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  1. 406 ELT Antenna Installation

    Actually I believe there is one way, but it involves a lot of bureaucracy and can't be permanent. Even could do it on any certified aircraft. Would be easy on EAB. I looked into doing something R&D on my 310 years ago but the economy went south , faa was good with it and was ready to help. I don' think my wife would be happy to find a turbine purchase on the credit card. She runs both businesses so I can play with airplanes and she cuts the lawn once a week in the summer and I have a very large lawn ,so I may shelve that idea for now.
  2. 406 ELT Antenna Installation

    Over many years a lot of people only know me as madhatter and not my name. There were many times CHS atc controllers would say madhatter on initial contact.
  3. 406 ELT Antenna Installation

    ELSA knows no bounds. A lot of people think I joke about a lot of things. My father thought I was joking when I said I was going to build a plane in my room in college (he was not happy about that), I flew it home after graduation. Cost is my only barrier. Some think "madhatter" suits me, and sometimes it might but it has been the name of my hat buisiness for over 30 yrs.
  4. 406 ELT Antenna Installation

    Talked to ACK engineer yesterday. He told me that if rf passthu test is acceptable he would not have a big issue with putting the antenna in the fuselage, however it would not comply with the regs. He said if it was his personal plane this is what he would want based on his involvment in many NTSB investigations. Now this is only his personal opinion and is not advising others to do it, and he is not representing ACK in this. He said that the regs require that the antenna be mounted on top of the fuselage and that being LSA or experimental does not allow deviation from this, bottom mounting is not recommended however he doubts anyone will notice. I guess I will have to decide what to do when I install a 406, if I use outside mounting it will be on top. Good conversation and great plane. I think there can be a lot of improvements which I will make. I seem to have a tendency to do this on a lot of certified planes over the last 40 yrs, some of my FAA contacts are amused over this. I think a Stuttgard 100hp turboprop would be interesting 😁, I said that to my wife the other day but got that evil eye look.
  5. 406 ELT Antenna Installation

    Mike, Today I checked where my gps and xm antenna's are and they are well under the carbon fiber panel/glareshield, the only holes are the small defrost vents. I then removed my Garmin Aera 660 from my cub and placed it about 3 ft aft of the rear baggage bulkhead and turned it on as it has an integral antenna in it. I then closed up the ct and waited about 10 min. I then opened the baggage door and checked the satillite status and found it to have strong signals on all. I removed it from the ct and let it stabilize outside for 10 min, there was no change. The carbon fiber did not impede the signal. Next I will use a portable vhf test antenna and ground plane in the fuselage and with a signal strength meter to see if the carbon fiber degrades the rf strength in the 120 to 130 mhz range. You however are right that the general consensus is that carbon fiber is not acceptable for rf passthru. I do remember reading a tech article that electrical conductivity can be manipulated by the manufacturing process and materials used but this is beyond my knowlege of carbon fiber characteristics. When I went to school for aeronautical engineering, carbon fiber was not even mentioned, probably only NASA and the military were playing with it. I will discuss this with ACK tomorrow and get their advice for their ELT antenna As for 121.5 , it is worthless. A man with no medical, had not flown in years, had a habit of leaving for weeks without leaving word took off at night in a c150 at MKS. There was an elt 121.5 signal for at least 5 days and it was reported with no action. Several weeks later the plane was found and the pilot had survived long enough to crawl a distance before dying. The plane crashed just off the end of the runway in the woods. 406 is the only way. Much later I reported an elt signal at JZI to Charleston TRACON while installing a 406 in a man's plane. 6 days later it was still on with no action. I finally found the plane tied down on the ramp. This is a great website for info and I appreciate your input.
  6. 406 ELT Antenna Installation

    You are correct. Further research into this shows that signals will work in carbon fiber but at very reduced performance. Putting the ELT antenna on top for most aircraft is close to the tail which helps protect it in a turnover . This is not optimal in a ct due to access and reduced size at that position. One good thing, I talked to an ACK engineer and was told that even if their antenna is severely damaged that the signal on their 406 ELT is so strong the satillite will pick it up. He told me in a fabric aircraft even without the antenna the satillite will most likely receive the signal.
  7. Glide Ratio

    Wind milling prop has a major drag issue. During a training flight in my 310 the instructor pulled my right engine to idle. I was downwind about one mile from the runway and was told to land without feathering the prop. At full power on the left engine I could not make the runway. He said never forget this lesson. I would never have believed it if I hadn't done it
  8. Stick on Slip Indicator

    $114. Made by Rieker at aircraft spruce. I put one in my cub works great.
  9. 406 ELT Antenna Installation

    A ground plane with a dipole antenna will significanty degrade the signal gain.
  10. 406 ELT Antenna Installation

    All carbon fiber is partially conductive due to the graphite in the material. Some have metal mesh impregnated into it but not in the CT. I have no problem recieving gps signals thru carbon fiber at least inside the instrument panel. The same applies to fabric which has many coatings of sprayed aluminum flakes for uv barrier. I will try an antenna in the rear fuselage tomorrow to se if it works as the carbon fiber is thicker there.
  11. 406 ELT Antenna Installation

    406 ELT antenna MUST be installed within 30° of vertical relative to level flight attitude. Advanced Aircraft Electronics Inc. has dipole antennas that do not need a ground plane, and have awsome performance. I have one in my cub for the com and the performance is far better than your typical aircraft antenna. I have not tried the ELT antenna yet. These antenna's however are designed to be installed inside composite or fabric aircraft but use very simple install methods.
  12. 406 ELT Antenna Installation

    I will soon be installing a 406 Elt. I could never understand why an elt antenna would be installed on the bottom of a fuselage, I know of no other aircraft that does this and I believe it's not a recommended position. I intend to mount the antenna inside the fuselage since it's carbon fibre with a 14" round ground plane as recommended by the manufacturer ( ACK ) as an optional install method. This is why I went ELSA. I will guess you will have to mount it in the original place for SLSA so that it is destroyed in an accident, unless of couse if you land inverted.

    Any avionics shop can radiate the transponder signal to the test set and determine the issue. As far as putting the transponder box on the bench for adjustments I don't know. I would assume there is some specialized interface to take the place of the PDF. I am sure it would be a shop that deals with Dynon equipment. If there are any issues with the radiated test it might be easier to send the unit to Dynon. You would still have to have it recertified in the aircraft after getting it back.

    A lot of different issues can cause your problems, frequency, side lobe suppression, mtl, etc. You need to have a test box put on it. Usually I could find the problem in minutes. Should't cost much to do this. I could usually do this in 10 min. Fixing it will take longer. Its not like having everything in one box like a 327.
  15. Basic wiring of circuits for aircraft are all the same for the usual appliances whether a C150 or C340. It is pretty straight foreward . It is very important to make sure there is as short as possible distance from A+ buss to the circuit breaker so there is less chance of short in- between which will take out the main breaker or burn the wire. I suppose it seems easy to me because I have done this so long. The hardest part is lying under instrument panels for hours, (Cessna 340's are horrible.)
  16. Sun shade anyone?

    Fabric stores sell a gray foam backed fabric which sticks to velcro hook. Been using it for years on upper window and really cuts down on heat. For upper side holes glue 2 foam sides together and cut round discs, attach to stick-on velcro hook fitted all the way around hole. Works great and looks good.
  17. Safety Belts - Revisted

    Aviation Safety Products for rewebbing. Got quote of 216 each.
  18. My solution for landing light
  19. My CTSW switches take A+ from the off side of the switch from a daisy chained wire buss then to the circuit breaker then to the appliance being run. If the schematic shows otherwise, then someone did not follow it. My circuit breaker wires are a rats nest of spade connector wiring. I am going to replace all circuit breakers with Klixon breakers and a real buss bar split for avionics master just as I have done in a lot of aircraft. I am also going to add a ground buss instead on two bolts with 30 ground wires on them. I'm sure the original is all fine for day vfr but I intend to do light IFR and night flying. I don't need electrical surprises at night. I have worked on certified aircraft for 45 yrs and it is hard to change to Ace Hardware quality (no offense to Ace Hardware)
  20. This is why I recently went ELSA, I can change common sense items such as lighting without begging for permission. I can also modify things in accordance with acceptable methods used on certified aircraft such as rewiring the center panel switches that are wired incorrectly, at least on the CTSW. Switches take A+ from buss bar and send it to the circuit breaker, then to the appliance. If the switch shorts the wire burns or the entire electrical system fails. What were they thinking.
  21. FD and Rotax general service?

    Your best bet is to go to school on your aircraft. I am well connected with several first class well run maint shops. Qualified mechanics are in very short supply in the country, there is no supply and pay is skyrocketing due to the shortage. You can do the on the job training, however the exams and practicals are brutal, not like the past, the faa has cracked down hard. The failure rate is very high like 50 to 75%. Gulfsteam came to Charleston and had a seminar to hire mechanics, Boeing is in Charleston, thats how bad it is, a good A&P school takes 2 yrs and you are still not a seasond mechanic. Good maint shops are not interested in LSA at all, they are slammed with work. If you want it done right take the time and learn to do it, go to Roger's seminar. There are, however a lot of bad mechanics that don't care, but talk big, they will never work for a good shop.
  22. UAvionix install

    I suppose I will reconsider adsb. A few years ago I owned a limited avionics repair station and did a lot of transponder work and installs. I then gave the repair station to a friend who still has it but I never kept up with the new adsb technology. Some of the current avionics people I talk to don't seem to totally understand all the details. I guess I need to do some research and look at the details.
  23. UAvionix install

    Yes I believe you are correct but my trust in the system is not solid, so we should soon see results in this. I have a friend who violated a small portion of Charlston SC class C, they tracked him all the way to DC and nailed him. He had to take a checkride after the violation time. I guess it depends on who the controller is and how busy they are and how bad a day he is having.
  24. UAvionix install

    Air traffic has the info on the address, it can be cross checked by atc. Your N number will not be seen by others but atc has access to it. And in addition to that all radar tapes are kept for 6 mos before being destroyed.