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  1. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Composites are sensitive to age. Unfortunately, composite aircraft are very likely not going to last as long as an aluminum aircraft. If your prop is old, it may just be breaking down.
  2. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Send it to flight design for inspection. If I recall correctly, on the neuforms, there is a leading edge fence to protect the blade. The glue might be coming apart. Your blades themselves could also be coming apart. Neuforms are two blade halves put together around a core. The part that catches my attention most is the perpendicular cracks. This makes me think it's twisting and flexing more than it should be. @CTMI there's not a whole lot of difference between fiberglass and carbon fiber. They act in much the same way, your assessment is still quite valid.
  3. Low Fuel Pressure

    Did you full power the runup?
  4. Low Fuel Pressure

    Fuel injected rotax has a very different design and purges air in the system. it has a fuel pump that constantly circulates fuel from the header tank, through a fuel filter, through the fuel rail, and back to the header tank where air and fuel separates. The top of the header has a small line for air to escape back to the left fuel tank. The carb designs do not do this.
  5. Fuel filter

    there's a service instruction out there approving moving the fuel filter to after the valve.
  6. Low Fuel Pressure

    You have a different fuel formulation than we do in Ohio. Ohio is really lax on fuel quality. I bet if you gave out some Ohio mogas, you'd have everyone lined up around your shop complaining about the issue. Again, I fought with this issue for years, and every friggin CT we have has this problem. It's probably a fuel vapor issue at its core, but something with the way Flight Designs are constructed that makes the issue worse. The hotter the day, the more pronounced the issue, but it has never affected flight. It just throws an alarm at the first full power operation after engine start. The issue is non-existent on cold days. Adding a little avgas largely puts a stop to the issue. With pure avgas, the issue doesn't show at all.
  7. Low Fuel Pressure

    10%. Also I do want to add: flight design on older models returns the fuel to the gascolator. Rotax these days only accepts a return line to some sort of fuel air separator, such as a header tank or a feed back to the fuel tank. Due to the construction, putting in such a line would be very uneconomical. But I don't doubt it would help.
  8. Low Fuel Pressure

    This has been a problem on all 5 of our CTs since the new pumps. This started when those new AC pumps came out. The old original pump (pierburg?) never had the issue. Mixing in a little avgas resolves it for the most part. But not completely. It occurs on warm days, with the first high throtte setting after having flown and sat for a bit. You can cause it to happen during runup with wide open throttle for a few seconds instead of takeoff, but it's never actually caused a problem other than scaring the sh** out of someone who never saw it before. Roger, I had brought this up with eric tucker during a training course. It is indeed a pump design issue, and some aircraft types are more exaggerated than others. You won't be able to resolve this other than using avgas. Chased this for years before finding that SB. There's no fix. LEAF and Flight Design gets this question ALL THE TIME, it's just something FD's do with certain mogas.
  9. Low Fuel Pressure

    This is a known issue and is not fixable. The issue is with the fuel pump. Rotax has released a service bulletin saying the pressure drop is avceptable for 5 seconds. However, since dynons use software filtering, it can cause the warning to persist for a few extra seconds.
  10. Removing Dynon HS 34

    No, you have to do some rewiring of the system. Just get a serial extension cable, i believe a DB25 connector, and mount the HS34 near the EFIS. You don't want to drop the HS34. It provides a lot of functionality.
  11. composiclean 4 part system

    There's nothing wrong with using a rotary buffer with terry cloth before clay barring but after the initial hand wash and rinse. Just make sure you you either use an orbital, or do wide circles if you have a rotary. It's nit as bad as cars, but some dirt needs some extra mechanical convincing to free up before clay barring, and you will sig ificantly lower the invested time in the long run if you have a plane that hasn't ever been clay barred. If you keep the wax up, especially on the belly, it makes it easier to clean in the future too.
  12. Wheel pants vibration

    Try checking the balance of the assembly without tire and tube. Then put your index marks on. Make sure that's in balance or reasonably close first.
  13. SLSA or ELSA

    And know when to say no. Usually you can tell the difference between people who ALSO want to be fair with you. Don't get tangled up with someone who's throwing red flags everywhere. Not worth it at all. Always communicate the issues that you need to fix. Don't just start fixing things and racking up a bill. Nobody likes seeing a big bill dropped on them, but are usually more amenable when they are talked to first about it.
  14. Tire inflation problems with Leakguard tubes

    Your airchuck is broken.
  15. Towing gliders

    Also of note, is the SINCE ORIGINAL CERTIFICATION part. Certain cubs had the option of installing a constant speed prop on them. If it has ever been installed, that aircraft may never be used as LSA, even after you remove the modification. The reason for the "SINCE ORIGINAL CERTIFICATION" part is because when the regs were being written, people were applying for weight reduction STCs for C150's, some were downright dangerous. So to stop it, that language was included.