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  1. Well FlyQ is a full featured EFB for your iPad that can be used in conjunction with Dynon Skyview. I don't think they really compete with each other.
  2. Just skimming Dynon's web site, it looks like the 472 is only the 'in' solution. It can be used with their 'out' equipment (below). Then just do the mode C veil flight and get the report (as above). The FAA website has a primary radar coverage area map to help decide where to fly.... cheers! From Dynon: ADS-B Traffic: Receives ADS-B traffic targets with precise location, altitude, speed, and direction. Includes both traffic broadcast from other aircraft equipped with ADS-B UAT transmitters and data broadcast from ADS-B ground stations. For full FAA 2020 ADS-B mandate compliance, pair this receiver with Dynon’s SV-XPNDR-261 and SV-GPS-2020 modules for the industry’s most affordable ADS-B Out.
  3. You might consider more Northern places in AZ, like Prescott, Williams, Payson, etc. They run a little cooler than Phoenix. Of course its hard to beat the tax situation in NV. Good luck!
  4. My memory device for VFR cruising altitudes is "Northeast is odd". Using that system would reverse your two cruising altitudes, you may want to check that. It sounds like a fun trip. The western Grand Canyon fortunately has the lowest altitudes of the rest of the Canyon. Have fun!
  5. Very cool, say hi to Tom jr. for me, still flying in Goodyear and no prangs yet (fingers crossed).
  6. You might want to chat with the Toms at Airtime in Tulsa about equipment possibilities, they've seen everything. http://flyct.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=19&Itemid=43
  7. EFB, you are right, the 696 is not WAAS and doesn't even qualify as a GPS for the FAA (since it is 'portable'). To display WX and TIS on the 696 you will need the GDL-39 (the only box that talks to the 696). For the 'out' solution I used a new Garmin GTX 335 w/WAAS and sold my GTX 330 to the installer (we basically split the profit). If you don't need TIS/WX on the 696, the 335 will Bluetooth to a phone or tablet running Garmin Pilot or Foreflight. Also you can use the many 'out' solutions mentioned above, with the Uavionix Echo UAT/ Sky FYX bundle being my favorite. All of these put out TIS/WX on wifi suitable for many phones, tablets and software packages (just not Garmin). My CTLS is an S-LSA and needed an MRA to be sent to FD. They were fine with it and the new transponder passed on the first qualification flight. And my $500 check is in the mail from the FAA. Just remember to make a refund reservation with the FAA prior to the actual install. Good luck!
  8. I like the idea of an AoA indicator, but I found Dynon's D100 implementation to be murky and confusing. In the end, I took it off the display. Icon's presentation seems more intuitive to me. That leads me to the subject of the lack of standardization in glass displays. There is miscellaneous information peppered all over the screen and it takes time to know where to look for it. Round gauge guys lament the loss of steam gauges, I think mostly because they were all laid out the same and were highly intuitive (mostly). That can be important when switching planes.
  9. Performed the ADS-B qualification flight Sunday and got the OK from the FAA. The 'out' equipment was the Garmin GTX 335 w/WAAS. It's almost cheating cuz the 335 is an all-in-one 'out' solution. Still, it deserves a shout out to Juan Leon at Sedona Avionics in Tucson. He gathered all the equipment, installed, tested and filed the MRA. All this in 2 days (while Roger did the annual) and reasonably priced too... WTG Juan!
  10. Would love to have used the uAvionix, but needed the wx/traffic displayed on the 696, sooo it went to the GDL 39. The traffic it displayed on the way home was amazing and a little scary.
  11. Sorry to hear about the incompatibility of the beacon designs. The regular uAvionix devices would work fine, but the install isn't as easy as the beacon ones. For my plane I went with the more expensive GTX 335 w/WAAS for the 'out' and the GDL 39 for the 'in' to the 696 (weather and traffic). The 39 will also Bluetooth to a phone or tablet running Garmin Pilot, but I chose not to do that. I use the free Avare app on both my phone and tablet and use their GPS for location display.
  12. Naturally experimentals do their own installs. Then they document them with the FAA and test fly them per experimental rules. My Garmin SLSA install required a licensed Garmin dealer/installer and an MRA from FD. Cheers...
  13. As owner of a CTLS, I would second that writeup by oceanplexian. My empty weight is 792 which yields a useful of 528. It doesn't seem to notice the loading, so whatever you can squeeze into it is ok. My panel is the D100/120 which are fine for flying, but I yearn for Skyviews. The TruTrak AP is driven by the Garmin 696 and it is a real luxury to have. The 696 is a fountain of information that navigated us from Tulsa to Phoenix with no problem. Garmin is a pain to deal with, but I update the maps every other year or so in an effort to economize. I back it up with the Avare phone app and sometimes a tablet.
  14. Well for efficiency you might consider Dynon's 2020 products which include I think, a uAvionix device, all displayed on the 10 inchers. Another consideration is that the GDL 39 is the only 'in' device that displays on the GPS 696.
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