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  1. My CT Now ADS-M Compliant

    OMG that is too funny! I gotta get one.
  2. 'Full Stall' vs 'Minimum Speed'

    Went flying yesterday and when I went to land suddenly there were all these voices talking in my head. They all made good points, but it was very distracting. I tried all kinds of different things and slowly the voices went away. Then I realized it was just the practice that was making me better. There's a lot of good ways to put this plane on the runway and I've decided to practice them all, just for the fun of it. During my transition training with Tom Gutmann jr. I landed the CT for the first time (and what a struggle it was). Tom complimented me on a nice landing, in fact he said I had made about 5 nice landings on the way down. We spent the rest of the day whittling it down to 1 nice landing.
  3. Mystery Device

    While browsing the FD website, I saw a picture in the GT 2020 section that puzzled me. Anyone know what this device is?
  4. Mystery Device

    Thanks Roger, another mystery solved.
  5. Signed, Sealed and Delivered.

    Congratulations man! She's a beauty. The Stratus is a no go for the 696. The only device I know of that feeds ADS-B weather to the 696 is the GDL 39. A few will send it traffic via RS-232, but not WX. You can get software and database updates direct from Garmin. I use the FlyGarmin for Windows app. Of course the map updates will cost you, but the software is free. I can recommend Roger Lee in Tucson as a great source of information for all things CT maintenance and for thorough and reasonably priced annuals. Have a great time in that plane and come and see me in Goodyear sometime.
  6. Welcome!

    Great looking plane Andrew. Now just start plotting your trip to the Page AZ fly in. You might want to go via Tucson to visit Roger Lee. He'll tell you more about your engine than you ever wanted to know!
  7. Yes, a great way to check is to ask for flight following. They will issue a squawk code and say something like "radar contact 3,300, altimeter 29.98".
  8. I'm glad you were able to get that off your chest. I certainly agree with you 100% When I was a student, I asked my CFI why the difference in training hours between Sport and PPL. As far as I could see, we were all flying together and doing the same things. So I asked if Sport required too little flying or PPL required too much. He just laughed and said they both require too little training. Both are truly a license to learn. Just stay alive long enough to learn it.
  9. ICON Fatal Accident

    It's a sad thing. I regard his flight time in the A5 and overall to be decent by light sport standards. But the way he was flying was inexcusable. He was acting like an aerobatic pilot without a plan. It was just a matter of time before his routine would produce an aircraft attitude that his mind wasn't ready to handle. He was the classic 'bold' pilot. It's just a shame that he didn't last long enough to acquire more skill.
  10. All too true, but the high performance, complex aircraft have been removed from Sport Pilot hands, thankfully.
  11. Oh, thanks Tom, it sounds so simple when you describe it. As a dyed in the wool sport pilot, I haven't gotten involved much with BasicMed or PPL's downgrading to Sport.
  12. Uh, I don't find light sport has a lot of 'privileges', but it has a flock of limitations. Maybe its just me, but I find the table in 61.303 to be almost unreadable. I can fathom the Sport license part, but anything dealing with a PPL seems to have to do with gliders and balloons. Also of course, a PPL without his 3rd class I guess would be reduced to flying light sport metal, not his trusty Bonanza.
  13. Climbed to 14,000' in 15 minutes

    Simply gorgeous shots!
  14. Hmm, AGL ... it seems clear enough to me. In real life, my experience has been that ATC hasn't shown any interest in my altitude regulations while on flight following. At times on a ferry flight we were at 12,500 over the plains, because my safety pilot (Commercial) just liked to fly very high. And don't get me started on the Grand Canyon altitude restrictions, lol.
  15. OK, we seem to have lost focus. I'd love someone to clarify the original question. For my part, I like to separate PPL's from Sports. The sport pilot has clear privileges and limitations. Even I can find them under 61.315. Roger makes the point that a PPL with an expired medical becomes automatically a sport pilot (with its limitations). I'm not sure that's true, but I bow to greater experience. BasicMed is its own thing. It allows (as I understand it from AOPA writings) a pilot to fly a plane at or below 250 knots, in the US only, carrying 5 passengers, below 18000 feet. And I'm not sure if that's daytime only. But one thing is clear, BasicMed had nothing whatever to do with Sport Pilot ratings or medicals. Again, this is IMO ....
  16. Inventory of rubber hoses, tools, clamps etc?

    I keep forgetting you are in the frozen north. Maybe a nice flying trip south is in order. We are just getting into our best flying time here in Phoenix. Play you cards right and you could stop by Roger Lee's for a little inspection :-)
  17. ICON Fatal Accident

    I would agree, most of the maneuvers were pretty stock amphibian fare. The beach denizens don't seem to realize the plane is an amphibian and is operating legally as near as I can tell. The one thing that bothers me early on is a steep turn less than 100 agl. Icon seems to have a penchant for initiating turns with a wing almost dragging in the water. When the wind is brisk like it was, the plane will behave differently in those turns depending on if its upwind or down. That can put the wing tip into the water and its over in a millisecond.
  18. NavWorx Inc. Penalty

    I guess I'll become a Garmin Pilot user too. Currently I'm using Avare which is pretty good, and the price is perfect, $00.00. I'd prefer the Uavionix In because it will drive the Avare on my Android tablet, but I don't think they can use the proprietary RS-232 messages to send the FIS-B weather into my 696, darn it.
  19. NavWorx Inc. Penalty

    Well, they had 2 flavors, one for certified and one for experimental. Navworx was one of the first to produce a unit that cost less than half anyone else's, so maybe that is why they got FAA attention. However now there are several cheap solutions that seem to be doing ok. I am eyeing a Uavionix/GDL39 solution now. I have the burden of feeding the Garmin 696 with weather info and apparently the GDL 39 is the only 'cheap' thing that can format the proprietary data correctly.
  20. Avoiding inadvertent spins

    Probably rode his bike without a helmet too
  21. NavWorx Inc. Penalty

    As an electrical engineer I have to admit to being baffled by the Navworx saga. How hard would it be to put a compliant chipset into their product and declare victory. But no, they wanted to go to war with the FAA. That's a no win situation. For their part, the FAA seems to have lost all perspective when it comes to Navworx. The penalty they are proposing is bizarre in its size, unprecedented, and serves no purpose, being levied on a now defunct company. Further, it occurs to me that many other companies are flying under the radar (so to speak), using similar chipsets and other 'innovative' approaches (like Skyguard) that will need to get sorted out soon. Meanwhile the FAA is still beating the stuffings out of a tiny company that has already given up. One wonders if the FAA isn't helping out the big companies like Garmin, Level3, Rockwell, Honeywell, etc. Another oddity is other small companies like Dynon, Freeflight, and Uavionix who seem to have no problems with the FAA. I admit to being a little confused.
  22. ICON Fatal Accident

    Well this is the effect of all their previous overspending. They are in hock over $60 million to their Chinese part owners and it looks like they are trying to pay it back with the first 5 planes, lol.
  23. ICON Fatal Accident

    Man, if I could spell Chuztpah, I'd respond to this.....
  24. I used Wilson Miller to ferry my CTLS from Tulsa to Phoenix. He has ferried CT's all over the country and can be contacted through Airtime Aviation in Tulsa, just call Tom Gutmann. If you need the pilot to be free (or real cheap), Wilson may not be your guy. I felt he was worth it to learn about the CT systems and handling as we flew.
  25. 3 Steps to determine Vx Best angle of climb.

    My POH for the CTLS says Vx is 61 CAS at 15 degrees, and 66 at 0 degrees. They don't quote one for -6 since they must think you would be mad to try it, but it would be higher. The same is true for Vy which is quoted as 67 CAS (15), 73 (0), and 78 (-6). That's all I know....