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  1. Madhatter

    batteries again

    Leave your anti collision light switch on, if you forget to turn off the master you will know when you get out of the plane. This works in any aircraft.
  2. Madhatter

    Stabilator bracket crack

    On the cracked bracket, it looks like it was impacting regularly with something on the corner. An indentation is worn into the corner, something maybe to investigate.
  3. Madhatter

    New Floats from MS

    Talked to MS today. They do not intend to change anything on the floats, said there is nothing wrong with them. Am disappointed in the conversation, he was very disrespectful and suggested I get a real mechanic to install them and readjust the float level. Their advertisement said these floats were a " direct replacement ". Adjusting the float arms would not be legal in SLSA. I suppose time will tell how this works out for them.
  4. Only if end fittings can be removed
  5. It is not the webbing , it's the adjusters. They can't be changed without cutting the webbing which means all new harnesses. I had mine rewebbed with new adjusters and they never slip.
  6. Madhatter

    Engine thrust alignment

    The lateral dimension yes. The vertical dimension is calculated relative to the line between the wing pins ( I checked with Flight Design USA ). The best I can get is 3.5 degree relative without the spinner looking way out of place, top of spinner about even with the top cowling. Plane fly's great.
  7. Madhatter

    New Floats from MS

    Today I built a bench test setup to evaluate Rotax floats vs MS floats to finally put this issue to rest ( hopefully). I fully immersed a rotax float and a MS float for several hours in ethanol gasoline. I then placed both floats side by side on the test fixture and let stabilize for about an hour. I then adjusted the fuel level to allow a straight edge to cross the container just touching the highest float. I could then measure the distance to the lowest float with a depth micrometer. The MS float was approx 2mm lower than the Rotax float. That is unacceptable. I am sure the Rotax float will absorb a little more fuel over time but not that much. The Rotax float weighed 2.9g and the MS float weighed 3.7g. Apparently the initial info from MS which was that Rotax floats absorbed fuel and that was taken into account, was incorrect. I believe my initial contact with MS was with sales people. This time when I called, today, it was the head of engineering department, Aero Accessories, Marvel Schebler. From the conversation I don't believe he was aware of this issue and he took it seriously, I will probably hear from him later. I am sure this could be a significant financial hit but the optics for the company could be worse. These floats are new and I am sure they will resolve the issue quickly. I think that maybe why everyone is not seeing this problem with the MS floats is the float level might be on the critical edge so some see it and some don't. Issues like this are not unusual in aviation (stuff happens).
  8. Madhatter

    New Floats from MS

    I couldn't tell you what he knows, but I know for a fact what MS told me. Obviously one of the party's is wrong. Anyone who is very concerned can investigate this issue for themselves. I spend a lot of time investigating details having to do with some of my various aviation projects, currently, and over the past many years, it is not difficult. Why don't you call Rotax and ask them why the MS floats should not be used, ask for an official statement. I would guess they would not respond to that question. I on the other hand I am going to use the MS floats and if there is a problem I will discuss it with MS. I really do not want to continue to debate this float issue anymore, I think all that has been said by everyone pretty much covers the subject for the current known information. No offense to anyone.
  9. Madhatter

    New Floats from MS

    Maybe your instructor should call MS and get their facts before passing on unverified information. There a lot using these floats with no issues. Rotax floats have had a number of failures which may be solved, but time will tell on both types of floats. I think it is only fair to evaluate all these floats with verifiable facts, and not someone's perceived idea of how they perform. It's not like these are unimportant components of the engine.
  10. Madhatter

    New Floats from MS

    This is what upsets MS, shaky reputation is here say from a few with no facts. I suggested they put out a statement on several forums to clarify their position. This takes time for them because they have clear everything with lawyers. I have their info but don't want to get into long debates with those that want to dispute it. One or two people say they had a problem and blamed MS. These are not confirmed to be valid without a detailed evaluation. I don't understand why these allegations have not been settled by communicating with MS.
  11. Madhatter

    New Floats from MS

    No regulation will eliminate stupidity. I new a man who put ace hardware turn buckles on Fly Baby flying wires. The wing folded, he had a surplus military parachute that had not been repacked since WW2. By luck it opened.
  12. Madhatter

    New Floats from MS

    Certified aircraft can be modified because there are numerous ways to do it. These options do not involve the manufacturer, I have done this for 40 yrs. I do agree that there are a lot of experimentals that are a disaster, there are a lot of certified aircraft that are pretty bad, it all depends on the owner. I however am able to make changes in my ELSA using the same practices and quality as certified. What I am saying is that there are no options for SLSA other than the manufacturer. I am very familiar with these options I was offered a DER ( designated engineering representative) position with the FAA which would allow me to approve major alterations or repairs. I turned them down due to extreme liability.
  13. Madhatter

    New Floats from MS

    When said bad press I was referring to a lot of forums for different aircraft, Marvel Schebler is aware of this In response to your comment on the voltage regulator I agree. The main problem with SLSA is there are no options for any secondary market parts EVER. The manufacturers control who you buy from and their prices, or you are in violation if you do not. This is a true monopoly and was an oversight by the FAA. There are no options for repairs no matter how minor even if they are allowed. There is no AC 4313 for SLSA . You have to do repairs their way even if it is substandard, and certainly some parts are poorly made and could never pass in the certified world. I have six different ways to get parts and changes approved on certified aircraft and have done many for many years. A lot of us complain about working with the FAA but SLSA really sucks. Thats why I went ELSA
  14. Madhatter

    New Floats from MS

    Talked to Marvel Schebler today at length about their new floats. There is a reason for them being heavier which I am not going to get into here however I would suggest people talk to them before guessing on the issues. They were asked by Rotax to develop these new floats. This float material has been tested in every fuel and liquid conceivable over the last 10 years, even carburetor cleaner. Lots are sold in Europe with no issues. They are not happy with the bad press in this country which they feel is unwarranted. As for legality in SLSA that's a different issue. I am not looking to debate this, I am only passing on this info.
  15. Madhatter

    Engine thrust alignment

    The top of my prop spinner was always pretty even with the top of the cowl. I measured the angle of the engine relative to level point between the seats and came up with 3.5 degrees. I used a level point across two rocker cover bolts. -5 degrees would not look right on the spinner. Of coarse the fuselage level location seems poor so I guess I will stay with what I have. The 2.5 degree lateral offset had been adjusted relative to the center of the cowl opening which apparently is wrong so I will change that. Thanks for the confimation on the cowl.