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  1. Kennel Storage?

    This reminds me of a number of years ago I was climbing thru about 6000 in my 310 when my small dog decided to come up for a visit . When she jumped into the cockpit both paws landed on both throttle levers and shut down both engines for a moment.
  2. SLSA or ELSA

    I do not sign off any annuals other than the ones I own, I have too much to lose. The senior FAA officials in my FISDO agree with me on this issue. I am starting on a full avionics installation on a friends aircraft tomorrow, I have no problem with that. However when you sign off an annual or condition inspection you are certifying that the aircraft is airworthy from the time it left the factory. A lot of mechanics don't believe this but all they have to do is ask the FAA. This statement came from the man who actually writes the FAR's in Washington DC. The owner of an accident plane may be a good ethical individual, however it's the relatives who are going to sue. I have personally seen this happen several times. So keep a good relationship with a good mechanic and don't try to hide anything or you may find youself without a good mechanic and will have to resort to what's left and there's a lot of them.
  3. SLSA or ELSA

    Roger is correct, he is hanging himself way out on S LSA or E LSA. Roger and I have recently discussed this a lot. I know people who have been sued that had NOTHING to do with the aircraft. The plaintif didn't win but my friend had to pay a lot for litigation. Be happy that Roger is doing the maintenance he does, because good maintenance is hard to come by. Most mechanics don't do the kind of work Roger does.
  4. Same material used in certified aircraft, it's a little thicker due to the nylon nap and holds well. I don't think Flight Design (not USA) is that interested in older plane support, they are more interested in newer models. Several years ago I bought new carb drip pans, they did not fit due to incorrect angle. I brought this up to FD with photos, they agreed they were faulty. 2 yrs later I checked and was told the pans were never corrected. I will reweld them myself.
  5. I am sending my seat belts into Aviation Safety Products next week. It is an FAA repair station for seat belt repairs. I have to do it next week due to the DAR visit to give me ELSA cert. I have talked to Flight Design about this for several years with no results. Not just seat belts but other things as well ( I have been legally modifying aircraft for over 30 yrs, ELSA makes it a lot easier than type certified) I was quoted $216 per seat for all new nylon webbing.

    I have installed a lot of intercoms pm1000, 3000, david clark etc. and troubleshooted a lot of them. I usually remove them completely with all jacks and start over. I always find that a lot of installers do not follow manufacturers schematic properly such as shielded wires where required and grounding only one end of shields. Lots of amateur workmanship. I never have these problems . Just get an experienced avionics person. Everything goes thru these units, mikes, headsets, speaker, com audio, nav audio an on and on. Its not rocket science but it takes someone who knows what they are doing.
  7. Fuel caps

    Try PRC, which is integral fuel tank sealant for jets. Get the small size, once mixed that is it, or try to mix outside the container and then refrig.
  8. -12 Degree Flap Microswitch

    When I purchased my ct I would see 130kts IAS, when I got home I put the pitot/static test equipement on and found a static leak on the airspeed case, then I got 115kts IAS. These airspeed guages are cheaply made and with time will leak around the glass sealing gasket. These airspeeds don't even have an adjustable snubber to control needle shake but that can be done in other ways.
  9. Night flying, IFR

    I think the only way to get better landing lights is to go ELSA because Flight Design is not going to approve anything. There are several good options for better landing lights, some easy and some more difficult. Aveo Vega taxi/landing lights are interesting, I am going to use them. Also I am looking at fabricating a par 36 housing for 3400 lumens instead of the 500 original but this is a lot harder to do. Maybe it will work , maybe not.
  10. Night flying, IFR

    The ct is a great plane for night flying with the parachute but you can't see clouds on a dark night so IFR is common sense. I am used to a c310 for 22yrs so the parachute makes up for the other engine. The only bad thing is the ct has the worst landing light I have ever had, but I am correcting that now. I like daylight for landing so I don't have to feel for the runway. I think the ct is good for light IFR but just needs a few changes. It's alot cheaper to operate than my 310.
  11. Night flying, IFR

    Flight Design is about 90% carbon fiber which is electricaly cunductive due to the presence of graphite, however not as good as aluminum. Carbon fiber in aircraft construction is good at bleeding off static electricity, there is a lot of data available on this. Other aircraft made with fiberglass and epoxy have no conductivity and are considered insulators and presents a more serious static discharge issue. As far as lightning is concerned , probably not good but most ga should stay well away from lightning anyway. Most static wicks for high performance aircraft are made from carbon fiber. I intend to equip my ctsw for IMC capability and am going ESLA to make it easier. I am doing this for very light IFR to get more utilization out uf the aircraft.
  12. Let's talk about grounds. Again.

    Flight design has the worst electrical wiring I have ever seen on any aircraft in 45 years. Many aircraft have rats nest wiring but not even this bad, except for one aircraft which had twin wire lamp cord. I am changing all wiring in my sw to meet better standards including aircraft quality circuit breakers, wire and other components. I am going ELSA, tired of begging Germany for a lot of common sense changes.
  13. Loud Periodic Creak While Taxiing

    I had popping noises while taxiing, turned out to be a bad main wheel bearing. Went to Matco's which are way better wheels.
  14. Working with Flight Design in the last few days to resolve the seatbelt and harness assy. I have talked to an faa repair station concerning rewebbing the seatbelt and harness with nylon webbing which will provide a much secure system as in certified aircraft. They believe the current problem is the use of polyester webbing which is thin and slippery. Germany has been contacted and said they will look at the issue. The cost of the change will be $216. per seat providing there are no issues with the adjusters. I will be sending in my harnesses in a few weeks and will let you know the outcome.
  15. My job is to make the aircraft safe. I have been doing this for 45 yrs. I have informed FD of this issue numerous times and have seen no action. This is called Tombstone Legislation, they wait for someone to die before anything is done. I am not anti authority, I am anti stupidity. Seat belts are the last resort for survival and if you dont like my opinion thats fine with me. I have said my piece and will not respond to any more posts. I am done with this subject.