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  1. Loud Periodic Creak While Taxiing

    I had popping noises while taxiing, turned out to be a bad main wheel bearing. Went to Matco's which are way better wheels.
  2. Working with Flight Design in the last few days to resolve the seatbelt and harness assy. I have talked to an faa repair station concerning rewebbing the seatbelt and harness with nylon webbing which will provide a much secure system as in certified aircraft. They believe the current problem is the use of polyester webbing which is thin and slippery. Germany has been contacted and said they will look at the issue. The cost of the change will be $216. per seat providing there are no issues with the adjusters. I will be sending in my harnesses in a few weeks and will let you know the outcome.
  3. My job is to make the aircraft safe. I have been doing this for 45 yrs. I have informed FD of this issue numerous times and have seen no action. This is called Tombstone Legislation, they wait for someone to die before anything is done. I am not anti authority, I am anti stupidity. Seat belts are the last resort for survival and if you dont like my opinion thats fine with me. I have said my piece and will not respond to any more posts. I am done with this subject.
  4. I have delt witth the FAA a long time. Most of the new inspectors wouldn't even know what they were looking at. I have tried for years to have some light sport info incorporated into the yealy IA seminar. The chief of my FSDO said he is not interested. This problem falls on Flight Design 100%. I should not have to jump thru hoops to have safe seat belts. So many people have died from lack of shoulder harnesses on older certified aircraft that it is now legal to install a harness system with only a logbook entry as long as there is no drilling of structure. I hardly think that having the webbing changed to certified material by an FAA approved repair facility would be an issue. This is a Flight Design Inc problem and needs to be fixed now, not when someone dies because Flight Design's lack of interest.
  5. My shoulder harness and seat belt also gets loose within minutes and is worthless. I intend to correct this by sending the whole assy. In for new aircraft quality webbing change or whole new harness and seatbelts. They will be FAA certified. I will record this in the logbook. If Flight Design has an issue with this, TOO BAD, its my butt up there, not theirs. If this were a certified aircraft an Airworthiness Directive would have been issued a long time ago. Flight Design has really dropped the ball on this and I would guess they have a lot of liability as there has been documented complaints for a long time. Jury rigged fixes have no place on aircraft safety harnesses.
  6. Low Speed / High Flaps Landing

    Good luck
  7. Low Speed / High Flaps Landing

    Be sure to verify that you static system is tight when flying this slow, an open static will will give you a higher airspeed indication than you are actually flying. When I bought my CTSW my indicated airspeed was 10 knots higher than I was flying and I could easily tell. I Have seen this dozens of times in all types of aircraft not all as significant as the CTSW. I have IFR certified hundreds of aircraft in my repair station and I have found half with leaks but about 10-20% completely open. I had one instructor/owner tell me when flying the right approach speed he would sometimes here the stall warning, it was an open static system. That turn to final could bite you.
  8. CTSW cover

    White over the top CTSW , Bruce's cover. Used one time, no N number embroidery. This is the heavy duty one for extended outdoor use. I do not need one this heavy. $175, less than half price.
  9. Too Old To Fly

    I have a friend who is 87 and fly's a Stearman. If any of you pilots think you are good, try flying a Stearman, I can guarantee you will be humbled. Age and experience is key to making good decisions as most accidents I see come from poor decisions and low experience not age. If you are 55 and think it's over for you, that sounds like a lack of confidence and maybe you should quit. I at age 66 still train mustangs ( wild horses ) and if you think flying is stressful and hard, try getting on a wild horse for the first time. It's all a state of mind and physical condition, not age. It is when you give up that it's over. When my father was in his 80's he was teaching computers to old guys. This is not to denigrate anyone, so never give up and always practice.
  10. Avionics panel blanks

    2024-t3 .100 or .125 thick
  11. Flooded Again

    Same thing happened to me, turned out to be bad modules, the engine would then flood after a lot of cranking. The start mod had failed until I iced the modules, then I had no problems all day.
  12. Will baby boomers save LSA industry?

    The current fleet of GA aircraft is high time and most that I see have been poorly maintained over the last 10 or 15 yrs. every aircraft that I have owned required significant restoration to be reliable and safe at great cost. I can do all the work even major alterations, repairs and all avionics and it was still very costly. I now have a SW and what a difference in cost and labor. It's nice to have a plane that's not 40 yrs old. If you think LSA is expensive try a C-310 or an old V35 or even a 40 yr old 172 . I think LSA is here to stay even though IFR is not an option.
  13. Used market if PBOR2 passes

    Most of the old Cessna, Piper, and Beech aircraft need total restorations and many are very high times with poor equipement and engines overdue for overhaul. A $40,000 plane will take another 40,000 to get it right (safe). I bought a C310 25 yrs ago and put $100,000 in over time and I am talking parts alone as I can do all heavy maint and avionics, even IFR recertifications. I don' think LSA will suffer much as most are new and a lot cheaper to maintain. A good competent maint shop is $75-$100 per hour. Also having a ballistic chut is nice over hostile terrain because engines do fail.
  14. Engine oil running 230 today

    I am done with this forum
  15. Engine oil running 230 today

    I am only referencing my observation on my aircraft and what I have found in my many years of dealing with this. You do what you want with this, I am not interested in big debates, egos or gurus. From now on anything I feel is pertinent I will mention to Roger and he can disposition it.