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  1. I noticed that the 2011 CTLS POH has tons more info than the 2008 CTSW AOI that came with my plane in 2008. Is anybody using a more recent CTLS handbook for info while flying a CTSW? Thanks! Robin
  2. My CTSW is a 2007 - the last year before the CTLS - so I would imagine it has the spring. thanks for the info! Robin
  3. Trying to improve my trim technique from downwind through to final approach in my CTSW. Always looking for ways to stabilize my pattern airspeed and get better landings. Any thoughts or advice on how to trim in the pattern? Thanks!
  4. Anybody have any suggestions for a Tug or Tow Bar for the 2007 CTSW? Any manufacturers or modifications approve by FD? Getting older and thinking ahead on easier ways for getting the plane in and out of hangar.
  5. Thanks to all for your input. The article posted by Madhatter is really interesting reading. Stuff I had not read before about Rotax 912 and it's Bing Carburetor.
  6. How many CTSW/CTLS owners use the Carburetor Heat during the landing phase, ie pulling it on when you put down the first flaps abeam the numbers in downwind? The POH check list say to use it - but there is a theory by many CTSW drivers that the Rotax 100hp is not prone to carb icing. Your thoughts please.
  7. Thanks Everyone. Your answers helped a lot. I know that CAS is listed in the CTSW POH for V-speeds, but, how do I determine the difference between my IAS shown and the CAS? Is there a formula to calculate the difference between IAS and CAS, while in flight? Robin
  8. I fly a 2007 CTSW with 100Hp Rotax. My Dynon 100 EFIS shows IAS. At what point, in altitude or otherwise, do I need to convert to using estimated TAS in regards to VNE, or any other V speeds? Thanks! Robin
  9. Alrighty! Been flying my CTSW for 13 years and never knew that! 😄
  10. What do you mean by mushroom side? Not heard that term before now.
  11. Where are owners mounting their iPad and/or iPhone in the CTSW. I use foreflight as a backup and still have not found a good mount solution that does not block the "glass instruments and Aria 660" on my panel.
  12. To comply with the ADS-B 2020mandate, we are having a Garmin Aera 660 installed to replace our Garmin 496, and a Garmin GTX 345 w/WAAS GPS installed to replace our Garmin GTX330. We have a 2007 CTSW. My avionics shop is unfamiliar with Flight Design, and wants me to ask the Forum if anybody knows (1) what is the best method and (2) what is the best location on our 2007 CTSW, to install the new WAAS GPS antenna, as it needs to be facing up and in clear view of the sky to receive the mandated satellite reception. All thoughts are appreciated. Robin
  13. Robin and John Sullivan from Santa Paula have to cancel the fly-in this year. Work got in the way. Hope to see you all next year.
  14. We made reservations today for the fly-in. We made it to the last 2 and look forward to seeing everyone again this year. John and Robin Sullivan N156CT
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