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  1. Just to clarify what Ekolot Topaz "Sport" Version is; 1. All carbon fiber (yes landing gear too) - Same fiber as A380 & 787 2. No struts, one piece wing 3. 47" cockpit ("Sport" version has bigger door opening) 4. Motor cycle like hand brake (vertical) on center stick (Not toe brakes) 5. BRS (GRS parachute) 6. 23.5 gal tank (10 per wing and 3.5 gal behind the seat for center tank drain system, can also add another 5 gallons) 7. 110TAS cruise...not sure...I was flying 105 @ 4500RPM last Sunday...my guess is it will certainly exceeds 110KTS @ 5000RPM 8. 80HP, 100HP, and 912iS 9. True 17:1 glide ratio 10. 600-6 main tires with Beringer wheels & Brakes 11. Ekolot approved Kemet Electronics Capacitor & Silent Hektik Voltage Regulator with LOA 12. Automobile like interior and exterior finish (yes it is true, I can testify on this for sure with proof) 13. Stall speed less than 36.6 KTS (I landed at 32 Sunday, at final I was flying at 50) 14. VNE 136 KTS 15. Fully loaded with 912iS @ between $125,000 ~ $130,000, order to delivery within 4~5 months. Only a few issues with it in my opinion, avionics is a bit different from Dynon, but manageable. Then, autopilot is also a bit difficult to use. However, I frequently interact with Kanardia engineer and they have made a several changes for me already and very happy with their response. Only issue for some is the weight being 1235# max rather than 1350. I believe GRS parachute weight limit is the issue and I am currently asking manufacture to change the weight limit from 1235 to 1350. Hope this clarifies what Ekolot Topaz is. for more info http://www.ekolotamerica.com
  2. Now price is reduced to $69K plus 5 year rubber replacement done Oct 2016. Also, new fuel filter, pressure sensor, pump and all maintenance up to date. Hurry, I have a buyer already interested in 292CT. It is probably the best 2006 CTSW in the market!!!!
  3. Roger is right...from BRS website - full parachute inflation could occur as low as 260-290 feet
  4. I just learn this terrible news and my condorence to his friends and family for the loss of a great person. http://www.wearegreenbay.com/news/local-news/pilot-in-small-plane-crash-dies
  5. We know David Spencer...we met him in 2014 Page Fly in... I hope he is o.k. and my prayers are with David, his occupant and their families... http://ctflier.com/index.php?/topic/2590-8th-annual-page-az-fly-in/
  6. Has anyone used this before? http://www.desser.com/aircraft-tires-and-tubes/10350-4-6-ply.asp This is the replacement of 4.00-4 6 ply as Arian Foldan/FDUSA told me.
  7. Hi ppd4139, Airplane is still available and we have no 819 hours...I did round up number when I post the original thread. I believe when I post the thread, plane had 785~790 hours...
  8. I meant to say one on the far left... Right "obvious CTSW" is ours....
  9. We flew WI and saw CTLS parked in-front of an Hangar... I know who's CTLS, but can you tell where we were today...?
  10. We are still flying every Saturdays & Sundays. We logged 329 hours since we purchased our CT in Sep 2013...that is 12.6 hours per month. Our CT now has 811 total hours.
  11. We haven't got any offers yet.... But, it is "that would be nice" kind of thing to buy new plane...so, no offer no problem! We will be keep flying CT until someone contact us.
  12. Hope next owner will come to love 292CT as much as we did... We flew a lot of hours on it and never had any issues. I had a slight fuel issue which we changed fuel line last fall and did the fix. Also, it is in annual now and ready for the next owner to be...!!! We didn't just set this plane in hanger and it was flown every weekend. One last thing...all of our landing were "greased" into the runway. We never drop it in...so structurally nothing wrong at all.
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