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  1. SportFlyer1

    Snow birding in Kingman Az?

    Ibjet from the members list is hangared at Kingman. Maybe shoot him a message.
  2. SportFlyer1

    Snow birding in Kingman Az?

    Goodness, you are in a hornet's nest of CT's around there. I'm in Goodyear if that's close enough and of course there is one in Kingman and people in Deer Valley, Cotton and Prescott to name a few. Just troll the posts and you will see their locales, have fun.
  3. SportFlyer1

    ADSB on Garmin 796 from Dynon

    I would reiterate that and add that you can wifi traffic to the 796 from approved Garmin devices and a tablet running Garmin Pilot or Foreflight. Sadly I don't think Dynon is an approved device. Oddly, neither the 696 nor the 796 can accept wired traffic data from anything but Garmin's GDL devices, the GDL 39 being a light sport favorite. Many companies have tried to work with Garmin but most have failed (except Foreflight). Like my cable company, I look forward to the day when I can ditch Garmin for good.
  4. SportFlyer1

    market analysis

    It certainly feels real when I'm up there dodging PPL's, lol.
  5. SportFlyer1

    Fuel filter

    Guys we've gone on for 4 pages about a fuel filter, my eyes are starting to cross.
  6. SportFlyer1

    Fuel stain on wing

    My fuel collar has a very slow leak during flight that puts a streak on the wing. I finally settled on alcohol as the best, it removes it instantly. Of course it removes everything else too, so I have to renew the Composiclean wax right away. Alcohol also works well for all but the most stubborn streaks on the belly as well.
  7. SportFlyer1

    Anyone have the SkyguardTWX ADSB IN/OUT?

    Many have chewed the fat about this on: Low Cost ADS/B solutions . The posts go pretty far into the 'Way Back Machine', so start around page 3.
  8. SportFlyer1

    Grand Canyon Corridors

    On Skyvector, if you locate over the Grand Canyon it will show a button in the upper right for the Grand Canyon VFR chart which shows the same stuff as the figure above here in Foreflight. Cheers.
  9. SportFlyer1

    Glide Ratio

    Indeed, the only reason negative flaps comes up here is that Flight Design created its wing with that in mind. They consider zero flaps to be 'some' flaps, including a Vfe speed limit of 100 knots for zero flaps.
  10. SportFlyer1

    Towing gliders

    Yes the FAA was clear from the start that certain 'legacy' aircraft qualified as light sport and therefore I as a sport pilot could fly them. I think the murkiness began when PP's started flying light sports and claimed all sorts of capabilities that the plane just doesn't have. A recent rhubarb was over flying IFR in a light sport. My rule of thumb is that if the plane does something that I'm excited about, then I probably am not allowed to fly it, lol.
  11. SportFlyer1

    Glide Ratio

    My POH for the CTLS says typical glide ratio is 8.5 to 1 and max distance is achieved at -6 flaps and 78 knots (which is the same as their -6 climb Vy). They also show an example at 15 flaps and around 63 knots (100 km) which is about 1 mile less. I'm guessing 0 flaps is in between at around 73 knots (again 0 flaps climb Vy). My guess is that more flaps allows more time in the air, but less glide distance.
  12. SportFlyer1

    Mounting of GPS antenna for ADSB in.

    Thanks for the info. Its an intriguing box, but I think the uAvionix system is similar, with a wifi output to several EFB's including my current favorite Avare and at about the $1500 zone. A further issue for many is communicating TIS and FIS data to their panel GPS such as the 396, 496 and my 696. Currently the only product available is the GDL 39 at the $600 price point, which it looks like I will be using. Its either that or toss out the 696 and mount a 795 to get Bluetooth data from a Garmin product, like the GTX 345 ($5000). Sigh ... there's just too much to think about.
  13. SportFlyer1

    Mounting of GPS antenna for ADSB in.

    The GPS of course would not need a ground plane, just the UAT transmit. Maybe they are sharing with GPS? Wait, the GDL 82 uses the existing transponder antenna for transponder and UAT in/out I think. The GPS is on its own, so no need for ground plane, since it doesn't transmit. Anywho, I asked about using the GDL 82 and was told it would not work with my mode S transponder, only mode C's. So I guess its back to uAvionix.
  14. SportFlyer1

    Light sport NI43RS skyrunner crash feb 2018

    Indeed, I find it hard to believe they expected that hunk of lead to fly at all.
  15. SportFlyer1

    ADS-B Installation

    You experimental guys really know how to customize your planes, but I'm thinking that ventless firelog system will really screw up your weight and balance table.