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  1. My SW has done this off and on over the years remove sender and clean with some carb spray and check wires clean them or just move them around and snug them up replace sender it doesn't cost very much.
  2. I was looking at those and wondered if anyone had used them thanks.
  3. Anyone have any used lights to sell that work mine are starting to fail only 3 burning in the back?
  4. I would buy the frame even if i didn't use it someone will need one sell it 600 more than you paid buyer and seller come out to the good.😀
  5. My AP has a 2010 he is going to sell if you are interested. Bob Chandler here in Va. phone #757- 897- 9023 or 757- 357- 2257 hard to reach sometimes just keep calling tell him Ronnie told you to call not sure of hours not real high.
  6. I just took mine apart and then you can soak the fuel puck in water if you want to and fire the cap in a vise with a rag over it. You have to get the long key out by turning the red canister backwards and fish out the key through the slot, remove cap and take it apart.
  7. I would put that sucker back together shim as needed no cracks in mount, it ain't going to fall off. You were flying it that way before go for it. New mount may not be much better. Anything will fly with enough power😀
  8. Use an inductive timing light to see if you are getting fire to the each plug stay away from prop. quick check it works. Its what I do😀 One other option take out plugs use some cable ties to ground each plug to engine turn out lights have someone turn engine over and look for fire again stay away from prop. make sure all are grounded if you go that way. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/topages/drrotech.php I have one of these it works. pricey
  9. I wonder how school can operate engine legally that far past TBO I plan to run mine way past 2000hrs when time comes not that far away.
  10. Took out chute and changed the rocket, came in two boxes of course, assembly was fairly easy, its a unique setup when you have to twist the can to install the 6 inch long key very cool piece of engineering. Glad I don't own a Cirrus and have to pay for that one.
  11. $1500 to replace rocket 12 years. What a deal
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  13. You may have some washers on the firewall for shiming make sure you keep them in same location
  14. Use a rough service bulb in a drop light with guard or replace your starter when it goes bad that will make you nervous🔧
  15. I use a hot water heater blanket cut to fit around cowl and velcro to hold it together and a 60 watt light bulb stuck in the oil door keeps the whole engine very warm in winter.
  16. sending unit is fairly cheap not worth hassel warranty might be a pain to resolve.
  17. Got mine and installed them yesterday don't think my engine was in SB but I replaced them anyway $16 insurance policy.
  18. This forum is great I have learned a lot since owning my CT, thanks to all have added their experiences with these NEW modern engines and planes, I to have 50 years experience working on boat motors, motorcycles, high speed packaging machinery, mowers, RC plane engines and every other kind of engine there is, no degrees just real world experience . I learned a long time ago that other people have good ideas to and for that I am grateful.
  19. Rotax maint. manual it said the numbers on direct compression should be between 130 and 174 and that it can be done either way from a 5 year old, some may need to look it up for reference.Doing the check on old antique airplane engines would be the preferred way I would think, for those who tell me I've been doing it that way all my life I say to you maybe you been doing it wrong. I only asked for some numbers, if you didn't know the answer perhaps you should stay out of the conversation. nuff said
  20. Mine shows 175 to 180 1500 hrs
  21. Madhatter here you go. Maybe you need to talk to AP show him video. Its not hard.
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