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    Throttle Lever Friction Adjustment

    There have been several discussions on this subject. I can't seem to post a link, but if you go to: CT General Discussion Random Thoughts Throttle Friction Block This has a date of May 21, 2016. Included are some photos so you can see what is needed. One of the advantages of using a Belleville (beveled) washer is it maintains constant pressure regardless of the temperature. You can always try just tightening as Roger suggests and then use a Belleville washer if it is still affected by changing seasons.
  2. BravoFoxtrot

    Question on Matco nose wheel

    I see Desser has that tire listed: https://www.desser.com/Aircraft-Tires-and-Tubes/400-6-8-Ply-AERO-CLASSIC-PREMIUM-TT-TUBELESS-14X4-AERO-CLASS-DTR1285.asp Looks like a heavy duty tire. Will be interesting to hear your impressions after you have flown it a few hours.
  3. BravoFoxtrot

    Question on Matco nose wheel

    Got it. Thanks!
  4. BravoFoxtrot

    Question on Matco nose wheel

    They say it should be used with spacer WHLA23SL, but doesn't say (or show) where this is used.
  5. BravoFoxtrot

    Question on Matco nose wheel

    Try the link below, but if it doesn't work go to Matco and search for NW40CT. www.matcomfg.com/NW40CTINSTALL-idv-3922-19.html
  6. BravoFoxtrot

    New CT In The Skies Over CT (as in Connecticut)

    Well, If I had a vote I would not have an anonymous option on this forum. History has indicated it can lead to paths that are not productive. My 2 cents worth.
  7. BravoFoxtrot

    New CT In The Skies Over CT (as in Connecticut)

    I had not realized there was a vote, but since I have enjoyed reading about your journey, you now have a couple of up votes.
  8. BravoFoxtrot

    New Aero Classis 4.00-6 Tire @ Desser

    The one I find for that size has a SKU 400-6 6ply and says it is a 4 Wide-Rib design. Do you have a SKU for the 2 Rib version?
  9. BravoFoxtrot

    New Floats from MS

    That Aviation Consumer article that Roger posted is a real eyeopener. There should be lessons for everyone in there. Thanks for sharing.
  10. BravoFoxtrot

    Charlie Tango got published

    Congratulations! Your photos are always terrific. We appreciate your sharing with us.
  11. Great writeup! Thanks for sharing this procedure.
  12. BravoFoxtrot

    Replacement screws/bolts

    Thanks, I appreciate the reply.
  13. BravoFoxtrot

    Replacement screws/bolts

    Ok, thanks.
  14. BravoFoxtrot

    Replacement screws/bolts

    Do I understand you correctly? You fitted a SS washer to the inside and outside of the wheel pant? Did you use something else to fill the gap where the rubber washer used to be? Did you stay with a 6X20mm bolt, or use something else?
  15. BravoFoxtrot

    Stratux RXWX Mount

    FlyingMonkey said: "to mount to the top two screws of the compass mount." If one had a LS, you have the option of putting this on the hat shelf. On the SW, real estate is even more limited. I thought this was a clever solution to the problem that just never occurred to me. I guess that shows how often I look at my compass!
  16. BravoFoxtrot

    Air speed gauge

    Is this an UMA instrument? If so all I can suggest is to check the lines to be sure they are not kinked or have water in them (long shot I know). Otherwise I think it will have to be sent back to them for repair. I would guess $50-75.
  17. BravoFoxtrot

    Marc Ingegno Brake Parts

    FYI, just heard back from 1MotoShop and they do not have the Goldfren 905AD brake pads or Goldfren 400-520 rotors in stock and no plans in the near future to stock those items.
  18. BravoFoxtrot

    ...or mount iPad to in center console?

    There would seem to be new listings coming out every week or so. I would recommend you continue to educate yourself on these aircraft, decide exactly what you are looking for, and when the right plane at the right price comes along, jump on it. Don't know if you have seen this ad, but a year newer, a little newer avionics, ADS-B in/out, similar hours and maintenance, but I don't see an AP. https://www.barnstormers.com/cat.php?mode=search Not endorsing or trying to talk you out of the other CT, just giving an example. Ultimately this is your decision to make.
  19. BravoFoxtrot

    ...or mount iPad to in center console?

    Buying an airplane and then investing in electronics to update the panel is usually not a good deal. Decide what it is you really want and include that in the purchase price calculation. You may be better off finding an aircraft that already has that equipment installed. Another thing to consider is if you are going to be flying in an area where ADS-B is needed, to either purchase an aircraft with that already installed, or plan on installing it soon after purchasing the plane.
  20. BravoFoxtrot

    ...or mount iPad to in center console?

    Try this link: https://fly.garmin.com/fly-garmin/support/pricing
  21. BravoFoxtrot

    ...or mount iPad to in center console?

    But your point is still valid. It would take MANY years to pay back the investment of installing the iFly when the difference in subscriptions is ($150-70) $80.
  22. BravoFoxtrot

    ...or mount iPad to in center console?

    Just looked on the Garmin website, $149.95/year for the US Database Bundle. I think that package is equivalent to the iFly subscription bundle.
  23. BravoFoxtrot

    ...or mount iPad to in center console?

    I agree with Andy that the 660 is the best option, but another way to go would be to contact TruTrak and see what it would cost to replace the ADI Autopilot with a Vizion head. You should be able to keep the servos and most of the wiring. If you get the 2 1/4" version, you could relocate it to the lower left corner where the switches currently are. Move the Carb/Cabin heat controls to the top of the glareshield and you will free up the center panel.
  24. BravoFoxtrot

    Getting ready to do my hose job! Couple questions??

    Roger had recommended a cable operated hose clamp, which I found very helpful. Not sure if this is the correct one, but looks like it: https://www.sears.com/craftsman-cable-operated-hose-clamp-pliers/p-00949803000P?plpSellerId=Sears&prdNo=9&blockNo=9&blockType=G9
  25. BravoFoxtrot

    adding autopilot to ctsw?

    I can't give you a good answer, but will give you my best guess. The current price of the Vizion is $2,100. This will include mounts for the CTSW and most of what is needed for the installation. You will also need wiring, switch, circuit breaker, bushings, and fiberglass material which your installer would provide. You will need a MRA (form at Flight Design website) which you can fill out online an email to Flight Design support. You should get approval in a couple of days. Current cost is $65. Included with the approved MRA will be a packet of drawings detailing how the tunnel and floor under the pilot's seat need to be reinforced. An old rule of thumb is whatever your material costs are, the labor will be about the same. This would put the total cost in the neighborhood of $4-5,000. Consider this as just a budget number. Your best bet would be to go to whoever you are going to do the installation (preferably someone who has done this before), and get a real number.