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  1. Go to just about any auto parts store or performance shop such as Summit Racing Equipment. Buy 2" wide by at least 15' long. This is the minimum length that will cover all 4 pipes. I started mine at the top , made one wrap, then used a SS hose clamp to hold it. You then continue down with about a 3/8" overlap until you reach the muffler. Use another SS hose clamp to keep the wrap from unraveling and then use the same procedure to wrap the other 3 pipes. Take your time and you should have no trouble doing this. I think it helps keep the heat under the cowling down and may increase the heat that goes to the cabin.
  2. The only references I can find is that in 2011 FDUSA started doing them for about $400. By 2014 they had farmed it out to someone else and a very nice looking prop took 3 weeks and about $1,300 for a 1,000 hour inspection. Probably best to contact FD and get it straight from them. BTW, the standard inspection on these props has been extended to 2,000 hours.
  3. I see Desser has that tire listed: https://www.desser.com/Aircraft-Tires-and-Tubes/400-6-8-Ply-AERO-CLASSIC-PREMIUM-TT-TUBELESS-14X4-AERO-CLASS-DTR1285.asp Looks like a heavy duty tire. Will be interesting to hear your impressions after you have flown it a few hours.
  4. They say it should be used with spacer WHLA23SL, but doesn't say (or show) where this is used.
  5. Try the link below, but if it doesn't work go to Matco and search for NW40CT. www.matcomfg.com/NW40CTINSTALL-idv-3922-19.html
  6. The one I find for that size has a SKU 400-6 6ply and says it is a 4 Wide-Rib design. Do you have a SKU for the 2 Rib version?
  7. That Aviation Consumer article that Roger posted is a real eyeopener. There should be lessons for everyone in there. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Congratulations! Your photos are always terrific. We appreciate your sharing with us.
  9. Do I understand you correctly? You fitted a SS washer to the inside and outside of the wheel pant? Did you use something else to fill the gap where the rubber washer used to be? Did you stay with a 6X20mm bolt, or use something else?
  10. FlyingMonkey said: "to mount to the top two screws of the compass mount." If one had a LS, you have the option of putting this on the hat shelf. On the SW, real estate is even more limited. I thought this was a clever solution to the problem that just never occurred to me. I guess that shows how often I look at my compass!
  11. Is this an UMA instrument? If so all I can suggest is to check the lines to be sure they are not kinked or have water in them (long shot I know). Otherwise I think it will have to be sent back to them for repair. I would guess $50-75.
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