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  1. procharger

    Another oil temp question?

    No pic its the bracket that attaches the flat bar to the rubber mount to the engine it has a 180 twist in it I just made one just like factory one just longer and slotted so I could adjust it also had to loosen rad.hoses so it can move not hard to do. Bottom left on rad. flat bar about 5 inches long to the bolt on the side of engine to motor mount bracket.
  2. procharger

    Another oil temp question?

    I made an adjustable bracket that goes to the bottom of rad. that way I can move the bottom of rad. more upright in relation to the cowl, in other words its much closer at the bottom than it was seems to have helped a lot.It was hot here today. Ran cooler than it ever has to date.
  3. procharger

    market analysis

    I am a sport pilot you hurt my feelings
  4. procharger

    Door Lever Guide Plate

    Just reglass the broken part and buy spatter paint .
  5. procharger

    Another oil temp question?

    Roger can u post pic of cowling that u talked about cut out at bottom or top?
  6. procharger

    Another oil temp question?

    I just moved my rad. up about 3/4 inch and also made a bracket that moves the rad. more forward at the bottom which helps also, sits up straighter into the air flow.
  7. procharger

    ADS-B problem

    Looks like is grounded where all the other grounds are inside fire wall.
  8. procharger

    ADS-B problem

    Are you saying because of the ADSB I might need to redo grounds?
  9. procharger

    ADS-B problem

    After flying with it I now have some kind of grimlin, during 3 flights all of a sudden my CHT and oil temps jump to 350 -400 degrees, done this 3 times, today I landed and stopped engine, while sitting, temps climbed even higher, turned off battery 3 seconds later I turned it back on and readings were normal, I then removed panel unplugged ADSB and flew again for hour with no issues, what the hell?
  10. procharger

    Garmin GDL 82 ADS-B installed this week

    Don't have any experience yet haven't talked to anyone yet who has IN to see if its doing what is supposed to do. Other than the antenna being mounted on top of panel you can't tell its even installed. Warning light and switch.
  11. procharger

    Fuel pressure question?

    Gas will still flow to carbs. I believe?
  12. procharger

    Garmin GDL 82 ADS-B installed this week

    Nothing to see its mounted behind panel. what review would you like. Out only.
  13. Finally got it installed,
  14. procharger

    Fuel pressure question?

    If you were low on fuel might have had a air bubble get in your lines
  15. procharger

    Glide Ratio

    I know how far my CTSW will glide all the way to the crash sight