that I am grateful.
  4. Rotax maint. manual it said the numbers on direct compression should be between 130 and 174 and that it can be done either way from a 5 year old, some may need to look it up for reference.Doing the check on old antique airplane engines would be the preferred way I would think, for those who tell me I've been doing it that way all my life I say to you maybe you been doing it wrong. I only asked for some numbers, if you didn't know the answer perhaps you should stay out of the conversation. nuff said
  5. Mine shows 175 to 180 1500 hrs
  6. Madhatter here you go. Maybe you need to talk to AP show him video. Its not hard.
  7. Co-Pilot Join Date Feb 2009 Location Wigan Posts 197 Thanks 3 Thanked 8 Times in 8 Posts Compression Test on a Rotax 912UL Hi all, What is the TBO for a 912ul and what compression readings would you expect in a static test (PSI). I have been looking at a 912 with 1750 hours and the cylinder readings are. 1 = 130psi 2 = 126psi 3 = 130psi 4 = 125psi I cannot find any figures for a static test only the one using compressed air. Any Ideas ?
  8. I know how to do it the other way the motor is more like a car or motorcycle engine than an airplane motor. I think either way tells you what you want to know. Just wanted to know what others might be getting for numbers.
  9. What kind of numbers should you see using a compression gauge turning engine over with throttle wide open?
  10. New SB I called Lockwood they have no parts to fix carbs. anybody checked into this?
  11. I have marc brakes never had to pump mine no springs, not that powerful but work.
  12. I am going to make mine out of play dough don't have a 3D printer😀 28 grams in a ounce how many pounds does it weigh?
  13. Are the Whelen plug and play?
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