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  1. It kind of is, you just don't realize it😁
  2. They will never approve vg's. They would have perform all flight tests on the CT. We are flying yesterday's CTs, they are not interested and for good reason, there is no money in changing anything on an SW. They have the F2 and other new one's on the drawing board. We are flying has been's, that's just the way it works. As far as dealing with them MRA,s are for radios and benign changes, not some of things I do.
  3. Just do a wt and bal calculation and be done with it, playing word games with them is a wast of time.
  4. You have to weigh the aircraft after going to the new battery???? That is total insanity. If this is true, that tells me FD has no clue what they are doing. Maybe the individual who mandated this went to public school and can't do basic math. Sorry for the rant but I think that person's village is looking him. I think what it should say is do a weight and balance calculation.
  5. Never seen it. I make up AE 701steel braided teflon hoses with Eaton fittings that are designed for it and I pressurize them to 1000psi. Never ever seen a failure on teflon hoses. I have teflon silicone firesleeved hoses on my carbs with AN fittings. I've been dealing with these hoses for a long time and there is nothing better.
  6. Only fuel and oil lines, the barbed fittings can be changed to AN fittings same with oil line fittings. I've done some already. You could even use areoquip AE 701 hose and the fittings are reusable. A "hose to AN fitting" can be used where the aluminum fuel line exits the cabin. I have been looking at this for over a year and I don't see any issues (so far). I'm wrapped up in a CT exhaust project right now, it keeps me out of the street 😄.
  7. Just remember the lawyers are involved. Most certified teflon with integrated firesleeve hoses are considered good till engine tbo. When you use these hoses inside a cabin I think they will outlast us. They also will survive intact in an accident. They are infinitely better than automotive hoses and do not depend on barbed fittings and clamps. I have never seen barbed fuel line fittings on any aircraft ever.
  8. Most non professional pilots I know use the totalizer as a fuel guage. I agree it's crazy.
  9. The aircraft guage was defective, all small GA aircraft fuel gauges are inaccurate, they should never be trusted on the low end. I never trust cheap fuel totalizers, you just don't need them on a small aircraft. If you put garbage in you get garbage out. You can see your fuel in a CT in flight, if don't see any you are SOL. It can't get any simpler than that.
  10. 2 months ago I have a friend who was flying a TL Ultralight Stream . It has a fuel flowmeter and totalizer. Both the totalizer and fuel gauge were wrong, you guessed it, the engine quit. He dead sticked into a nice open field successfully. Only one problem, it was in the middle of a military firing range. Now he has to deal with the FAA and the military😁
  11. I don't have a flowmeter. It is a choke point if you get debris in the fuel tank, I have never seen any aircraft in 47 years with a small filter before a gascolator. I don't believe it would pass any federal approval for certified . Yes I understand there hasn't been an issue but I don't want to be the first, besides it's a pita and unnecessary for me.
  12. It's a very easy project, uses the same components used on certified aircraft. AC 43.13 as a reference. I am also considering using a "Steve's Gascolator" in place of the CT original. It is much easier to service and pretty much crash proof. I put one on my cub and it's great.
  13. This is why I am going to all teflon lines and fittings with bulkhead fittings in the entire fuel system the same way as in certified aircraft. I will never have to replace them again. I also don't need the small filter behind the panel.
  14. Was able to correct the bolt issue by removing all the bolts and reinstalling. One issue I have is the spinner screws do not have a locking type nut to go into, it is essentially a rivnut. If a screw backs out it will damage a blade, it happened to me on a V12. Luckily it can be field repaired. I am guessing Locktite 222 is the answer.
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