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  1. Drain oil replace filter drain bolt washer, pull 4 plugs add proper amount of oil turn prop until you see oil pressure install plugs fire it up check oil go flying. Safety wire drain bolt.
  2. Yep those dam annuals can cause problems, sometimes better left alone but you have to check out the plane.
  3. If you truly had 0 to 10 lbs pressure what damage has happened to your engine or does Rotax only need 10 lbs to perform without any issues? I think I would have hooked up a mechanical gauge first knowing the electrical problems these engines have.
  4. You my friend are getting screwed big time, do it yourself it's not hard.
  5. I work at an airport we sell 93 mogas is can stay in a tank for quite awhile before anything starts to happen 6 wks should not be a problem real mogas has no ethanol in it however I would top off the tanks full add sea foam its a great stabilizer I like it much better than other gas additives.
  6. I keep a 60 watt light bulb in cowling and a blanket around it and have no leaks no light bulb I will have a little leak like you guys have. Normal
  7. What is a 912 worth with 1500 hours on it with all new modules and flywheel stuff like new compression no issues. Will need hose job in 2021??
  8. I did new modules and flywheel few years ago never any more starting issues.
  9. Don't get all puckered up motor will still run.
  10. My amp meter mostly reads a little negative goes up and down + and - been like this for years ever since owning plane I think its normal for my plane never been a problem so far. Volts do same once in a while. I've done the ground things and it never changed anything. Done the rectifier a couple of times no change.
  11. Are you hand filing or can you use end mill to keep everything flat and square.
  12. I will check when I pull it apart going to do hose job first of the year, if pin needs replacing I will fix, if spring is still in there I will leave it, after 13 years I see no need to change it with no real problems. You would think spring would do better on a hard landing than solid dampers or what ever they are called. I have a lathe I guess I can make a pin when needed.
  13. I have Tundra nose I don't see anything but spring is that correct? polyurethane dampeners I may not need not sure. Front end does move up and down like a spring.
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