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  1. Madhatter

    market analysis

    Best to google it. You still have to incorporate a mounting attachment and that may be difficult in a CT, not much room. I'm not sure it would be an advantage in a CT as much as it would in a beechcraft or cessna due to the type of seats. I never found need for it in my 310 and v35 at the time.
  2. Madhatter

    market analysis

    Yes, for shoulder harnesses but big $$.
  3. Madhatter

    market analysis

    Seatbelt mod., non loosening harness and it doesn't slip off your shoulders.
  4. Madhatter

    market analysis

    Aiming point was done at night on a taxiway. I can change it if I have to. Once set there is no reason to change it as I used a moderate flood angle.
  5. Madhatter

    market analysis

    No change in airspeed, very low drag design. I could have made it for either side and it is easily removed in minutes. Got tired of Flight Design bureaucracy (germany). There are a lot of common sense changes that can make this a much better aircraft.
  6. Madhatter

    market analysis

    I went ELSA partly for this. High lumens led light but have to make a fiberglass housing. Works well.
  7. Madhatter

    market analysis

    Tonight I flew at least 15 takeoffs and landings at night, testing out my modified landing light system, worked great. However the cockpit and instrument lighting is terrible, worst of any plane I have ever seen. That will be the next project. Most of my time is at night over the last 45 years and good adjusable lighting is very important. Poor lighting increases workload and stress. I think Flight Design just did bare minimum requirements for night certification
  8. Madhatter

    Exhaust Departed in Flight

    My CTSW had #1cyl exhaust pipe break at 600 hrs, middle of pipe not on weld. I wonder what alloy is used. SAE 321 stainless on certified aircraft don't seem to have a lot of issues except for high time systems.
  9. Madhatter

    Flaps for Landing

    The greatest cause of ga fatalities is turn to final (FAA data). Low speed a lttle tail skid, nose drops which drops lower wing. When wing is lifted with aileron the angle of attack on that wing is increased due to down aileron and stalls first. No chance of recovery at 500 feet. There is a lot of data on this . The type aircraft is irrelevant . Watch that slip indicator. It happens in about 1 second. Lots of videos on this.
  10. Madhatter

    Flaps for Landing

    I fly a modified j3 cub and a CTSW, two opposites , one with very high drag and one with very low drag. That lets me make very short turns to final in the cub (like almost over the numbers still turning) but never in the CT. Always interesting.
  11. Madhatter

    Oil overheating

    UMA guages are not high accuracy guages but are adequate for lsa and experimental. They are not built to TSO standards and the very small size makes them even less accurate. If you want accurate guages buy the ones used on a Gulfstream. It is smart to check them in boiling water (adjusted for altitude) and then note the difference especially for temps closer to limits. I look for sudden changes in temp or press. I would be interested to see what indication is on a new guage in boiling water. Some of the ones on older certified aircraft are not much better. UMA will repair a guage with a quick turn and very reasonable, I have found them to have outstanding customer service and am very impressed.
  12. Madhatter

    New Floats from MS

    Most carburetor equipped certified aircraft have Marvel Schebler carbs. Thats a lot of experience since 1928.
  13. Madhatter

    Air speed gauge

    I sent mine in right after I bought my CT for the same reason. It is a cheap instrument and does not have an internal adjustable snubber like TSO intruments. This causes the needle to shake. A VERY small hole in a rivet ( aircraft rivet) installed in the pitot line at the airspeed fitting connection solves the problem.
  14. Madhatter

    Air speed gauge

    You do not need a pitot static check for VFR. Only transponder tests.
  15. Madhatter

    Air speed gauge

    I have seen many airspeeds like that. This happens when someone blows air into the pitot system and it bends the diaphragm linkage. The other way is when performing the altimeter/encoder correlation the static and pitot pressures were not balanced causing the airspeed to go to far causing the same results. The only solution is to send it in for overhaul.