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  1. Natasha is Tom Peghiny's wife. She is Ukrainian and I have been working with her to obtain donations for the Kherson employees for a while. The situation is very bad in Kherson and any money makes a huge difference. A dollar goes a long way in Ukraine for food and meds. It is increasingly difficult to get people to donate as the war is old info. I collect money through my store in Savannah, GA but it's a slow process Any of you still willing to donate, it will make a huge difference, just call Natasha. The money only goes to the employees, there are 230 employees Some prewar photos
  2. My CT egt's are pretty much the same as on normalized certified engines . Water cooling helps dissipate the heat away from the cylinders more efficiently allowing higher horsepower in a smaller engine. The cylinder cooling fins on air-cooled engines must be much larger to dissipate heat.
  3. That was always the consensus on certified aircraft. Just remember a new FD muffler is $2000.+ if there are any available. The entire new exhaust system is about $6000, again if any are available.
  4. I don't understand how FD can be silent on this issue for so long considering the safety considerations. I consider the rules null and void when it comes to obvious safety issues. Even the FAA came to this conclusion on older aircraft that had no shoulder harnesses and allowed manufacture and installation as a minor change.
  5. This has been posted before. The webbing used is too thin and slick for the adjusters used and will slip. Certified webbing for aircraft is of better quality and holds well. I had mine redone with certified webbing and better adjusters and no longer have issues. As far as shoulder harness falling off Roger is right. I went a little overboard and modified the seat.
  6. Be careful as static may be tied to multiple devices, autopilot, EFIS, air data, etc. And not just ASI.
  7. My guess would be static restriction, at least start there.
  8. Why would you get rid of reliable carbs that are simple without the complexities of electronic fuel injection and their added components, not to mention cost?
  9. The tubes need to be integrated into the end plate and low profile. It can be done but will take some work to get the best design. It will take some machining work but once figured out it should be easy to replicate.
  10. That's been an issue for a long time. If you plan on staying in aviation it's best to get the maintenance training. Best decision I made 50 yrs ago.
  11. I know that some view ELSA as less than desirable but I have to dispute that. There are always going to be some idiots doing something stupid, it happens all the time on certified aircraft also. The advantage of ELSA with light sport is that you can take advantage of significant safety improvements, state of the art avionics , and numerous minor improvements without having to deal with the manufacturers beurocracy. To go ELSA for just the ability to do your own work without the capability is not a good reason. My last straw years ago was when I wanted to add one circuit breaker to power a portable avionics device I was charged $150 to do it along with the beurocracy. That pretty much did it for me.
  12. Most parts can be made for secondary market just like certified aircraft. The problem with LSA is the manufacturer has to approve them which isn't going to happen. There are several windshield companies but they are not interested in dealing with the LSA manufacturers. If enough LSA's go ELSA then that might change for a lot of parts.
  13. I've been called a.lot of things but not brilliant. I've been toying with the idea of a better sight tube for about 5 yrs but will have to find a spare end plate to modify. Dakota Cub sells one for the supercub, of which is cleanable in place. It would be along the same principle but different in size and mounting.
  14. I use C-210 tygon (clear ) , after 2 years still soft. Supercubs have used tubes for over 50 yrs with no issues, just have to maintain them properly. The only issue I have is that there is no reducing orifice at the bottom tube connection like in other aircraft. This would reduce full fuel flow in case of failure.
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