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  1. procharger

    New Floats from MS

    Why do they have different weight floats, you could adjust the float level with heavier floats as long as the level in bowl is high enough 1/2 to 2/3 full yes or no? What if you could shave the floats enough to to get correct weight on each one? Just out of the box a little. Once the floats get saturated or whatever happens to them do they continue to get heavy with longer use? I normally check float level anyway after install of new or old floats just to make sure level is good.
  2. procharger

    New Floats from MS

    If they don't do well in auto fuel what are they made for floating in the pool?😀 http://bingcarburetor.com/store/p73/ALCOHOL_RESISTANT_FLOAT_%26_BOWL_KIT.html
  3. procharger

    Float bowl jet

    Ok jet in corner of bowl is what I was asking about thanks.
  4. procharger

    Float bowl jet

    What does the jet in the float bowl do and how do you remove it?
  5. procharger

    Crossover carb. balance tube/hose

    Vent tube air box that's correct it is scary
  6. procharger

    Crossover carb. balance tube/hose

    I found out yesterday how bad the engine runs with tube off carb. its runs badly didn't know it would be that bad, anyone else had this happen?
  7. procharger

    ADSB scout IN

    I have a scout in for ADSB works really well, anyone else tried it?
  8. procharger

    Where to get extra keys

    Locksmith should be able to make anything you want.
  9. procharger

    Exhaust Departed in Flight

    Is the exhaust burning that light or is it flash from camera? Or that engine is really running lean?
  10. procharger

    Float bowl pins

    take it out from inside or outside thanks
  11. procharger

    Float bowl pins

    I found a pin that wiggles a little, how do you repair or fix this I tried searching for topic but couldn't find it, I tapped it with punch and it got tight again but that is just temporary its not leaking?
  12. procharger

    New Floats from MS

    Well if I can get floats for 34 verses 130 or whatever they are, I know which ones I am buying. They perform the same way, why would I buy from Lockwood or somewhere else. Don't tell me they are made different for airplanes. I worked on motorcycles 15 years for a living including BMW.
  13. procharger

    New Floats from MS

    WE HAVE A LIMITED SUPPLY OF FACTORY NEW 64/32/405 CV RIGHT SIDE CARBURETORS WITH ALCOHOL RESISTANT FLOAT SYSTEM @ $300.00 - CLICK VIEW DETAILS ABOVE AND CHOOSE 64/32/405 BMW carbs. same as we use Different jets and stuff I just called BMW dealer near me Bing. 64 floats $34 per set or pair. EARLY R75/5 BMW motorcycle Bing CV carburetors, 64/32/1 ... www.bmwmotorcycletech.info/earlybingR75CV.htm Later model carburetors worked fairly well; they incorporated some of the things Bing & BMW recommended for the original carburetors, plus passageways changes, & much more. The final modifications & production changes on the R75/5 carburetors led to the first carburetors that generally worked quite well & were repeatable in operation, having model numbers 64/32/9 & 64/32/10
  14. procharger

    Hurricane Florence

    At my airport we had 15 planes come from Greenville NC to get away from flooding.
  15. procharger

    New Floats from MS

    What do floats cost from a BMW motorcycle dealer?