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  1. Madhatter

    Vortex Generators

    There's a guy in South Africa the seems to have a lot of info on his. Makes smajor difference on landings. The plane doesn't have a tendency to drop out from under you. I talked to Micro Aerodynamics about it a while ago but they haven't done any CT's. They said they would work with me on it but i'm not sure if a CT will get enough benefit. I guess if more CT's go E LSA they might con sider it.
  2. Madhatter

    IFR Training, Checkride, and Use

    Best advice for you if you fly into rain or light snow you better land, your engine will be destroyed and your CT will dissolve in a flash of light 😅
  3. Madhatter

    IFR Training, Checkride, and Use

    Rotax 912 engines go IMC all the time. The only difference in certified 912 and non certified is paperwork and about $4000. Carbon fiber will dissapate static better than fiberglass because it is partially electrically conductive, many static wicks are made from carbon fiber. A lot of aircraft have geared engines . As for lightning, it's simple, stay away from it, regardless of aircraft type. The if the aircraft flies VFR it will fly IMC it doesn' know the difference unless you fly into thunderstorms or ice. You can fly a j3 cub IMC if properly equipped.
  4. Madhatter

    IFR Training, Checkride, and Use

    I intend to do the same. I am now E LSA however my current and previous flight limitations allowed IMC if properly equipped. Some redundant equipment is required per FAR. E LSA allows me to have more flexibility on avionics.
  5. Madhatter

    Fuel starvation

    Flying for 50 yrs I have seen lots of planes run out of fuel and a lot of people die. With 34 gal capacity in a CT there will never be an excuse for running out of fuel.
  6. Madhatter

    Fuel starvation

    That is why planes like super cubs had 2 small header tanks ( one for each wing tank) in the fuselage.
  7. Received the belts back today. The seatbelt company said the problem was in the adjusters and not the webbing. Unfortunately the adjusters could not be changed without cutting the webbing.
  8. I can only offer better webbing and adjusters which will help. If anyone is unhappy with the Flight Design harnesses the they should maybe buy a different plane.
  9. Almost all aircraft use a 3 or 4 point system. Aircraft in most cases decelerate a lot slower than a car hitting a stone wall or head on. If you hit a solid object in an aircraft ,seat belts will not do you any good, I have seen the results many times. I know of no production aircraft that uses a different system, except for aerobatic competition types. When I was 20 I was in a serious accident as a passenger in a stearman, the plane was totaled and it burned. 4 point military harness ,no injuries. (Went for a ride with someone I didn't know). Shoulder harness is the key and a lot of older planes do not have them, all mine do.
  10. I guess the only solution is to relocate the attach points or raise the seat or seat cushions. Again ELSA makes this possible, I doubt Germany would even entertain the idea. I recently talked to Oregon Aero and they said they received approval to replace seat cushions on a CTLS but is was extremely difficult compared to other S LSA aircraft.
  11. I sent in my seat belts and shoulder harnesses last week and received the info today from Aviation Safety Products. All the webbing is to be replaced with certified nylon webbing and the belt adjuster fittings are not adequate to secure the webbing and will be replaced. The total cost is $264. per seat. Flight Design USA has requested this information with the specific webbing and adjuster specifications. I understand that they are looking at trying to get a fleetwide service instruction to correct the loose belts.
  12. Madhatter

    406 ELT Antenna Installation

    Actually I believe there is one way, but it involves a lot of bureaucracy and can't be permanent. Even could do it on any certified aircraft. Would be easy on EAB. I looked into doing something R&D on my 310 years ago but the economy went south , faa was good with it and was ready to help. I don' think my wife would be happy to find a turbine purchase on the credit card. She runs both businesses so I can play with airplanes and she cuts the lawn once a week in the summer and I have a very large lawn ,so I may shelve that idea for now.
  13. Madhatter

    406 ELT Antenna Installation

    Over many years a lot of people only know me as madhatter and not my name. There were many times CHS atc controllers would say madhatter on initial contact.