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  1. Further discussion: Radiator tape - Engine/Rotax - CT Flier Forum
  2. Short answer is no. You must have an approved ELT which is permanently attached to the aircraft. 91.207(a)(1). No exception for SLSA or ELSA.
  3. The Ameri-King can no longer be repaired and must be replaced. As Tom said above the lowest cost replacement is the ACK 406 E-04. AS&S shows them at $620.00 at this time. You will need the complete kit for a new install. One of the disadvantages of the new 406ELTs is they must have their batteries replaced every 5-6 years at a cost of ~$200. On the positive side they are more reliable and have better accuracy. AmeriKing-to-Ack-conversion.pdf
  4. If you have it available, then I would use Aeroshell Grease 33, but since you will use such a small amount, then any good preferably synthetic bearing grease should work. If you cannot get any grease into the bearing, you could try spraying some INOX on the ball swivel near the casing to see if that helps. You may even have to remove the bolt so you can get some movement on the ball.
  5. If it is just making noise and isn't worn to where it is loose, you should be able to lube it. There should be a small "button" near the threaded end of the bearing that takes a needle nose grease gun tip. Worth a try.
  6. There are several options but most use AM101406. This has 5 tabs instead of the 6 found on the Ducati. The B+ and R go to the same place, so just connect the B+ and insulate the R connector. They also have a different mounting pattern, so if you make a 3/16" aluminum plate that matches the outline of the Ducati, you can drill a hole or holes to mount the JD VR using flathead screws. This will allow you to go back to the Ducati in the future should you wish.
  7. Most places that are out say they will have more inventory in a month or two. WagAero has this in stock by the case, but not by the individual quart. Amazon says they have two cases left, but it is around $195/case shipped.
  8. My thoughts as well. The shipping costs of this usually adds considerably to the price. I added it to the cart, inserted my address, and selected the free shipping. Still showed total cost of $139.95. The next step would have been to place the order which I did not do. If someone does place an order, let us know how it goes.
  9. As near as I can tell, this site has oil in stock. AeroShell Sport Plus 4 (aviationoiloutlet.com) A case of 12 is $139.95 and qualifies for free shipping.
  10. I don't believe your intercom is capable of an unswitched aviation source audio. You could upgrade to a PM3000 intercom, but that would cost ~$550 plus installation. I don't believe you will have any issues with not having this for a flight review.
  11. I would recommend you contact Flight Design and see if they have an alternative you could use. I would think any quality epoxy resin would work, but that is just my opinion. L285 is fairly common in Europe, but the quantities you have to buy plus the hazardous shipping fee makes this impractical for a small job. Hopefully someone who has done this repair can comment on both the resin and the need to remove the stabilator. Good luck and keep us informed as you make progress.
  12. Previous discussion on the above tug: Tug or Tow Bar for 2007 CTSW? - Landing and Flying - CT Flier Forum
  13. You should contact Alpha and see if they have something that will help with your situation. Otherwise, perhaps something like this: AC TrackTech T-Mini: Non-Wheel Fairing Economy Model - AC AIR Technology
  14. Here is an article on using SS for exhaust systems: Stainless Steels for Exhaust Systems - Comparing 304/321 and More | Technology and more | Burns Stainless Articles blog Looks like 321 is the best choice.
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