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  1. Dakota Cub has nice fuel tubes that can be cleaned without removal, I used them when converting my J3 cub to a super cub. The problem is installing them at the exact height in the CT, also you have to remove the wings every two years. I looked at this before but it's not really worth the effort at least in my opinion. I use clear Tygon 210 that I buy in bulk.
  2. The only time I wore a helmet was for open cockpit and when I trained my mustang horses.I never liked helmets but I bit the bullet for those. And yes I got bucked off one horse 4 times but never on the plane😁
  3. My hoses came with new stainless AN fittings for fuel pump, carburetors and fuel manifold distribution assy. All hoses are AN with integral fire sleeve. I like not having banjo fittings. I used to have the hard stainless fuel lines so this was a good upgrade for me because they were a real PITA.
  4. You get a much, much better quality fuel and oil hoses and no banjo fittings. Some people don't have the ability to do the hoses themselves like you can and have to pay a lot for labor. I have issues with some fuel lines on some aircraft, certified or not. I've seen people die due to fuel hose failures over the years. It's just me, some things I have real issues with. Not everyone is as meticulous and careful as you Roger. The current state of aircraft mechanics is really bad, many don't care about doing things right, I know some that I wouldn't let work on my lawnmower. I know one that didn't torque the prop bolts. I sent you pictures of the results some time ago.
  5. Aircraft Specialty can provide lifetime oil lines for the 912 with less chance of kinks. The metric fittings are also changed to AN fittings. I will do this on my next rubber change Of course you will have to be ELSA.
  6. Be careful, once again the CT with a static leak will cause a 7 to 10 knot false increase in airspeed. Just putting a wrench on the static fittings is not enough, it can be the EFIS, autopilot, airspeed indicator, etc. I've done hundreds of static checks on all types of aircraft. I've had planes close to stall on approach and yet shown normal airspeed. My CT had a 10 knot false indication when I purchased it from Airtime ( not their fault, it's not a required check for VFR). It's an easy and cheap check to do.
  7. From what I've seen the F2 with full fuel will only carry another 280 lbs. This has always been the problem with certified. They keep adding stuff over the years until there is no performance left, then they increase hp to make up for it. Plus everything gets more complicated for maintenance with all the frills and is more expensive to maintain.
  8. You have seen what I have complained about for years. The flight design wiring is the worst production plane wiring I have ever seen in any aircraft. Nothing but cheap spade connectors everywhere, a real rat's nest. I rewired my plane for the most part in accordance with 4313. In my plane the center lower panel switches for nav lts , ldg lights etc. were wired with the A+ buss going to the switches then to the circuit breakers and then to the appliance. So if there was a short prior to the breakers the main buss breaker would blow or the wire would burn . Cheap spade connectors can cause resistance which create lots of issues. I changed all my breakers to Klixon breakers and used certified switches (they are cheaper than the junk I pulled out). I've been installing and diagnosing certified avionics for a long time and most of the time it's bad wiring. Also some people don't take grounds seriously. they are just as important as A+. Anyway that's my 2 cents.
  9. My installation makes a long flight so much easier than the original equipment. The autopilot is far superior to Trutrak, much easier to use. It even has a go around function which then flies the missed approach for if you really want to, if you have a certified gps.The air data computers give me wind direction and velocity in real time to allow me to climb to an altitude with more favorable wind. The G3x experimental has many more built in functions than the certified version. I had really good avionics in my 310 but this equipment smokes it.
  10. I added two 7" Garmin G3x's to my Ct. They also contain an awesome autopilot if you want. The G3x uses a can buss system for wiring which is two data wires, and an A+ and ground wire. This makes for a very simple wiring harness and any other additional Garmin units all talk to each other. The new panels are easy to make. With two G3x's , air data computer , autopilot servos , Gtr 200 com, analog autopilot controller (not really needed), less than $10,000. Now I did my own install but it's not anywhere near what old technology avionics was like , not even close. If you can make the panels the rest is pretty simple. I can't imagine the wiring cost to be excessive unless you go to a large avionics shop. The servos fit in with no modification to the TruTrak brackets if you decide to use them.
  11. Yes there is, I added a drain system also to protect my dual Garmin air data computers.
  12. I used to own a 1947 V tail bonanza years ago which did not have a heated pitot. I flew it IFR for years with no issues summer and winter. It just takes some planning and common sense. Most ga aircraft have no business being near ice and I have always avoided it. I know too many that tickled that dragon's tail and it's not worth it.
  13. TSO equipment not an issue. There are a lot of avionics out there that are not TSO and no 337 can approve them. Some avionics like G3X all look alike but have a separate P/N for certified and actually have less capability than non certified.
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