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  1. If I was exp.I would build and design the same setup as motorcycles have then they would most likely never need to be sync. or at least not very often. I actually have the parts off some old cycle carbs. to do it. also a cable with a knob to adj idle . It would work great. Maybe one day I'll go to dark the side.
  2. procharger

    Oil temp sensor

    Roger I need temp sensor not pressure thanks 323-057 VDO 300' is that right
  3. procharger

    Oil temp sensor

    What is the thread size for these I ordered one but it was 10 mm mine is NPT what up with that Aircraft Spruce can't figure it out? Oil temp?
  4. procharger

    Pattern speeds/power settings

    You should practice flying just a foot off the ground and see what speed it takes to do that then you will get experience and know when to flare and or back off throttle maybe someone already said that I did not read the whole post. my 2 cents
  5. procharger


    I have one seems to work well.
  6. Anyone ever use one of these?
  7. procharger

    Ignition wiring harness question?

    Cable tie gonna cut your hand😀
  8. procharger

    Getting to the fuel filter?

    Knuckle buster . If you half to check it put some heat on the hoses before you try to remove them. Hair dryer or heat gun be careful.
  9. procharger

    Door Lever Guide Plate

    Use Rustoleum American accents stone texured paint it will look a lot better gray
  10. procharger

    ADS-B problem

    After cleaning every ground you can get to, it may fix the problem, it fixed mine. I don't understand why these planes are picky about grounds??
  11. procharger

    Another oil temp question?

    No pic its the bracket that attaches the flat bar to the rubber mount to the engine it has a 180 twist in it I just made one just like factory one just longer and slotted so I could adjust it also had to loosen rad.hoses so it can move not hard to do. Bottom left on rad. flat bar about 5 inches long to the bolt on the side of engine to motor mount bracket.
  12. procharger

    Another oil temp question?

    I made an adjustable bracket that goes to the bottom of rad. that way I can move the bottom of rad. more upright in relation to the cowl, in other words its much closer at the bottom than it was seems to have helped a lot.It was hot here today. Ran cooler than it ever has to date.
  13. procharger

    market analysis

    I am a sport pilot you hurt my feelings
  14. procharger

    Door Lever Guide Plate

    Just reglass the broken part and buy spatter paint .
  15. procharger

    Another oil temp question?

    Roger can u post pic of cowling that u talked about cut out at bottom or top?